Saturday, May 31, 2008

Believers Church sincerely doing God's Will!

The little children were called "Daisy's".Appropriately named.They were so vibrant ,inspired and a blessing to all. They are the ones who baked the delicious chocolate chip cookies that were served with the meal that was given at 9Th and Blackwelder to those desperate with hunger.
They were fed satisfactorily in all aspects of their humanity.
Emotionally,physically,mentally and most importantly ,spiritually.
Sincerity,kindness and compassion were evident in all that they did.The adults are to be lauded for raising those children in spirit.It was obvious in the tone of voice everyone used and how they interacted with those they were ministering to that they loved their brothers and sisters despite the obvious differences in economic and social status.In the differences of situation and circumstance they "found" each other.
The pastor of the church is Jim Mc Dowell, who is a good Shepherd leading his flock in the right direction...he has a blog at .Read and watch the video"Pity".It will be bring you to tears, rightfully so.
To view the church's website link here , or click on above title.
The meal consisted of a Taco Salad,cookies and pink lemonade.
It was feasible,economical and easily prepared and served.
Everyone ate until they were full. I personally had 2 plates ,gladly served by the adults.
I only got one name ,Debbie...but they are all in my hearts and prayers.
Their faces are embedded in my heart and mind.Peace be with Us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Children feeling hate directed at them

Oklahoma City. Downtown.
I've been attending the salvation army dinner that they serve at 5:00 p.m. since April and I've noticed a few odd things about one of your employees. I am led to believe that your Army is One of Gods,specifically Jesus the Christ,by your mission statement.So I thought I would let you know how very unchristian this lady is.Odd that she should work for your Army and be empowered so that she is able to yield such undue influence as to who she thinks is worthy to eat.I am writing about small children that she let hear her hate directed at them influence that they leave at 5:05 p.m.
"No, No No,No...there's too many......uhhh..tell her she can take it to go..yeah put it in some "to go" containers."
She saying this as she's putting up chairs.It is 85 degrees outside.
These are small children ranging from 2- 8 in age. Well behaved,clean kids. I'd never have seen them there myself.
I had to speak out on this matter and I was as civil and restrained in what I said to her that she should not have got offended.
First, if it's not clear above, her intent was that she was not going to feed them...that is why she said no,there were too many.
That's when I said something to the effect,"What do you mean there are too many?Your not going to feed them?"
She basically said it was not any of my business and that I needed to stay out of it, as she was the one who called the shots.And that she had worked there for two years.
And then she asked me if I got paid for the work I do and I told her that I actually don't get paid for doing God's work as it is an honor to do God's work by writing about injustices such as she was displaying and that it actually "was" my business to get involved.
She then said something derogatory about me being poor and homeless and needing her help and so how could I be doing God's work. I tried to explain to her that I actually do have a job writing my blog that several people in positions read that could influence her attitude...and of course God.
I try to hand her my card and really explain to her that I do write a blog and that she needed to be aware that I will make her responsible for her hate and prejudice.She said that she was not worried.
That is why I was there, I told her, to observe and keep an eye on people like her and to bring it to light so that she does not hurt anyone again ,as she has done similar things like this before in the past .
I had to impress and reaffirm to her that "I " was the one who "would" be able to make her accountable.That I was the one empowered to make her responsible.I think I saw some recognition in her face.Recognition of the truth.
These children were now on the way out the door when she started changing her tone of voice and not sincerely ,but out of fear.",no don't have to can eat here."
They all knew that they were not wanted, as they continued to walk out the door.And I followed them.We heard insincerity and maliciousness.
All this time the children had been listening with sad faces as they had put their food in

"to go "containers.The grandmother never objected,challenged or raised a fuss with this woman.She was polite but obviously greatly affected by this humiliation.There were more than 25 people who witnessed this shame.
I told the children and the beautiful, polite woman on the way out the door to give thanks to God for the food for as they would not have to be hurt like that again,in Spanish.
According to the lady who was with the children,she might have been the grandmother,this has happened before.
This woman,I believe her name is Christa or something(it should not be to hard to figure out who she is as she is the only black woman that works there that weighs over 325 lbs.), had told this grandmother that they stop serving dinner at 5:00 p.m. and that she had refused to give them anything . They went hungry .She has made innocent children suffer needlessly.Out of hate.Hatefully! They start feeding at 5:00p.m.!!!
I instructed her to please go to the office tomorrow and speak to the commander and do her part by informing them of what this woman has done to her and the kids.I told her to do it because I was also going to make it known but that I needed her to do her part.
Are you going to do your part? Will a community make this woman responsible,for our good and the good of all the church?This letter/article is being sent to:
jennifer gooden <>

This article is being published on Can I write about a wrong righted in my next article or do I have to keep writing and forwarding this letter until something viable happens for the good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The otherside of the coin.Why civilians are justified to an extent of how they feel and react to a "Homeless"person.

Come on!Even though I am the compassionate, insightful person who's mission has been, for the last several years, to help alleviate the diseases of our world , I am still at times baffled and nauseated by the dispositions and actions of these poor .At this time ,I am only speaking of the "homeless" . Poverty encompasses most of humanity in all aspects of their conditions.But so that this blog doesn't go on and on, I will deal only with the poverty of homelessness in this article.And why most of society has no compassion for these people.Why they feel justified in their hardness of heart and the nausea they feel when confronted through encounters, by these "proles".
Everywhere I go ,they are there. I recognize them. I know who they are...I'd better ,after over 4 years familiarizing myself with this environment. I know most of them by name.
They are in every library in the city. They are at every plasma donation facility. They are at every Walmart.Every McDonald's.Every truck stop. Every single mall. Every part of the city. You don't see them but I do, because it's my mission.

Some of them are obvious to the eye and nose.They are the ones that look"homeless".Unkempt.Filthy beyond measure.In the undignified way that they carry themselves, with no shame for their condition, as if it was a badge of honor and freedom.
Then there are those you would have no idea that they have slept in a mission for years on end or out on the street because of the facade they have mastered.They keep clean. Their clothes are clean.But they don't feel clean or dignified.These do feel shame, to an extent.
What do most of them have in common?

Faithlessness and Unbelief.Anger.Despair.Severe limits in their capacities to deal with their own humanity and short comings. Arrogance.Ungratefullness.An attitude that they are owed .But not by God. Alot of them believe there is no God.
Most cringe at the word"GOD". And don't even mention the name "Jesus" to them.
In your face they might pretend to worship a God but in their hearts they believe nothing except the emptiness and dissatisfaction they experience. They pay lip service. They live in a painful lie.
How do I know? They confide in me. I've earned most of their trust's and respect's. Most used to consider me as common as they are but in time recognized that I'm different. Only until recently have they realized that I came willingly to live amongst them and learn of their dysfunction.Only because it was finally necessary to reveal this truth to them. To what extent I went as a result of my love for them.No, I did not say like.Though at times, I do like them and am proud of them and their accomplishments.
They don't know how to" live".Period.
Because they have never been taught their true nature.
In fact, they have been limited in scope in their understanding of their potential by false doctrines and dictates of men.We have failed and abandoned them and we won't take responsibility as a society for this. We blame it on them.Rightfully so,to a small extent.
We have kept them as slaves, ignorant for the profit a few select who are able to extract from every ounce of sweat and blood that comes out of their being.
Yes, they are an embarrassment.Our embarrassment.Of our design. As a society. Due to our collective apathy. It just seems easier to turn our backs at times because we have also fed into that lie of our own impotence.False doctrines and dictates of men and establishments motivated by agendas.Little children who think that Daddy is not watching or who won't find out.Or who won't be home soon.Just wait until your father gets home.But this Father of ours is omnipotent and omnipresent.Not to mention compassionate and merciful.And unconditionally loving.
These children don't understand that. They've been lied to, so they live accordingly, a lie.
A lie of who they are. So they act piggish and are merciless to themselves because that is what they have been taught...if they been taught anything at all.
I carry myself with dignity and nobility, as that is what my true nature is comprised of due to the direct descendant relation I have to God our father.My brothers and sisters learn by example.Usually the hard way due to their limitations and indoctrinations imposed on them since childhood.But slowly and surely the light begins to emanate forth from their being,from within.Outward. And they start to shine and proceed forward and are amazed at their new found freedom.

Yes, Freedom.
What "Braveheart" died for.What King Leonidas died for.For they knew the worth of their humanity.

A family structure somehow teaches that to a child. A community understands the potential worth of each member of their community and nurtures it. For the greater good of the whole community. It does not enslave or abandon it's own. It does not profit off the suffering of it's own children or people.
If they are dirty and unkempt ,they are washed.
If they are hungry they are fed.
If they are ignorant they are taught.They are assimilated.
If they are an embarrassment they are shown manners and how and why to value them.
They are shown to be Royal and Noble. Our children.
My children.

Noble: 2 .Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor: "a noble spirit".
by Teodoro Leon III 2008/may

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mayor Cornett and his cronies plans being implemented.History repeating itself.Nazi's and Jews sound familiar?Loitering.Injust paid with an Injustice Mayors Homelessness Action Task Force
Now there are many good things in this plan but certain individuals are hijacking it and making it a totally different animal due to greed and prejudice.And their hidden agendas and motives.
The benches at the library have been moved away from the building.
Out from under the canopy and in direct sunlight or the rain .
I was told, at first, by one librarian that she had no idea "why" the benches were moved.Then when I prodded her she came up with the reason that smokers must be 25 feet from the building. I pointed out that the library had been open at least two years and only until yesterday the benches had been moved.She responded with the fact the library had been open since 2004.
No one ,until recently ,had made an issue of smoking 25 feet away from the building.The benches did not have to be moved to enforce the "no smoking within 25 feet from the building" rule,that she had pointed out was enforced in all the city.
When I asked her who I could speak to for clarification she referred me to the next librarian who stated that it was Linda the security head who got the director to approve the move as a result of some problems they were having with

The city bus terminals doors are locked during operational hours.
The buses start running on Saturdays at 6:00 a.m. but the doors to the terminal are locked until whenever the security walking inside it decides to unlock the doors. And according to one of the bus drivers I spoke to and asked what time they unlocked the doors, he said it was 8:00-8:30 a.m..
Another bus driver said it was 9:00 a.m..
According to the guard himself it was 7:00 ,only because I was able to corral him as he tried to stealthily make it to the trash can, at 6:55.He did happen to mention that he was only doing what he was told.But he understood my position and the reason for the questions so he threw in that the Mission was only 4 blocks away and that they have problems with drunks and people
Now ,during this time from 6:00 to whenever the doors are unlocked by the wandering security guard ,people are off loading from the the buses coming in and going directly to the terminals doors and attempting to get in,but alas, realize that the doors are locked. People who have paid their fare at some other point and who have arrived at the facility, probably thinking this price has afforded them the right to use the indoor area for shelter in case it's raining,restrooms for human relievement ,to maybe use the only payphone for blocks to call their boss,get a drink of water to take there medicine, or even possibly spend more money on the outrages snack machines.Then, they are more likely than not going to take another bus out of there to another destination,as most people who arrive at the terminal don't live in the area or work there on Saturdays.Some have to wait up to an hour and a half for their transfer.

Now they will wait outside.
And pee or poop or both in the alley,if they are so inclined or desperate.
They might be able to take their medicine dryly but choke on the pill as it gets stuck in their throat.
Maybe the guard inside the terminal will call the ambulance for this person as no one else will, considering the phone is inside behind LOCKED doors.
An injustice is paid with an even greater injustice.
Gas is up to $3.80 a gallon.
I have already started to see the direct effect of this at the terminal itself.Irony?

Obvious people who are not of the regular bus riding crowd have started to use the Metro Transit.People with suits.Briefcases.Good suits.
Environmentally conscious people?No, more like economically conscious people.Who work downtown.
Who might some day have to come to work on Saturday to make up for the inflation the gas trauma will inflict on their lives.Who will find the terminal closed until Mayor Cornett and the cronies who dictate to him ,the security guard and the head of security, wake up to the truth of cause and effect.
Are you people not cunning enough to find a solution to the Poverty problem that's viable and of value to all and not just to a select few with an agenda based on prejudice and bias. And greed and exclusivity.Uniqueness.An empty ambition
The resources are there.
3.2 billion dollars are to be invested in the downtown area by the year 2010. (read "Final Report"MHATF by clicking here )
Take some of that money and hire three social workers( a very viable investment) at the mission to directly seek out these people you are trying to corral and ghettoize and expedite section 8 or the any other number of resources available for them. To get them off the street. To get them away from the mission.
Make treatment readily available for those in the desperation of addiction.Crack heads especially.Paintheads.Drunks.
Address the real issues of this dysfunction. Our society.Address the way we devalue these people and abandon them due to our perception of their worthlessness.
Make them worthy.
You people in positions of power have demonstrated the extent of your intellect and cunning by coming up with these implementations that are only beneficial to a few.Now demonstrate your true worth to your constituents by coming up with something a little more productive than a freshman agenda.Elementary dictates.
No ,I am not an advocate for homelessness. It 's an indication of our disease.
You are not inflicted?Demonstrate that with some wisdom that is recognized by actions and programs that will heal our nation.
But let us first start in our own home.
Or we will all suffer the consequences... and it will be very painful.For you and me.
And especially our children.
One direct way is to take out the profit from this dysfunction.
Namely, take out the ones who finance and directly profit off the crack addiction.
It is not hidden or secret amongst the business elitist, "who" finances the cocaine trade with impunity.There is so much profit to made off the addiction trade that it is almost impossible to dissuade these people. To change course.
Prejudice has been a great motivator.Bias.Greed. But it is mainly arrogance of intellect and their inability to see the immediate cause and effect ,due to their self imposed blindness,that they don't recognize the harm they are doing to their own children.It is personal.Whether they see it or not. I will go into detail of the things I know of these organized crimes. Later.
Ask yourselves why there is only one liquor store downtown.Inaccessibility?No!
Control for the sake of monopolization. Now find out who owns this liquor store.Which family.And then follow the trail.Nothing is done in secret,as they seem to think.They take and take but do not give anything good back.

Deal with the corruption at the Mission's themselves. Much is being stolen.Money .Donated goods. Or squandered.
And not by the residents.But by the administration's and it's staff's.
Many organizations and religious groups donate to the Missions expecting that these donations will be utilized to help those effected by the disease of poverty.
Ask why, at one time the City Rescue Mission published their annual budget report on their website, and why it is not there, now. Ask ,before you donate, to get a true accounting and see what type of resistance one encounters.

The City Rescue Mission did not feed lunch on Memorial Day to the general population.Only to those in their"program".
The City Church, after advising they would be open on memorial Day, were closed.
The Church on 4Th and Western served their last meal to the poor on Sunday, as they closed their doors for good.They cited to a few that the roof leaked and the owner would not fix it and they could find no other vacancies.
Numerous buildings are remodeled and vacant with lease signs in their windows in the downtown area. Ask the Banta realty company. They own a large majority now.
St. Josephs has a sign on their door stating there will be no more sack "lunches" or bus tokens given out until July.Ask them why the priest implies that it is up and running by his prayer "request" on Sunday,this last Sunday.
"Let us pray for the hungry ,the poor,the homeless...that our downtown
ministry...",spoken by the Rev.Natsuhara.Bruce.
The cross to your right was provided by, who fed as many as they could on Memorial Day.They ran out of food, but they were under the impression that the kitchen in the CRM was going to open up and take up the slack.I was sad to learn that these beautiful little girls,one in particular,had raised $2,000 and had given it to the City Rescue Mission.I tried to thank them for what they did and hesitated to tell them to examine who they donate such large sums of money to considering the corruption that I was aware of on part of the administration and staff. I could see and tell that they were disheartened .I pray that they are not discouraged in their endeavors and continue to raise money, but that they administer and distribute that money themselves.
Many people went hungry on a Holiday. One group that did not abandon these poor was the First Baptist Church of Bethany .They were at the appointed time (6:15 p.m.)passing out real hot food that was homemade and delicious plus the usual abundant sack lunch in the Fred Jones manufac. parking lot across from Sonic on Sheridan and Fred Jones Ave. There were so many people there that they eventually ran out of sack lunches but their foresight prevailed and within 20 minutes more sack lunches arrived.I let them personally know how grateful I was for them to not have abandoned these people due to a Federal holiday.They love God and these people they have served and ministered to for years.

No breakfast , No lunch. Poor people indeed.
It was designed by some(and SATAN) to give them a taste of what is to come.Willingly and knowingly.
Can you taste the hunger.Can you smell the obscenity and perversity.
Your children will suffer immediate consequences as a result of the sin's of the people complicit in this injustice.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Inconsistent Faith and Charity?

Well ,let me first applaud the institutions, first of all for doing God's Will? Motives and Agendas?
Feeding the Poor.Giving them(false) hope.Providing clothing. In spite 0f themselves. NewAmericanBible/readings5/22/08click here
But it is a sin to do it for self edification.And to compete with each other to out do each others Holiness by showing them up, is also a sin.
Vanity. Insincerity. It rubs off on everybody and most sense insincerity and hypocrisy though they are unable to put a name to it. But it smells of deception.
"Let us pray for the homeless,the hungry , the poor. ..that our ministry to the poor will succeed here in downtown Oklahoma City." Over the course of several months I have heard this prayer spoken with just the right inflections to rival a well financed advertising and marketing campaign. It is spoken usually by the priest trained in oration techniques. I hear the insincerity and contempt. I see the the contempt. It's nauseating.Disgusting. From a priest and his staff that are too complacent and who have a false sense of security in their Holiness. They really don't believe that God hears and sees all that they do and don't do.
That he knows their hearts. That He knows that they do the least possible.
That they are luke warm.Disgusting. He will spit them out, for they are neither hot or cold. They lie to the people and to God. And steal from themselves and God.And keep us all poor in all aspects of our lives, as a result of their arrogance ,contempt,unbelief and faithlessness.
A faithless and perverse generation. Who have not only contempt for the people due to their own arrogance, but of God Himself.
Now what am I writing about?
St .Josephs in downtown Oklahoma City decided to , a little while back(a couple of months), start passing out peanut butter sandwiches to those needing something to eat.This was done during a prescribed hour,that was reasonable.10 a.m.-11:30, Tuesday-Thurs.
I did not see any downtown office workers waiting at the door for two peanut butter sandwiches. Only the poor. I waited 45 minutes one day for 2 peanut butter sandwiches and a bottle of water and when I got it I gave thanks to my Lord God. I was hungry.Or I would not have waited for 45 minutes for two peanut butter sandwiches. That day I was poor and felt it!
Sister BJ's Pantry had already been providing sack lunches at the end of the week(Fri-sat,7:00-10:00) for the last couple of years and have progressed and evolved to a great success for those volunteering and to those being ministered.Sincerity was indicative. Compassion. Faith.
I suppose someone at St. Joseph's decided to jump on the bandwagon. It was insincere.Self edification.Competing with the Jones's. For Holiness.False pride.EGO.
It did not last long. God would have provided all that was necessary if the motive and agendas had been in line with God's will. For His Glory. To draw these people to Him
Tuesday May 20th
So I go to the St Josephs to get my 2 peanut butter sandwiches on Tuesday around 11:30 a.m. .
There is a man and a woman waiting outside in the shade of the courtyard. I would usually call them a couple of scumbags but I will refrain at this moment. It was actually only the lady complaining as I walked up and passed them.
I actually go to the office door and ring the the door bell(the door is locked for "safety" reasons, understandably?). I can see Sister Susan busy writing away on a post- it and she waves at me and I know see she has seen me. I wait a few minutes and then decide to go wait in the shade of the courtyard only because whoever had been in the entry way ( a small security cubicle) before me had stunk it up with cheap perfume. It was gagging.
While outside (about 5 minutes) I had the opportunity to listen to this woman incessantly complain profanely, about a Sister I admire and love, as to how long she was taking."Come on woman I don't have all day to wait on yo ass!" She said something else derogatory about "catholics", as to how easy they were for prey.She said a few other rather profound things that are better left unsaid.For some ,you who are insightful enough to realize what ilk these people are, but for the others it is better that you remain in your ignorance.Live in your rose colored glasses and wonder as to the source of your discomfort.
I usually never stay quiet to these perversity's when I encounter them.I didn't this time ,either.
I told them that Sister was busy writing down some things and would be a few minutes.
"Well she need to hurry up and bring it on!"
I told her that if she was that much in a hurry she probably needed to stop and ask God for the help as she was not to busy to bitch and moan(except I told her in a kinder way) about what He had provided through his people.
"What did you say?"
You heard what I said and obviously you haven't asked God for anything, including humbleness.
"What the hell are you here for, then?"
I was going to tell her that I was there to see the progress of the Downtown Ministry,but it would have been way over head so I told her that I was there for a couple of peanut butter sandwiches.
"Well,then you's in the same boat we in, needing some help! I 'm just trying to get myself ahead like you!"
I told her I heard what she had said to her man friend a few minutes earlier and that I actually attended the church as a parishioner. I told her that I was in need of some sandwiches but that I was not playing the system as she was, considering I have at times waited ,gladly, up to 45 minutes for a sandwich.
Sarcastically , she responded,"Then you ask 'your' God to move this shit along cause I have things I need to take care of besides standing here all day!!"
I told her I would not ask my Father God for anything on her behalf as she was mocking Him and preying and complaining on the people.
That's when Sister came out and this woman changed her disposition instantly.
Sister attempted to hand her the post-it she had been writing on while explaining some things about it that were on it. No, she explained ,St Joseph's was a Catholic Church and the other was an Episcopal Church.She had spent all the time writing down this info to the dissatisfaction of this troll.She tried to explain how most of the charities work and how not to put undue burden on them they implemented protocols and guidelines. As a lot of people take advantage of every agency they can find without due reason, except that they are leeches.
This woman was being subtlely sarcastic and I think Sister was reading this as understandable frustration.So she asked them both what church they attended ,in case they had some resources available to them, that normally would go to their parishioners first, understandably
No coincidences in this world. NewAmericanBible/readings/05/22/08

The woman didn't have a church, citing that they were not her thing or something to that effect. Sister responded that if you belonged to a church they were usually more than willing and able to help those that belonged to that church first than those that did not belong.
"Well I guess I came here for nothing, but you have a blessed day ... and you to sir!"indicating me.
I bluntly told her that it was sarcasm.Sister tried to intervene on her behalf thinking I had misunderstood her intent. I told her I didn't misunderstand and that there was more to it, than she had heard ,of our conversation, while she was inside .
"Well I'll pray for you," the woman was going to try to make me look like the hater and fool.
I again said to her,"that is sarcasm too."She had no one to pray to and her words were impotent. She left.
So then Sister looking at me ,skeptically asked what I needed .
"Just a couple of your peanut butter sandwiches," I said with a smile.
So this Tuesday, the first day of the week that they pass out the sack lunch with two peanut butter sandwiches,she tells me that there are not going to be anymore. I don't believe she elaborated as to why there would be no more but vaguely told me that they couldn't because of people not... At first ,I was assuming that since it was close to 11:35 a.m. she meant for the day.But in the back of my mind I knew what she meant. I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt as to what they said and what they actually meant and not dwell on my first impression in case "I" am wrong.I'm usually never wrong. Sad to say.
Then she brings out two bags and explains that there were only three sandwiches left and she had to cut one into two so that me and the other guy each only received one and a half sandwiches. I thank her and ask her ,jest fully, if we were going to have Bible study on Wednesday( we still had about 5 weeks left).
"No ,were not having Bible Study on Wednesday or the rest of the year due to the weather..."
I can't at this moment say what word she used but she basically said that the weather was itself an entity that conspired to keep them from revealing the words of Jesus.Well, that is how I took it.The fact is ,every time it rained it gave these old people an excuse to value their "safety and lives" over the duty they had taken upon themselves. Of course I cannot ever get any of these people to give me an interview to clarify their statements due to their "heavy" schedules of life and work . Never enough time!Too busy with busy work.
Faithless,perverse generation. I am especially hard on these people due to the fact that they profess every Sunday to worship an Omnipotent ,Omnipresent God.Of all that is seen and unseen.They have no faith or sense of Duty for and to the one True God they pay lip service to.

Bobby went hungry on Wednesday.
Bobby is a semi-retarded man well over sixty five.Sort of like a Forest Gump.
He lives on a fixed income at the Rockwall . He receives a social security check that covers his rent and that's all. His rent is $300.00/month.He gets a check for around $325.00. His rent is usually paid late (2 weeks) due to the fact that he has what is called a payee that oversees "his"money.He/she sends the check to Linda at the last possible minute,burdening Bobby,Linda and the owner of the Rockwall with the tardiness. I asked Dr. Lepak at Catholic Charities to look into what could be done about these matters. He did as little as possible and his answer was vague. Sound familiar?
Bobby was depending on these two sandwiches. He is the one that told me,"It didn't last long,Ted. They had a big sign on the door saying no lunches!"As is his habit and mannerism due to his mental condition , he repeated this phrase a couple of times. I could tell that he was let down. It bothered him.Hunger has a way of doing that to people.
I had offered several times to assist the Sister with what ever was necessary to have this act of charity proceed with success. I would like to know what the hell happened,according to their views,as to why my friend Bobby had to go hungry.
It would have been better if they had not even ever offered the two measly sandwiches a few worthy ,really hungry,poor people had come to depend on.I really don't care about the users and abusers.God is teaching them something also ,in His own way and time through these people they encounter,especially me, the instrument of Fate.I provide them with Medicine,accordingly due.

A lukewarm Church and her half-ass ,faithless,unbelieving in the might of God ,arrogant congregation trying to buy their way into Heaven by doing the least possible.
And when the going gets tough(not even that it's tough) they just QUIT.
No peanut butter sandwiches,no bible study.I suppose they shall inherit their holiness and wisdom by assmosis(sitting in the pews and absorbing nothing except the air between their cheeks).
Doctrines and dictates of men and establishments.For agendas.
The so -called Shepherd of this flock has a lot of answering to God himself for these sufferings he has imposed by limiting his sheep to their responsibility.
No ,and I am not even writing of the Lord Saviour,Jesus.

I speak of the priest who is pastor of St. Josephs.He has damaged many people through his arrogance and EGO.False pride.
Of course lets blame your limits on the indoctrination you received.You really believe in your institutionalization.
You limit them to meet your agendas and motives of keeping the truth hidden and accessible only to the select.Heresy.
Hunger. A human drive that must be met. In all aspects of the human condition.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sister BJ's Protocol for who?

Yes, Sister BJ (Barbara Joseph) has rules and protocols that must be followed by the volunteers that come and give of their time. Excellent idea. Safety.Comfort.Guidelines.
According to Leah C., she was taken to the side by Sister BJ and lectured as to what she can and can not do with the non-volunteers. I would call them homeless people but that is not a true indication of who the people are that attend the Friday and Saturday fellowship.
A lot of the people are homeless.Mission dwellers. Street/Camping individuals that prefer the bushes,fields,doorways and alley's .Then there are those that have a vehicle of some sorts to
" live in".

Then there are those that live at places like the"Rockwall"Apartments.Some snobbish fools might be quick to point out that this place is just a room for rent. They do have a refrigerator,private bathrooms,full size beds,closets and a separate laundry facility on site.Yes, it's not the Hilton or the Embassy Suites Hotel,but it is livable. I got stuck in a very shabby room that had not been remodeled last time I was there,though most of them are being recarpeted and painted as soon as a person vacates them. I didn't want to wait a week for the room to become available,hence the reason the room did not get painted.
The point is , a diverse group of individuals come to Sister BJ's Pantry for several reasons.
Most come for the good food that is passed out.The coffee is great!Scones.Fresh fruit is available at times.
Hygiene kits are also provided (soap,shampoo,various creams and lotions,toothbrushes and pastes and gels).
And the clothing room is a big plus,on Fridays(every other).Fresh clean socks and shoes .Practically "as new" clothes to chose from and a wide assortment.What a blessing!
And to top it off,Katy, the beautiful gardener, keeps the enclosure close to the tranquility of the Garden of Eden.She of course has help...but it is her love and magickal energy that provides the necessary nurturing for the plants to grow with such vibrancy.It is a beautiful place to enjoy. I wish those officials hadn't stolen my camera or there would be several pictures that I took for you to see what I am writing about.Those up above were taken by ...?But they are viewable at the BJ's Pantry site. Flowers (click at left)
And lets not forget about the very well made tables and benches that are practical for the occasion.God has provided a refuge through the people He has prompted.
Thank You GOD and thank you people who have responded appropriately.On both sides of the table.We are all being nurtured to growth.
The common denominator we all possess is poverty.Poverty is an issue that touches all aspects of an individuals being.Spiritual,physical,emotional,psychological,financial and intellectual.None are immune or unaffected.We came not by mistake or coincidence.Many come due to the poverty of loneliness.On both sides of the table.
The guidelines and protocols established are designed to keep the volunteers safe.
No rides.Anywhere.No money.No invites.No meetings other than at BJ's.
This is some of the things I was told by Leah.It was actually about me.
Read An Angel named Leah click here.She was also told that she was mocking the establishment of the church by giving Pete a Reese's Peanut butter Cup and a container of juice as a sacrament of the body and blood of Christ.She was told that she had no authority.She was also told that if she wanted to continue to volunteer at the Pantry she would have to agree to the guidelines.She belittled her and caused her harm due to her indoctrination.
According to what Leah told me concerning her lecture from Sister BJ, I was in survival mode and desperate.I would manipulate the situation and Leah would never be rid of me.
Let us get one thing clear, I asked only God for my needs to be met and kept this to myself without implying in anyway that I expected some young ,naive girl to accommodate my life.She was not so naive.And she is very insightful.
Leah had my whole day planned with her, as we were supposed to attend Mass at St Josephs, go see the truth of the City Rescue Mission,then onto the library to see the population ,which consists of 80 percent "homeless" just playing games and listening and watching videos on the computer.All the time.We were then to go to her apartment and eat,wash my clothes and I was supposed to stay the night.We were to go the next day to Prague for the Kolache Festival.It was all new to me, but it sounded good.I asked her if it was with her husbands approval.She said that it was as he did not want her going that far by herself.He and her roommate had to work and could not go .
Instead, she got very emotional and distressed in that she had to make a decision and tell me about it right there in front of all the eyes and ears.I told her to do what she felt was right.I told her to ask the Holy Spirit(God) for guidance and if she still felt the peace she knew of me then I would be down the alley waiting for her.
She came and picked me up.She was in turmoil.She was not at peace.
I took her to the Mission to understand the disease and dysfunction of homelessness. All the crackheads standing outside of the Mission hailing traffic for sales.Yes , most of the crack dealers were/are black.A fact of life.That life anyway.sad.
She learned alot in the little time that we spent there.She spoke to an Aryan Brotherhood member fresh out of prison.He had alot of tears tattooed down his right eye.
She also spoke to a man in a wheelchair.Actually laid hands on him.
We then went to the library.She was getting antsy. The things that Sister BJ had lectured her on was wearing her down.Before this lecture, she was well at ease with me.She wanted to go home before Christopher her husband went to work. I was also feeling ill at ease.Something was wrong and it was the bad that Sister BJ had impressed on her about my volatile potential.
We made it in time to see her hubbie off.He seemed actually relieved that it was me there.
She made a phone call to her mother stating that she was bringing a homeless man with her to the festival because Christopher and Dustin could not make it.
Her mother wanted her to bring someone else along for safety reasons.Why did she use the title homeless?
Later on that evening Leah asked me if I would remove my black finger nail polish.I hesitated in my answer. I later told her that I was tired of conforming or hiding to suit peoples perceivements.If her family had such qualms about nail polish then it was a good idea that I not go with her to the festival so as not to cause her any more trauma than had been inflicted that day.
We went and picked up Dustin at Radio Shack, were he worked.She had told me that she had given Dustin my pair of steel toed boots as he didn't have black shoes for work.Except he wasn't wearing them when we picked him up.He did have black shoes on ,though.When we arrived at the apartment I somehow asked him what size of shoe he wore and he stated that it was a 10. I wear an 8.He then brought out a pair of black military type boots after I showed him mine.They were not the steel toed boots Leah had said she had given him.
I did not go to Prague.Thank God. What was she trying to imply to her family by taking me out there without her husband. I was not going to put myself in that position. She was playing me.Against her husband and family.Especially her Dad.
What must be taken into consideration is the disposition and motives of some of those that come to lend a hand.Self edification.Vanity.Some of these so called volunteers are predators and they seek out those they perceive they will be able to manipulate to their wills and agendas.Arrogant people believe ,with some justification ,that homeless people are easy targets.I'm not one.Easy .Or homeless due to some psychological ,spiritual or emotional deficiency that a person can wield to their advantage .
This girl professed to a number of people that she was possessed by demons.That she literally saw demons.That her life was disrupted by poltergeist phenomenon.
I 'd seen her at the City Church during their bullshit Deliverance Ministry give in to this drama of possession and I watched her wither and roll on the ground.
Why am I writing about this?Due to the simple fact that I went from being some wise old man that was revered to a homeless bum to be avoided like the plague.
No explanation.
I am an empath. I am an instrument of faith.
I called it for what it was and that broke her perceived control she thought she had over me.I have all the emails that she sent me , including the private ones that her husband had sent to her that she forwarded to my account.Why did she send them to me? Because she thought that I was common.Maybe she thought she could manipulate God?
I had kept a black duffel bag at her apartment with my shoes and boots and some other items in it after she offered to hold it for me.There were several times that I inquired about the shoes as I knew some one that could have used a pair.She was always vague or unresponsive in answering.I always emailed her. I kept the letters.
I finally devised a plan to get to the truth.Ask if I could come and wash my clothes and shower. For some reason she did not want me coming to her apartment again.Sister BJ? Her husband?Her own guilt? Or her loss of the perceived control she thought she had over me?Probably all.
"I'd like to help again but I can't I'm sorry." That is what she emailed me back .What did she think that I was going to let her take my clothes and shoes to Sister BJ's and donate them?Who knows?GOD. And in time he tells me everything.
"Then I need to come and get my bag..." I emailed her back.
This is what she responded with,"Your bag is where you used to sleep in the field where you took me that day."
Yeah, she dumped my expensive personal items in practically plain view for anyone to come and steal from me.I did not get the letter until the next day.I don't sleep in that field anymore.My intuition told me to go to that field . I wasn't expecting to see the bag laying there.In fact I thought it was at first somebody else's .Then I got a little pissed at how her cowardly actions showed what she was up to. By the way, the letters that I sent to her concerning this matter, I also forwarded to her husband,Christopher.He never responded ,either.Strange.
I had wrote her a couple of weeks ago that an intuition had entered my mind about the evil games people play by the memory of the movie,"Cruel Intentions". There is more to this story concerning her behaviours and actions but I will keep them to myself for now,just in case.
Sister BJ's protocol for who? Just be aware.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How People find it so easy to lie!!And steal.

I have not met one person of lately that does not lie to me.Or steal from me.
Are they so poor that they think it is their right to lie and steal from me?Yes they are! Do most of them profess to know of God?Every single one.
They are liars. And thieves.They lie and steal from God.
Dysfunction?That is a sugar coated term.It goes beyond that.
No consequences? It used to be that way.
Times are changing. You all want to die?!You are already dead.
You do not know life.That facade that you call your life is a waste of humanity.Willingly wasted.Through your vanity. Miserable humans.
Thank you God for making the price of Gasoline(3.49@7eleven) beyond the reach of a new sector that was too complacent(in a matter of months,close to 100percent) .The untouchables?Welcome to true poverty.Now watch everything else go up in proportion;except your ability to keep up.Food?Housing ,medicine...everything!Obscene?You all deserve it. Most of you are OBSCENE.
The only ones I will cry for are the children.The innocent children.You are cursed and so then will also your children be inflicted as a result of your "dysfunction".They will suffer needlessly and grow up to be those you think your so much better than. I am an instrument of Fate.
Receive your bitter medicine.Enjoy the last semblance of your former it is at an end.
Don't believe me . Watch.Listen.
You know God not and refuse to seek him sincerely,you pay Him lip service as though He can't see or hear you and as a result, your penance will be the bronze serpent.numbers21click here."We have sinned in complaining against the LORD and you. Pray the LORD to take the serpents from us." You say you know GOD. You value nothing good that God gave,especially people sent to you by God for your enlightenment.
You are disgusted with what you perceive as a wretched life?Now truly receive one.
I am an instrument of fate.When you assholes get tired of hurting and dying your slow dance of death then you come and find me.Just watch as your worlds fall apart as the result of your direct injustice to a son of God.
None of you can help me in the simplest ways that I asked. You only helped with what your vanity dictated.For self-edification.
I never took advantage. You sure did.
Now suffer.You learn no other way.Silly excuses for humans.The Lord, God, my Father has been merciful to you for so long and you ignored Him. What an Injustice to Him and Us.
Though I could pray for you.Not until you respond to God. And that is by righting a wrong that you've done to me through manipulations and lies and thievery.Yes , I know who I am. I am not only graced by God but also tormented by the accuser and his minions;most of you people that I've encountered during my short stay on this earthly realm.
Yes...find me when you get tired.

Monday, May 12, 2008

No more free( or for $1) eats at the ,now they changed it back to the old rules.Still feeding!

Disregard the info about not feeding...the same guy that said they were no longer doing it now said today that they are feeding.Cant' rely on info from the streets.
Well, here we go.just got it from a pretty reliable source."regular" people can't eat at the Jesus House. Not even with a $1.00. I think the ones that are going to be served are only those who are served by the facility...Homeless mentally ill, drug and alcohol recovering, and elderly and disabled.Must show proof.
If you click on the title above it will take you to the website.Under the history tab it gives a quick overview of how the organization got it's start and why.And how the organization supported itself.It states at the end of the short history the conflict and tribulations the organization encountered from well organized armed men...the Oklahoma City Police Department and the Oklahoma City Fire Department.Of course they were prompted by then Mayor Patience Latting(1971-1983),who wanted to run the transients out of town.
A few(3) men died that night in the freezing cold when the other shelters could not accommodate all the displaced from the Jesus House, as they have done every year, as a result of peoples agendas.
I don't know what happened to the rest of the ends there at the bottom (history click here) of the page.Is there more to it?Yes of course.
We need viable answers.Corralling and herding whole populations does not work. Our jails are full.Vagrancy laws?Short term solution.
Relocation? To where?They will continue to come back as there are many reasons for them bus terminal,downtown area agencies, churches...
The Jesus House is no longer run by the founders... they are run by the dictates of men with an agenda...profit.
They should change the name of the place to a more appropriate title...The Judas Iscariot House.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well ,the truth comes out.The reason for the rejection

I waited ample time for Anonymousclick here to respond. Now I will contact Google and ask for the location of the IP and terminal used by Anonymous.Your comment is traceable. Or should I wait for God to reveal it, as Anonymous stated that I'm hiding behind God.
You see ,it's not so much that my truth has come out, but how and why. And what happens when one little half truth is expounded by one certain person to a whole congregation by word of mouth.Well, most of the congregation.
The stares . the games. The lies.The contempt. Who should be ashamed? No one.
You were all played.But what gets me is that no one has come forward.Fear? Fear of what?Of your own guilt and shame.That convicts you.And it can only be removed by a contrite... and no ,not to your priest...actually that would help.But by righting a wrong.
How far did it go?Community Action.Catholic Charities.St. Vincent de Paul.Maybe it goes all the way back to 1992.Our Lady of Perpetual Help. God reveals everything in time.And he will reveal how you were all complicit in this due to your arrogance.I could not figure out where all the trauma that I was inflicted with started all those years ago. A man who has hounded me through his well placed connections all over the country and through his resources,has found me where ever I've been to exact his revenge for the biased perceived wrongs he considers I've done.

Maybe just satan manipulating humans,affording me the opportunity for forgiveness?
One person could have put a stop to it. No one did. You all took pleasure in this malfeasance.I wonder how else you've all been manipulated by the one so easy to forget,the one who is now as subtle but apparent as a silent but deadly one.And who else you have murdered with your thoughts and actions.Without examination.Just read Daniel 13
click here ,about the virtue of Susanna.
The one who was appointed to be your shepherd could have at anytime time employed the Holy Spirit to examine both sides...but revenge is a strong motivator.Do you understand Christ's commandment of Forgiveness, now. I hope you do. For it is for all.Offended and Offender.He was the Truth. The Word.Jesus ."Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. "

Now, it is many persons complicit in this affair.The people at St. Vincent de Paul,Community Action,Catholic Charities, the parish,sister BJ's... first names?Bruce,H.B., K.V., S. C., C.C., J.R.,M.F.,Paula Mc.,the girls at Fresh Start... one specifically. T.C. & Susaan. You should have asked me.There are many more do you right a wrong of this magnitude? start from the beginning. I am sick.Really. I am homeless living in a vacant lot. I'm alone.
Yes, God is with me. But the fact is ,that me and God are not the only ones on this planet.Should I abandon you? You are just children. I miss you all.
Including all of my family. Right a wrong. Amen.

Monday, May 5, 2008

An Angel named Leah!

Leah :click here
Here is a woman, a friend, a true friend to Christ.Here is a person that gives without one having to ask.
I did actually write about her before, but I did not use her it is.. the article.
Answered Prayers.Thank you Father. sat, april,19th
Thank you for noticing the beautiful woman in me .The writer(Maya Angelou) I have heard of before and this is actually the 1st thing of hers I have read."Beautiful Christian Sister".You ,yesterday, were an answer to my prayers.I specifically asked my Father for someone to talk to. I asked for some one to invite me to their home .I asked that someone would invite me to dinner and share. I asked for someone to go to mass with me . I asked for someone to be a witness to the rejection and lies that I suffer at others hands.I asked for someone to help me in anyway they could.I asked for someone to inquire of God.Before ,yesterday, I had been alone for awhile. I was not alone for that day.All Day!It would have been a blessing if 1 or 2 of my petitions had been met and that would have been fulfilling of Gods promise.But, through your courage and willingness to do Gods will, He and you met, all in one Day these blessings.Blessed be God Forever.And blessed are you who heard God and responded , acted and provided a beautiful child such as me with love.I send forth my Holy spirit and the HOLY SPIRIT to you.Receive the breathe of life.And a special thanks to your husband, for you are one.He also receives my gift of love and kindness.I Love you both.FATHER ,SON and HOLY SPIRIT,AMEN.
She paid $50 to my rent.Without me even asking!She then waited for me at Catholic Charities for an hour and was also a witness to Sandra's statements.She then took me to lunch at Carl's Jr's,and afterwords we went to Mass.Church at 12:00 p.m. Then we went to her house to talk for hours...but what really impressed me was that she offered me water as soon as we walked through the door,well... she really just handed it to me.That's even better.What hospitality!!What courage.And she is only 22 years old.She then topped it off by picking El Chico's to eat at.She barely ate anything! A bowl of rice and tortillas.that poor darling.She said she was eating lite.I hadn't told her I had been craving El Chico's for months and I don't believe I had been there but once in my life, and that was in Dallas.She and God answered all my prayers.Her kindness I cherish. And then I met her husband and they are so beautiful together.They are so young readers, so keep them in your loving prayers, that they'll be blessed with over abundant joy,peace and prosperity. and no, she does not take every "homeless" person and squander naively her love and wealth, nor does her husband.Come on give them some credit.They are both extremely intellectual.And spirited. And responsive to God's Will.And I would never manipulate them for profit. I can''s against my nature.Do you have no understanding of me through reading my words that I write?They are my "words" and " thoughts".I love you Leah and Christopher.