Monday, December 31, 2007

the Troubles with my incarceration!

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Events of Nov.26- Dec.22, 2007 the incarceration of
Mr. Teodoro Leon III ,
treatment,events,non treatment,issues and tactics used by the judicial and law enforcement system to get a conviction and profit excessively from my/your person.

Jail activities that are allegedly either fraudulent, theft related, an endangerment to inmates (health, safety, security issues...etc), or methods that could be construed as torturous (psychological and physical) and/or inhumane .

1. Convicted D.O.C inmates housed with general population inmates, usually persons being detained with other agency holds or non convicted inmates.(security issue: an inmate that has been sentenced to a considerable amount of time, for an offense that also might have been violent ,might not have "anything to lose" and be more prone to causing himself and others harm." What they going to do ,put me in jail?" is their "motto")
2. Known gang members of different affiliations (crips/bloods) and sets (factions within affiliations)
housed in the same "pods"(A, B, C,D) with each other and amongst general population. (Security issue: they like to beat each other senseless and others they imagine might be associated with their "enemy". They also like to take violent measures for profit;commisary, hair cuts, cigarettes....dope.)
3. Commissary items ordered and money deducted from inmate trust account though items are not received.
(Theft/fraud). Exhibit A. actual commissary order sheet (order date11/29/07)
4.Inmates are put in "ball court"(actual basketball court intended for inmate recreation; no backboard/basketballs) on each floor, that is used for a holding cell, with no drinking water or restroom facility, for hours on end.(personally held on two different dates more than 6 hours in this "ball court"; ex:12/8/07
5:30 p.m.-11:30pm medical incident (see Sec. B).Inmates held so long that they are forced to urinate in the corner,under the camera. The result: a river of urine pooling toward the middle of the ball court. 6th floor "ball court" has the remnants of feces smeared in the left back corner wall. (inhumane/torturous, health /safety issue) (security issue: stressed out men, when confronted with having to watch another man shit in a corner, become rather aggressive and hostile, especially to the guy lowering his orange traffic cone colored OKLA CO. Jail pants to squat and crap in the corner of the "ball court"."Good" chance somebody is going to take offense at this man and the ensuing stench. Fight! Or at the least, a lot of yelling, from a lot of men.
5. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureous (super bug; bacteria) running rampant through the inmate population, and is not being treated with the drug Vancomyacin, that can be only be administered by I.V.
because it comes only in a solution and seems to be the only antibiotic effecting a benefit towards eradication. (1.Shoebel? German surname: cell 6c35/12-08-07, treated with topical antibiotic. Wound purplish/blue on hand around thumb/palm/forefinger, including area between.2.Jack Calvert: cell 6c45/11/26/07-12/22/07(at this writing, not released) had not been treated /seen by a doctor as of this date:12/23/07.several medical slips submitted since approx. 12/14? 12/19/07 verified.)

B. Summary of medical (non treatment) events pertaining to Teodoro Leon from 11/26/07-12/22/07 during incarceration at the Oklahoma County Jail
1. After submitting a medical request slip (11/28) I was taken to the 8 th floor on 11/30 pertaining to the medically documented pain due to :the masses in my groin area, angina, intestinal bleeding, shortness of breath, pus oozing from a wound in my back, scars from the surgeries on my foot being extremely painful (pus draining out of 1st surgery) and was told by some woman,whom I assume was a nurse,that she could not treat me until she confirmed my medical history.We both agreed that they could be confirmed by having my records faxed by the attending doctor.So I told her the name of the doctor, the hospital, the dates that I was there and then corrected her on the order of my name, my last name is Leon, first is Teodoro. Am I sure?
Well ,how long do you think it will take for me to get called back in and get some treatment after the records come in?
"Well, your records should be faxed in a day or two and you should see the doctor that same day we receive them! " She had the guard return us to the cells. He was in a hurry, for some reason.They are always in a hurry.In a hurry to do as little as possible.
I was taken to the 6th floor for a "physical" and evaluation on 12/7.The nurse was aware of the complaints due to the request slip but still asked what I was there for. I told her and also showed her the wound on the back. She listened to my lungs and said that I had no wheezing in my lungs , that she could hear. She asked me what I wanted her to do about my symptoms and I replied, "treat them." She replied that she was not going to be able to treat me until she verified my medical conditions. I told her about my stay at Baptist Integris and that I had an ultrasound to confirm the masses and that I had already signed a medical release form the week before. She gave me Motrin for my" pain", even after I had informed her that it causes me to bleed rectally and that one of my conditions that I was being treated during my stay at Baptist was anemia, June-July (three weeks).Then she wrote me a prescription for an inhaler (albuterol). After declaring my lungs clear just minutes before? And it hadn't been yet verified by my medical records.Huh? She than said for me to fill out another medical slip request and put "wound care " on it ,after she just saw my wound and could have wrote it her self and treated the wound while I was sitting there in front of her .It would have been a good ,efficient ,beneficial action on her part. On intake I weighed in at 130, I now weighed 120.11 days, 10 lbs lost.
2. On 12/8 @ 5:30p.m. I was taken out of my cell and presumably was on the way to the 13th floor to see a medical professional for the angina, groin and lung pain at the insistence and persistence of my cellmates to the guards by impressing to them the seriousness of my condition. To pacify the cellies, the
Jailer who signed me out on the log/in out register on the wall took me to the ball court instead and left me in there for about 25 minutes. This is the place without available drinking water and no toilet facilities (see
Section A-4) After 25 minutes then they "promptly" took me up to the 13th floor, which I heard was the medical floor. I was immediately handcuffed to the metal tubing running the length of the wall. Just then they had a guy brought in with a "real" injury.....he had been in a fight but only looked like couple lacerations and we lucid, on his two feet and was not in a life or death situation ,but clearly in need if a couple of stitches. guard said that since they had to stitch him up it was going to be a few minutes before I /we were seen .About ten minutes later he came to unlock us, but instead of taking us in to see someone he instead said that we were going back to the 6th floor ball court and that is where he put me until and I stayed until
11:00 p.m...when they finally took me back up to 13th floor and asked what I wanted and I told the female guard Cpl King that I was there because of testicular pain and chest pain and that I had a MRSA infection on my back confirmed with my medical records that should be on file. She asked me to choose which one was dire and told me I couldn't have both, I told her I guess my testicular pain but that they were both related. Then she said that if that was the complaint,there was not a thing she could do for me if it was not life or death .Then one of the other female guards went around the corner from me and asked somebody else," What do balls have to do with chest pain?" I answered," Having masses in the testicles, even though they might be benign, can still travel to other parts of the body, affecting other organs or that the pain that I felt in my testicle could be putting stress on my heart; plus any other numerous possibilities could be affecting symptoms. A male guard sitting in an enclosed glass area ,that seemed to be where they congregated, then yells for me to shut my mouth...."not another word!" I tell him that I'm just explaining and answering what’s wrong with me to the guard! Again ,he says if I don't shut up he is immediately taking me back to my cell. " I still hear something? Didn't think so! Uh-uh, don’t want to hear a sound coming from you". While he is telling me this the four others present, including a person dressed in a maroon smock (black male) were joining in harmony berating me.I could not understand them, they were so static! They left me handcuffed for about another 15 minutes ,before the guard that originally removed me from the cell ,at 5:30 p.m., returned and told me to hurry up, as he had to go soon(now it is 11:15). I told him it was obviously not up to me how fast they saw me, and in fact ,I hadn't even been seen,yet. He walked in to the area where the man was in the purple smock, who had said he ,"can only treat life and death situations", and asked him if he could sign off on me, as he was getting off shift soon. This medical person said there was nothing he could do for me except put in my chart a note stating a I was to immediately to see Dr. Marcellos 1st thing Monday morning. He didn't listen to my heart, lungs....etc. He just said he couldn't do anything. Then the tall black guard who had taken me out of the cell at 5:30 p.m. earlier that evening, returned me to it at 11:30 p.m. I never did see Dr.Marcellos , another nurse or get a response from the subsequent medical slips I had turned in,from that time until the time they let me out the door of the jail.
3. Sent out "request of staff" form on 12/7 inquiring if I had another hold from the ocpd, or other agency that was preventing me from being OR/ bonded out and if negative , why was I still there ,with no response from the OR application I had submitted on 12/4.The arraignment on 12/3 left me with only Poss. of CDS(marijuana) and lowered my bond to 6,000 dollars ,which made me eligible for a "Own Recognizance Bond ".
The "request of staff" form was returned unsigned and unanswered on 12/11.
4. All other "request of staff" or medical slips submitted, except, for those mentioned and Item 7 & 8, were never answered or returned. As of 12/22, Jack Calvert (6c35) had not been seen by any medical staff even after numerous medical slips submitted.
5. Sent a letter of inquiry pleading to Judge Hall to look into the status of my case, considering I had not been able to get a timely response from the jail staff as to any information concerning my case. (Unexpectedly went to court on 12/20/07 .And under duress, signed for time.)
6. A "Request of staff" form asking to use the law library submitted on 12/4/07 to assist in my case was returned 11/28 12/4 answered, signed and dated 12/12/07 by a Elsa Carrion."Mr. Leon, at this time you should have a legal rep to assist you in you (*sic) legal research. You should submit your reqesu>NT>6t (*sic)
for legal material to him/her. If you need items to be notarized let your floor clerical know and she should be able to pull you to have your paperwork notarized. If you need copies keep in mind that copies will cost.25 cents each, attached you will find the form you will need for the copies."(Exhibit B)