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Mayors Homelessness action task Force/Homeless Alliance:3.2 Billion Dollar Incentive!!

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ISSUE: Immediate Negative Impact of Homelessness
Complaints regarding the negative impact of homelessness on the downtown area have become more prominent in recent months. Complaints generally fall into six behavior related categories: 1) panhandling;
2) loitering / congregating;
3) trespassing;
4) group feeding of the homeless from vehicles or in public parks;
5) sanitary complaints including public urination, littering, etc.; and
6) obstruction of sidewalks. To complainants these behaviors are threatening, harmful to businesses, an impediment for urban redevelopment, and are generally unpleasant.
Citations for ordinances are available in the Planning Department.
The Oklahoma City Municipal Code contains permanent ordinances that address each of the homeless-related behavior categories identified above. The relevant ordinances are referenced below. Ordinances from other municipalities are provided as place specific comparative practices.
1. Panhandling restrictions:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance prohibiting aggressive begging, panhandling, and soliciting under § 30-428 of the Oklahoma City Municipal Code. At certain hours of the day, and in certain locations warranting harm, panhandling is prohibited. Other peer cities have similar aggressive panhandling ordinances, although each city defines aggressive conduct differently.
Philadelphia has an ordinance creating zones for restricted sidewalk behavior. In the specified zones, aggressive panhandling is prohibited. Anecdotally, the ordinance has proven effective at curtailing even modest panhandling behavior.
Orlando has an ordinance requiring anyone wishing to panhandle on the streets to wear a panhandling permit issued by the police department. Persons who hold permits are restricted from panhandling in certain areas--including bus depots, train stations, public parks, and sports arenas--and are subject to a lengthy set of guidelines.
2. Loitering/congregating restrictions:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance prohibiting crowds from obstructing streets and
sidewalks under § 50-7 of the municipal code. Oklahoma City does not have an
ordinance concerning loitering. Columbus, Tucson, and Tulsa similarly have no loitering ordinances.

Colorado Springs has an ordinance prohibiting loitering that warrants alarm (for the safety of persons or property in the vicinity).
Philadelphia has an ordinance prohibiting loitering in certain underground and elevated areas, railroad passenger stations, and the stairs which lead to them.
3. Trespassing:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance under § 30-31 of the municipal code prohibiting
persons from trespassing on public or private property. Trespass includes the violation of a request to leave, duly posted signage, or identified hours of operation.
4. Public Feedings in Parks or on Private Property:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance prohibiting the distribution of food from a vehicle without a license under § 21-416 of the municipal code. The City also has an ordinance prohibiting littering on public property under § 27-2 of the code.
Colorado Springs and Columbus have ordinances requiring permits for the distribution of any foodstuffs.
Tucson and Tulsa have ordinances specific to parks which prohibit the sale or giving away of food without a permit on park premises.
5. Sanitary Complaints Including Public Urination, Littering, etc.:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance prohibiting the deposit of refuse on public or private property under § 24-7 of the municipal code. Oklahoma City does not specifically address issues of public urination, but regulates the issue through the prohibition of public indecency under § 30-158 of the code.
Colorado Springs, Columbus, Philadelphia, Tucson, and Tulsa have ordinances
prohibiting both littering and the use of public places as a toilet.
6. Sleeping on or Obstructing the Sidewalk:
Oklahoma City has an ordinance prohibiting the obstruction of streets and sidewalks under § 50-5 of the municipal code.
Colorado Springs, Philadelphia, and Tucson have ordinances creating zones for
restricted sidewalk behavior. In the specific zones, lying and sitting on the sidewalk is prohibited.

Committee members discussed the relevancy and enforcement procedures of the above ordinances with the Oklahoma City Police Department and Municipal Counselor’s office. The following conclusions were developed from these discussions:
The Police Department investigates or enforces all reported or observed violations of the law. The police also work to educate the community about the scope of the current laws, proper responses to apparent violations, and crosscutting citizen rights. It is recognized that the police face a difficult challenge meeting the expectations and sometimes conflicting demands of the political, business and community leaders, advocates for the homeless, social service providers and the homeless population.
The Oklahoma City Municipal Counselor’s office is responsible for prosecution of
violations of City ordinances in the Municipal Court, and is responsible for preparing the legal opinions and ordinances that have been adopted by City Council and recorded in the Municipal Code. An informal legal opinion from the Municipal Counselor’s office contends codified OKC ordinances concerning homeless-related behaviors are based on the limits of what local, state and constitutional law allow. With this in mind, the comparative practices of other cities may not be replicable in the OKC context.
Through the process of this discussion, the committee has come to the realization that enforcement alone will not reduce the negative impacts of homelessness.
Continued enforcement or legislation should be pursued until more sustainable solutions and resources, such as those proposed in the balance of this report have been put in place.
Efforts should be directed at concentrating homeless services outside of the downtown core. Indirectly this would relocate the homeless population and divert negative behaviors, which tend to be prominent in areas where homeless services are abundant and where the primary needs of the homeless can be met.
_ The Committee recognizes that this is a difficult issue that demands cooperative effort and coordination with the business community, other private sector interests, the police department, planning department, the municipal counselor’s office and the Mayor and City Council.
_ Create a brochure summarizing the current ordinances, limitations to
enforcement and a proper response to violations; distribute this to local
businesses, the general public and homeless service providers as an
informational public service.
_ Raise the necessary funds to develop a comprehensive service and resource
center, including a day shelter for the homeless at a location outside of and
sufficiently buffered from the downtown redevelopment area.
_ City staff or other appointed representatives should work with state legislators to raise awareness of the relationship between homelessness, incarceration and
the limitations of local correctional facilities.

ISSUE: Relocation of Homeless Services
The successes of MAPS and MAPS for Kids have greatly increased interest in
redeveloping downtown. This may result in the need for relocation of shelters and
service agencies that have historically concentrated in the areas west and north of downtown. Some will be directly affected by public improvements associated with the Core to Shore project and others may be approached by private developers interested in purchasing their land. Additionally some homeless service providers have expressed an interest in relocating to the Homeless Alliance’s WestTown Resource Center.
Members of the taskforce began by identifying and mapping the shelters and homeless service providers located around the downtown area.
The Salvation Army is located in the area that has been proposed through the Core to Shore planning process to be redeveloped as a large park. City planners have met preliminarily with staff from Salvation Army about the potential need for relocation. Four service provider agencies that either directly serve the homeless population or count the homeless as a significant part of their larger clientele (Healing Hands, Traveler’s Aid, DRI, City Care through its City Church feeding site) are also in or near the redevelopment area.
Relocation of the City Rescue Mission, might only be relevant in a scenario where redevelopment around its property results in
1) a significant buyout by a private interest or
2) a limit to expansion of the current location (City Rescue Mission is serving beyond capacity, regularly accommodating over 450 individuals a night in a facility initially designed for 350).
_ Develop a strategy to enhance the compatibility if a service provider or shelter
decides to remain at its current location.
_ Identify city resources that may be needed in the next five to seven years to
assist the relocation effort for agencies that will be required or willing to move.
_ Reduce the need for City Rescue Mission’s emergency housing capacity by
increasing scattered-site permanent housing options. Such a solution would
lessen the congregating traffic and loitering occurring at the location.
_ City staff should continue to examine the:
o level of benefit relocation would have to shelters, service providers,
and the WestTown resource center level of benefit that such a move would have on the ability to serve the target clientele
o individual service provider’s ability to make such a move

As redevelopment pressure continues to increase, it is recommended that city
staff remain available to assist organizations affected by relocation.
Successful relocation of homeless services has been experienced in the cities of Reno, Nevada and Portland, Oregon.
ISSUE: Inefficient or misdirected giving
Individuals, churches and unaffiliated organizations, intending to help the homeless, often provide well-meaning but ineffective assistance. Examples include handing out blankets, which inadvertently encourages the recipients to stay outdoors; feeding in public places, which leads to complaints of littering and other concerns.
Coordinated giving for identified needs is shown to solve long-term issues of
The Homeless Alliance sponsors a “Real Change” initiative to provide travel and meal coupons to the homeless. Direct donations of cash may be used by the homeless for unintended purposes; the “Real Change” voucher is a positive alternative. The Homeless Alliance uses revenue generated from the sale of the vouchers to support long-term solution to homelessness, including development of the WestTown Resource Center and identification of additional units of permanent supportive housing.
Other cities, usually led by the downtown business community, have carried out Public Service campaigns discouraging the handing out of spare change while simultaneously encouraging more meaningful donations to established social service providers. For example, Philadelphia ran a successful public service campaign using the tagline, “The More You Give Change the More Things Stay the Same.”
Similarly, Columbus calls its campaign “Put Your Change Where You Can Make One.”
The Columbus Downtown Development Corporation hosts a link on its website to a list of all relevant service providers and their most common needs. The campaign is advertised throughout downtown on bus shelters, before movies at the downtown theater, and on all forms of public transportation.
_ Wage a prominent, multimedia campaign through agencies such as ACOG,
Downtown OKC, and others to accomplish the following goals:
o raise awareness of homelessness issues among the general public
o identify real needs and opportunities to donate for real change

Mayor’s Homelessness Action Task Force
o reduce the stigma of homelessness and increase awareness of
facts such as families are the fastest growing group of homeless in
Oklahoma City, there are an estimated 1,500 homeless children in
the public school system, and that 20% of homeless adults are
actively employed.
o promote the ongoing work of homeless shelters and service

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The great profit in enabling some to be "Homeless".

Part I The Great profit in...
Part II That's right,let's open...
Part III Guilt By Association

The malicious reason for the increase in street people in downtown Oklahoma City.
Many that I encounter have been permanently banned from the mission,usually for a small infarction.(They have no access to the inside and the simple services such as documentation) View table here (click) or click on table to enlarge
Ex; standing on the sidewalk outside of the mission,after getting off the bus.No,I am not exaggerating.I hope to document in the future how many of these there are that have been banned.I can make a good assumption that it is in the 100's;hence the reason for the huge increase from 2005-2007 listed on your site.658-94=564 more people in two years,which is not in proportion to the other columns.Next survey ask them this specific. I know Ron Jensen gets a thrill every time,he gives someone a "Vacation" and he has never had qualms kicking a mother and small children out in the freezing winter cold without jackets.For weeks at a time. I know this for a fact.You know that I do not artificially inflate facts to sensationalize an expose...The truth is bad enough.We have some serious problems created by a few men.Is your organization in a position to change this nondocumentation that hinders many from getting the help they need?Is it verifiable government red tape,I need to know before I proceed on this research,to write an informed article so that those wanting to help may come up with a viable answer based on the obstacles.
click here to view table and chart of Totals from Homeless Alliance ,then scroll down to bottom of the page!

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City Rescue Mission Finances

Financial Report as filed with the IRS form990 /Return of Organization Excempt From Income Tax Click here to read and view PDF on

Click on above title to view website City Rescue Mission Finances or click here
Our Expenses FY07

Program Services


General Administration

Our Income FY07
Gifts in Kind

Form990 Part II 07

click image/form to enlarge
Line 26 Salaries and wages of employees not included on line 25a,b, and c,
(A) Total $ 1,098,867
(B) Program Services $ 808,440
(C)Management and General$ 112,143
(D)Fundraising $ 178,284
According to Part II/Statement of Functional Expenses
Column B
Line 44 total functional expenses = $2,519,678
which is equal to what is listed at top "Our Expenses FY07 under "Program Services$2,519,679(74.03%) ,minus $1

If listed on there website as Program Services 2,519,679
Minus total salaries and wages onform990/line26 1,098,867
Leaves $1,420,812

Part I of form 990

Click image/form to enlarge

line 1 e Cash $3,017,420 noncash $475,902
As listed as
Direct Public Support on
line 1b $3,493,322

Part III- Statement of Program Service Accomplishments

click on image /form to enlarge

Part IV Balance Sheets

click on image/form to enlarge

Part IV A,B Part V A-Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial StatementsWith Revenue per Return

click on image/form to enlarge

Part V:A,B; Current Officers ,Directors,Trusteesand Key Employees
Part VI Other information

Part VI cont

click on image/form to enlarge

Part VI -X cont.

Part XI

Schedule A Part I-IIB
Compensation of the five highest paid
employees other than Officers...

Schedule A Part III Statements About Activities

Part IV Reason for Non Private Foundation

Sched. A IV Support Schedule

Private school Questionnaire

VI,VII no info

Form 990,Part I Interest on Savings and temporary Cash Investments

Form 990 Part II -Other Expenses

Form 990 Part IV-Mortgages and other notes payable

Form 990 Part V-A Current Officers,Directors and Trustees

cont. V-A

Schedule A Part I Compensation of the five highest paid employess

Gift amounts over $5,ooo

Gifts In KIND $5,000 and above

NOW LOOK at their website and look at the link to their
Tax record and start realizing how the numbers and titles
are manipulated to make one should enlighten you as how the game is played,anyone else with some insight in what they see here ,let me know.

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Clothing expenses?Following the money trail of the City Rescue Mission...more to follow.

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Form 990 Part II ,Other expenses.
All the clothes are used and donated so why the expense of
All the food is donated, so why the expense of $ 136,226 and also look at the fact that today for breakfast all had a small bowl of cereal and a doughnut,June 14th,2008.

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Outside with my God!(lol)

"Where do you live now, if you don't mind me asking? At the Jesus House, another shelter?
Write back soon,

I am at this time experiencing and being made aware of what most of the people who live "in" the "outdoors"go through, that cannot be apparent to those who have not gone through it.
Rain.Harrassment.pestilence.Fear.Violence.To name a few.
It was necessary for me to learn of it this way,though it was brought on by the malfeasance ,malcontent and avarice of certain individuals,though it was by the grace of God,for His Glory.No coincidences or mistakes in this world of His.I had to be informed to be able to make informed decisions and take informed actions. I am doing research,willingly. I do not suffer,though I do see why many do and it is usually as a result of a lie designed to keep them from the presence of God, 'If I'm suffering then there must be no God or He doesn't care for me enough to end it!"Or something to that effect,variations abound. I heard this from a man yesterday motivated to walk with a bible and to go searching for an answer.Those who suffer are there for those who are able to relieve their suffering.It gives everyone the honor and duty,through freewill, to exercise the Love and Compassion of our Father,to be Royal and Noble,as we were created in His Image for this reason.We are not impotent in our embodiment of humanity, as the accuser of humanity would want us to believe.To deny our true worth and potential is to deny God Himself.Hence the reason many are now being moved by the Holy Spirit, to reaffirm our existence and to validate and sanctify our brothers and sisters in the process.To draw all people to God.
Yes,it has been very uncomfortable at times living in my sleeping bag outdoors(not really,as I am graced to be at peace in my life,though when my brother is peaceless it is of no value to me unless I am able to afford him the same right to it,informedly),though it has been invaluable beyond measure in experience and knowledge.No coincidences in God's world. I've learned many things I would have never known had I not gone through this. I was the one able and willing to learn this side of why "the" dysfunction permeates our society,our nation ,our people.And through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the Gift of Christ Jesus,promote this healing for the benefit of all of God's creation.
Yes,at this time I live with nature.My Father is good to me.Under a tree, in the grass living like a lion.

Clean.Fed.At peace.
Of course I, at times,get very tired due to my depreciated physical condition and it would benefit me if I had a place to rest and lie down,be still.My scholarship is almost over,thank God.God ,in His wisdom,knows "all" that He needs to reveal to me for His work to be done.In His due time and mercy, He provides rest.Amen.
Teodoro Leon III.

Most people can't survive outdoors and keep up some sense of dignity as the result of the stigma attached to the word "homeless".I have been 40 days or more in the wilderness that is called Downtown Oklahoma City and am still able to be at peace and keep clean and carry myself well, as you can see. I'm graced by the God of my Love.I'm graced by the Love of my God.
I "LIVE" where ever I am.Let us allow our brothers and sisters to "LIVE" where ever they are and what ever circumstance and situation they find themselves.Because a man might live in a mansion does not guarantee that he "lives " with peace and contentment.

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Lies due to Misperceptions,ignorance,prejudice and bias.Suffering results.Then Miracles and healing.

I originally wrote this article back on 4/22/08 and didn't know that at the time there was more to the stares , scorn and contempt that I got from the people named in this letter.Here I thought it was just because they thought I was a witch ,Satanist or both.Huh.Well the comment at the top of the page should help explain the behaviours at this link to Yes lets reveal the truth.The truth of Violence.And Revenge .(click here) I thought it good to republish this article due to the fact of miracles.Yes,now I'm really homeless (click here to read)april 24 A miracle of healing amongst these good folks. They've stopped the stares of contempt and scorn.They are even approaching me with smiles and getting to know of me by reaching out and talking.And asking.
The miracle of voice and empowerment attributed, as a divine right, to bring truth ,through the excercise of thought,knowledge and speech, into the light, by God's grace , so that we may all be honorable and truly honor God.
By perpetual gift of1787 , the Constitutional Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression ,of the United States of America," Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Article the eleventh [Amendment IX]
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

April 22,2008
I have not told you ...that due to my source of income drying up, I am behind 120.00 $ in rent.I don't have a car, computer,mp3,camera,TV( everything ,except the car was sold to pay for the rent. The car was of course impounded in Nov and the police kept my camera.)...etc.,anymore.I am completely broke!Catholic Charities promised $95, the girl (social service assistant, Sandra C.)in charge of the case even called my manager in front of me and told them the check was in the mail; for the last 3 weeks...Then last Friday the girl in charge of the case told the truth and told me no money was going to be sent.They don't pay for motel rooms she stated ,though" they" knew where I lived and what it was called.She was under duress and ignorant of the truth of my situation as a result of gossiping lies.
Community Action did the same thing. They were sending a check for $150 as of 2 weeks ago(I even saw the lady pick up the phone and call downtown to the finance dept and state that I needed $75 but since by the time they would get around to it,I would need $150) and it was supposed to be a done deal.Went there last Fri. to inquire about the status and the lady(Connie C.) who made up the folder and application acted like she didn't even know me.She went even to the extent of saying I never spoke to her and that she did not make me a folder.She was the director.An assistant of hers made her a liar by finding the folder ,in her hand writing.So she then said that my application had been denied because I did not have a job.And besides ,she had talked to St. Vincent de Paul(!!) and that they had already helped me.The check had not arrived when I spoke to Connie C..Hence ,the reason going to her agency. When I told her I can work ,after I recover from my illnesses(bronchitis,the foot surgeries,test. masses and the bleeding I was experiencing due to my diverticulitis[anemic at that]) and that I actually had a job at Labor Ready.She immediately popped off that it was not a real job and that I was still denied. These incidences are all related.
St Vincent de Paul society is were the problems started.The society from my parish(?).Out of avarice,malfeasance, envy and jealousy( greed?),they also played a sick game of delay,but most importantly they played a game of gossiping lies.On march 28, I believe ,which was a Friday,the president of the Society,Kathy V.(keeper of the purse) called my manager(the process was actually instigated with a phone call to the president by the sister at the parish, due to me not having a phone;hence the phone call to my manager from the president) and told her that since it was me and that they knew me ,she would take the check book home with her on sat. and cut a check and that my manager would receive it on monday.Mon., Tues., wed., no check.I called her wed. and told her that the check had still not been received.She made the comment that they were all volunteers and nobody worked on the weekends,unaware that my manager told me her conversation with her on Fri.She then asked me to confirm the address.When the manager received the check the following Mon. I asked her to look at the post mark.April 3rd. I suppose she was hoping that by the time the checked had arrived ,Linda would have evicted me.Linda knows what I do and why.She hasn't evicted me yet...but her boss has bills to pay and it is a burden.
Besides,they have all willingly lied and my manager is under the impression that Catholics are liars( she was right ,from what she was told and promised).My manager is a good Christian,hence the reason of me not being on the streets. Yet.
Mrs. V.,from St V, started the problems.I had to go to the thrift store by the same name to fill out the paperwork and she started interrogating me.Literally.What do you do?Question after question,and the answers were not to her satisfaction.Out of expediency ,I gave her my card and explained it would be easier for her to see what I did if she looked at my website , as she couldn't understand, after almost 30 min. , my explanation of working with the poor and why.And how for the last 3 years I embedded myself at the mission to help, through prayer and example , alleviate the crack problem,especially the problem of the( my ministry Click )crack house(the crack house click) across the street from the mission.I explained to her,that for most of that time embedded, I worked through Labor Ready everyday at Semasys Corp.(getting up at 3:30 and bicycling to 50 & Santa Fe...miles to be there at 5am), but due to a lay off and then my hospitalization and then the theft of my money during my incarceration, I was broke.I was also incredibly sick, despite the facade of my healthy physique. I tried to explain to her that I had wisely invested my money in these people and that I had had a substantial savings, but that it was stolen during my incarceration by someone who was supposed to move my belongings out of the place I lived at the time and put them in storage.(She was not listening. For a reason).This person thought he would not be seeing me for awhile(despite me telling him I was at Gods work[going to challenge the injustice of the marijuana "laws" by subjecting myself to arrest;the actual arrest was not of my doing or plan,and yes it was theHoly Spirits,I was only required to be willing, and though I was well aware of the suffering involved,I submitted.The way it happened caught me by suprise] and would be out soon),so instead he left my belongings.But of course, he got all the electronic stuff(laptop,mp3,stereo ,speakers,gameboy...etc.) and a few choice items he thought he could use(shoes and clothes he thought might fit his woman)...and the money.
When I showed up unexpectedly at his place after being released,the money was long gone.4 weeks.He cost me the equivalent of $3,000 and more, not including the car being lost due to him not getting the title,which was in a notebook in my place with the items left (yes ,I forgave forgiveness is for the receiver and giver[the burden is lifted from the giver] ).
I gave her my card with my website url explaining that it would be easier for her and me if she would look at the blog,detailing what I do and why.But ,I warned her that I had links,on my site to Witchcraft100 and WitchVox,for my own personal education on what the heathens (LOL) were up to and their theologies. Got to know the nature of the disease before an effective stimulus can be applied. She immediately turned to the lady with her and said,"What did I tell you! A witch!"I immediately told her that I was not a Witch(or what they perceived as a witch) as that is a deceivement of the the devil and that all power comes from God.These were sites for my own education.
See,I wear a pendant that my good friend Bill( an expert in greek and the Bible[he would never have gave me something profane as he is adept and loving of me,as a result of his awareness of my ministry and the respect he holds for God and me] ) gave me and they don't understand that the dragon(eastern mysticism;This large, mystical creature may represent large and mystical forces inside of you. In the Far-East it is believed that the dragons are spiritual creatures that navigate through the air and through the sky.the dragon is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions, extreme materialism, and be able to obtain greater inner and outer freedom. ) above the cross is not Satan!The circle of protection on that cross symbolizes the protection I receive while under the shadow of my Fathers wing bearing my cross.They've seen me wear it.And only one person has been strong enough to ask about it( Connie ;RCIA).The president called(?) or was called by everyone in the charity game?Hence,their ignorance and hate of me and the sick games they have played.But then again,if they perceive the dragon as satan,then their actions and words are even more meaningful to me for the act of forgiveness.Every time I look in the mirror I see this dragon, and it reminds me not to be(too) angry at these offenders as I understand how easily they are misled by our greatest enemy.I have to forgive my greatest enemy for deceiving these poor children.A commandant of my Lord,Jesus Christ.What merit is it to forgive only those you love. Even evil people do that. I don't make this stuff up.My Father has taught me well.It still pains me,though :( I cried in my sleep last night and woke up with tears on my face this morning.Why won't you at least get to know me?And then you can make an informed decision to feel whatever you like.
I am not offended at the insults and lies directed at my person. Some of you hope that I will just go away.Your own guilt and shame inflict and cause you pain. But I understand the nature of the disease...or would you not be at peace with the decisions and actions that would cause me to live in the street like an unwanted stray...hungry,thirsty,tired and alone?My Father would give me the money for my needs,but obviously he didn't and I was sent to you and the charitable organizations that were set up to help people such as I.Yes,it is an injustice what has been afforded to my person by the lies and dysfunction of those complicit in these actions or inaction's ..or just plain dragging of the feet. Are you not aware that I know of the gossiping lies? You think all these things were done in secret. My Father sees all. I am aware.I am not offended of your condition. I love you.I forgive you. But ,please stop for your sake! Injustices are repaid with injustice.Unexpectedly.To those we love.Even you ,have those you love.What is it about me that offends you so? If you spent some time to know me ,your fear would leave. Your true fear is that you know that you would love me. Loving someone you had dreamed .the dream is real.that scares you. It's OKAY! I Love matter what. My pain and tears are for you. You are worthy, for me to shed my precious tears over . That is the beauty you need. It is real.This your medicine.Accordingly due!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Christian Exclusivity?Sad ,insolent,ending.Oklahoma City First United Methodist Church,downtown,undesirables not part of of plan/recovery.

One cannot serve God and mammon,both.

To whom it may concern: Mark Mc Adow,Senior Pastor:First United Methodist Church,Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, 131 N.W. 4th.
Kirk Norman,Executive Pastor: First United Methodist Church.
Dear Sir's;
I was told by someone that your church ( First United Methodist Church ,Celebration Ministry?)not only fed a dinner but that a "lord's Group was offered and also, most extraordinary,that a form of group therapy was offered to those caught in the throes of addiction,"after" they were fed.
I decided to investigate, as it is my ministry to seek out the good and the bad in our city and bring it to light.
I felt this was a "good" considering the dysfunction of our world and nation that can be measured by the amount of homeless people in our downtown area of our city as a result of some sort of addiction and or dysfunction.
I had just poured myself a glass of Iced Tea when I was approached by a man that informed us that were congregated at this table that we were not going to be able to eat for free as a result of what had happened the previous week and something or another about "budget". It would cost us $ 3.00.
All of these people were poor.Most were "impressed" that they were to eat first. Most were under the impression that it was "free".
I know first hand that most of these people there were looking to free themselves from the trauma of addiction and were glad that a group therapy was offered.How do I know?They told me!
Feed ,Heal, Teach and then assimilate them back into society and make them worthy.Our brothers and sisters.
The ones our community has abandoned as children and who are now an embarrassment to many.
Yes, an embarrassment.We all should be embarrassed,angry and nauseated that this happens in the land of milk and honey."The Promised Land".
I then immediately followed this man into the kitchen to ask him who was in charge so that I could get the facts as to why this was stated.
He informed me that he was the one in-charge.But he became immediately defensive when I tried to hand him my card and explain that I was a writer and activist.I explained to him what I wrote above,stating that one could not serve God and mammon,both.
He responded quite angrily,that if I had gone to any other "Celebration" around the city I would find that "they" charge the minimum of $5.00!
I tried to explain that these people would now go hungry due to the fact they would not be able to eat anywhere else and that they should have been told the "requirement" last week to save them the wasted time.There were only 8-12 of " these" people.They were "poor" and not in possession of $3.00.They would all have went elsewhere to eat and then maybe had returned for the recovery group . Yes, maybe.50/50 chance.Now , they were embarrassed,spited and scorned.
Your church missed an opportunity to salvage a human being ,worthy in God's eyes,as He was the one who created them ,due to the greed ,prejudice and discrimination they encountered at your church.
Your church is rich,considering the size of the campus and the newness of the building's architecture, financially.
Is your church also rich in spirit, or is it just a facade? Your richness shall be measured in the righteousness of your actions and thoughts that should be in line with the teaching's of our Lord, Jesus Christ,our Savior and salvager of humanity.
Do you really believe this? Was He exclusive?
Are you the Pharisees and Sadducee's of old? Has nothing changed in 2,000 years?
A few went hungry on Friday,needlessly. Most of all , they suffered shame.

This letter is being published on and . Hopefully this man's actions were isolated and not a reflection of your church and congregation.Can this be remedied?The Lord God no longer requires sacrifice,but Mercy. I can help you make these unfortunates presentable, if that was the issue.Write me.I know a lot of them personally.It's my ministry.
Sincerely and respectfully,Teodoro Leon III.

Response from Mark McAdow,Senior Pastor;First United Methodist Church,131 NW4th,Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.
Dear Teodoro,
Thank you for your letter. I do not know who you encountered on Friday evening,
but I'm sorry you felt scorned in any way. Our Celebrate Recovery Program is less
than two years old, so we are still learning. We are blessed with a beautiful Church facility,
but financially we are well behind our budget for the year. Though we began offering meals
for donations only(so all could eat); we unfortunately had to discontinue that policy because of
the lack of finances. We are here to serve people with addictions who sincerely want help.
What we found were several people coming just to eat. There are several other ministries in
OKC that provide daily meals, but that is not the focus of Celebrate Recovery. Since you indicated
your plan to post your letter on a blog -without seeking additional understanding -I must believe
that you are not truly interested in being a part of the solution.
Sincerely yours,

My response to Pastor McAdow
Dear Sir:
With all due respect, I understood very well the nature of the reason for the rejection.But is really amazing how one is moved to action by one issue being brought to light.
I have spoken with Pastor Dale Tremper of this matter and he will probably tell you I understand the practical and theoretical aspects very well.Not only do the people who are better off feel a justifiable discomfort encountering people on the fringes of society due to their dress and hygiene,but so do those people they encounter feel as such due to their perceived shame as a result of their situation and circumstance.
No need to be defensive.
The ones looking for a free meal were weeded out and shall be weeded out. I could come up with the $25 that was needed but let me tell you something else I know that I did not publish.
A man ,who I know for sure, had been sober for a week as a result of that first encounter told that person in charge that he was not so concerned about the meal as he was about attending the group for recovery. He had food in the green army duffel bag he carried(MRE's).His name is Kenneth.He told him he just wanted to stay for the group as he wanted to stay sober.
He was told by this person claiming to be in charge that he wasn't going to be able to stay for the group,that it wasn't going to happen.Now that is a clear indication to me that the $3 dollars was a smoke screen. It was known that most of these people would not have $3 dollars due to the poverty in their lives that touched all aspects of their humanity,starting first with the poverty of addiction.
The previous week must have been a culture shock due to all the free loaders that you rightfully stated where there for the free meal.
They were not there on Friday.The only ones I saw indicated that they were impressed with the structure of the program which of course included the meal.I counted 8 people.Plus three I met coming up the sidewalk.That was the extent of the population.These people most importantly wanted to feel the presence of God in their lives and the previous week had given them hope and strength,hence the reason Kenneth had been sober for a week living on the streets.Nearly impossible for most living on the streets.
I would pray that you read my letter again.There is an answer.I am glad that you responded to my letter instead of just ignoring the issue.How good it would be for your church if we could find a viable answer.What good publicity for your church if I could write an article about how a plan was formulated that entailed courage and honor.How it is playing a real role in salvaging humanity,especially the poorest of the poor.The outcasts.
I was not scorned. I did not need the meal, I specifically went to see what I had thought would be the "Good" that was being generated by an outreach on the part of your church.
Yes, I was angry ,and rightfully so, to see my brothers shamed.Jesus my Lord got angry enough to fashion a whip and to over turn tables at an injustice He perceived being done to the people.There is no need for that.We both serve the same God.
Separate areas? Separate times? sandwiches? Please read my blog about Believers Church providing an inexpensive meal that was both nutritious and satisfying. the point is it can be done if the will and desire are there.We would have drinks first and then the recovery and then after the meal.Standards would have to met...would have to be sober for that day,not on any drugs.No vulgarity,profanity ...etc.This would weed out alot of free loaders who have no intent in progressing in their lives and being healed.Then when some of these people would show benefit of sobriety they could be assimilated into other areas of your church,most likely than not a sober person becomes productive in time and is better able to interact with civility,honor and dignity.Would you not like to see this miracle and be part of it? I've seen it happen many times before.
It will take courage and the demonstration of our true christian values to accomplish this task,but with God all things are possible.There is also the possibility that I could motivate others to help out in one respect or the other, an interfaith project. Pastor Jim McDowell ,Jennifer Gooden with Homeless Alliance at , Mayor Mick Cornetts homelessness action task force ,plan at ,Kim Woods,homeless coordinator/social worker at Catholic Charities ,Neely Goen at, Tim Ulrich at .
Yes , I really do want to help,not only these poor, but the nation that I love and won't be as hard as one would think.There are many being moved by the spirit at this most opportune time so we have the help.
If this is not to your liking,well of course let me know.But the mechanism is already in place through your church, what a shame not to see it progress and come to fruition,so that the Lord God Himself may someday say to us,"with you ,I am well pleased!"
Sincerely, Teodoro Leon III

Final response from the Pastor
Teo - Please delete me from your E-mail distribution list. Thank you.
Mark McAdow

My final correspondense
Yes ,I will remove you from my list...but be aware that an injustice is paid with an injustice.Your own apathy will afford your children and those you love the suffering you impose on others by your inablity to do God's will,which you know well. I did not mean to send you that last letter(National Security Presidential Directive )or have any further correspondence with you. I shake the dust off my feet...And I in no way will be the cause for the traumas that will be inflicted on you and the ones you love.It's called Karma and it is strong and immediate as of lately, as the time is near...what time? .Your perceived wisdom should reveal it to you. Teodoro Leon III

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

an appropriate RESPONSE from the Salvation Army!The healing begins!

re;Children feeling Hate directed at them,May28,08 click here to read
History below.
To :" Regional Director,Southern area.
Dear Sir: I have not received a response from the Oklahoma City Area Command concerning what remedy or not was taken to address the issue of the children suffering shame and hunger.In your letter that you sent to me it was indicated that I would receive some response by some one contacting me through my email . I did go to the office at 311 SW 5th and was steered to Ernie the marketing director, as everyone was out for the day or had gone home.I've learned from others that this is a common tactic employed when people come to make a complaint concerning the treatment or not they received from the Salvation Army.He was civil and listened to my observation which included a letter in writing that he made a copy of for his records.I clarified to him ,as he was under a wrong impression, that this woman was a walk in and did not reside in the shelter, as if that should have made a difference. I need to know what action was taken ,if any to insure this behavior displayed by Crystal the cook would not be directed at innocent "children "again, before I proceed to write the next part of my excerpt. I want to write an informed article and hopefully it has a happy ending,for Crystal and the children. If I do not receive a response, I will be forced to write what I assume happened and it will basically say that I did not receive a response but also include all the info and actions taken concerning this issue. All the links to the area website are dead... a fact.No contact info,emails...just a dead site. But the phone numbers are accessible.I can find and publish them. Teodoro Leon III

From Chris Priest in response to above letter.6/02/2008
Thank you for your email. I have contacted the office in Oklahoma City and sent them your further email. God bless you!

From Ernie Potter,Business Administrator,Oklahoma City Salvation Army,311 SW5th.6/03/08
Mr. Leon:
First, let me correct your misconception. I am not the Marketing Director.
I am the Business Administrator. In that capacity, I wear many hats,
including Human Resources Director. It is my practice to receive
complaints, listen to the complaints, and take those complaints to the
proper department heads, insuring that the complaints are investigated.
This is not, as you infer, a scam to get rid of complainers, but an actual
attempt on my part to take care of problems.
Let me repeat--I am not PR, I am part of the solution.

After you left my office, I took your complaint to Toni Sanders, Director
of Social Services. Janet Miller, Residential Services Manager was not in
her office that afternoon, as she was in meetings all afternoon, but Ms.
Sanders passed this complaint on to her as did I on her return to the
office. Rest assured that we take these complaints very seriously and are
attempting to correct the problem. Additionally, the lady who brought her
grandchildren in that afternoon also came in the next day and gave Ms.
Sanders a written incident report. In response to this situation, we have
warned our kitchen staff that rudeness and condescencion will not be
tolerated. Because of the conflicts in our schedules, it will be Thursday
of this week before we can have a full staff meeting with our kitchen staff
to work on their people skills, but we will continue to reinforce the fact
that we will not tolerate such behavior.
As for disciplinary measures, those matters are confidential, so they will
not be discussed with you or with anyone else. I'm certain that you can
respect the fact that we are both legally and morally obligated to use the
utmost discretion and confidentiality in such matters.

Please also understand that people don't completely change overnight. It
is our goal to end bad behavior immediately, then to work with our staff to
improve their attitudes. The ultimate improvement of attitude will more
than likely be gradual, so don't expect overnight transformations. People
will be people--we just want them to be good people.

Please also keep in mind the fact that while we may not be perfect, we feed
a large number of people every night and we neither ask nor expect payment.
Our staff, however, needs to understand why we feed people. It's not a
human obligation on our part (we don't owe these people anything in a
strictly worldly way), but it is a scriptural and spiritual obligation to
our God. We are to love one another and Christ says that when we have
"done this to the least of these, you have done it to me." That's our
motivation and that's what we are trying to teach our staff.

Be patient with us. We're human and frail, but we'll get it done.

Once again, thank you for coming to see me. Things don't get better if we
don't know there's a problem.
From A letter sent to me by Ernie Potter ,sent June 3rd,Tuesday,2008

My response!Sent 6/03/2008

Yes,very many thanks Mr. Potter. As I want you to know, I was impressed with your candor and sincerity during our brief meeting and as I told Pastor Dale Tremper I believed your disposition or you were an exceptionally good actor. Pastor Tremper informed me that he knew you and that your heart was in the right place.That was enough for me. As to receiving a response, as informed by Chris Priest, by the person responsible for writing to me, it didn't happen,but your letter makes up for that.I understand fully what you have stated in your letter and am satisfied. I do believe in all the areas you touched on and why.Privacy.In house investigation.
I never intended for Crystal to be fired or punished.I believe in redemption for all.She and her staff are fine cooks.Though, your investigation might find that she has 2-3 freezers in her home possibly filled with items intended for the public,hence the motivation for her behaviors, from the investigation I made into her,though my sources are biased and tainted by anger.Caused by her behaviors.Cause and effect.The things that she thought she did in secret and that she thought would never be revealed have to come to light and that should help correct her actions that are not only hurting the public,your organization's image ,but her dignity and honor,too.
Yes ,this is a positive result that will benefit all,including us.I do apologize for having to use a tactic to get a response and for not realizing your true position . I would have researched it but the website for your Salvation Army is dead.Only the top of the page is visible and all the buttons are inoperable.
Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and sincerely consider you my friend and a friend of Christ .It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you through this issue and situation.
The healing begins.Alleluia! Amen. Sincerely ,Teodoro Leon III.

"An attempt at Empathy" by Jim Mcdowell/video by Lisa Wilkerson

An attempt at Empathy by Pastor Jim McDowell/Believers Church

March 04, 2008
An attempt at empathy
I wrote this poem in 2005 about the transition to empathy and wanted to post it here.(Jim's Blog )

Brazen face spotted close – but far.
I see you, I don’t know you.
I don’t live where you live.
I don’t want to visit you.

Your life is not mine – it’s different.
My Joneses won’t let me give you the time of day.
I would say that it’s your lot in life.
I would lie.

My heart it hurts – for you.
I left your city, your neighborhood, your street, months ago.
I still see you, dirty, hungry, sad.
Like your parents must have told you, I can’t do anything.

I am coming - for you.
The tears in my eyes have been forming since I saw you.
In that place, that terrible place.
You deserve, something, anything, to eat, to be loved.

I am here – for you.
You must be here somewhere,
I search these streets, these alleys.
I can’t find you so I ask.

Where is the little boy with dirty face that looked hungry, lost, and alone, - where are you?
You are gone,
They insist,
I am alone; I am leaving your town, your city, your
street, as you did some weeks ago.

I believe, that you are in a better place now,
That God above has a special place for you – now.
I missed a chance, to show you love.

I am sorry, please forgive me

©2005 Jim McDowell