Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sorry ,you haven't heard from me!!VACATION!

Yeah ,well ,thats the way things go!!I was actually doing nothing except nothing!Just sitting and thinking for hours on end.reflecting on the last few years and remininscing...about this and that...when and where...what and why!
Update on Adam Tate... he is dead and at the hands of violence did his life end...with a bar-b -que fork in the side of his gut.
The sansa player is also dead.The bike is not dead nor is the the car!My laptop seems to be doing fine as a basic home comp for playing games and music and writing.I suppose you want to see a pic of the car now?Huh?Well hold on a just dawned on me to photo my little girl for all the world to see(look up above this entry)!She just needed a little love an prodding to get her to respond, if you know what I mean! A little more work and she will be cruising the autobahns!!If by chance ,Krista is reading ,I say hello to you!As for everyone else..hears what I think the kids call a "Shout out" to all my "homies"! Just kidding ! I really don'tusually speak in the ghetto venacular except when my car broke down on MLK on the way to the Zoo Amp!!Then I'm all down with it niggaz!Heeehee hee !LOL.Me really funny.What a riot.I peed myself...see you guys/gals later!!