Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm finally getting out of the Hospital after 3 weeks!!

Well ,my dear readers ,I'm finally being discharged out of the hospital on 6/22 @ around or after 3:ooP.M.. Tony and Becky will be picking me up and I'll resume my life and continue the missions that I was working on before I was admitted.Now the stay here was not without its' incidences that I would almost call intentional negligence and malfeasance( )or at the least ,gross misconduct.I went through the chain of command to try to resolve these issues ,but I kept meeting "Resistance" at all levels,for some reason people were hesitant to do there jobs ,trying to placate me with their opinions of what had actually transpired.Miscommunication and confusion were reasons cited ,but even so ,these incidences warranted investigation and resolution in some form of training and of course accountability of these certain people .Some even went as far as to suggest that these incidences either had not transpired and or that I was blowing things out of proportion.One person in a supervisory role even berated me for even suggesting and voicing these concerns of mine and the treatment I received. I was supposed to be grateful beyond measure and how dare me that I even opened my mouth.The attitude that I was one just trying to stir up trouble and that every aspect of my treatment was never to my satisfaction or standards was common amongst these individuals that played a role in the distress that I suffered.All I wanted in the beginning,was for these individuals to be held responsible and accountable for their actions so that these incidences and actions would be minimized or not reoccur at all with other patients in the future.
For example(see"Here are the pics of my foot"):The incident when I did not receive my medication and or get my I.V. restarted(6/15) after it came out,despite numerous calls to the nurses station in a period of almost 2 hours and the promises that the nurse was on her scheduled rounds and she would be with me shortly.Shortly ,in my opinion,does not mean almost 2 hours!My recourse was to call the house supervisor when I received no assistance on the floor despite me going up to the nurses twice in my wheelchair.When I informed them at the station that I still had not received my medication(incident started and lasted from 6/15 11:45P.M. -1:30 6/16)at 1:20A.M. and I had called the House supervisor to come resolve this situation,they rushed in and administered 4 cc's of morphine,1 loritab(10),2 ultrams,1 restoril,and 50 units of fenegrine all in 2 minutes.I ,being in severe pain at the the time did not realise that this was an excessive and potentially fatal amount and mixture of drugs(read "Why should Ultram not be prescribed? ).I weigh around 130 lbs. at stand at 5'4".The intent was to "quiet" me before the house supervisor arrived ,who of course took her time getting there(more than an hour),She is very busy and I understand this,but this was gross misconduct on the part of the administering nurses.
I will document more of these incidences that occurred, here in the future.Like (6/20)the nurse who told me that "all" my medication had been discontinued except Tylenol when I asked for some pain medication(wasn't true at all).When I asked him twice if he meant all the medication had been discontinued,he confirmed and said all I was prescribed was Tylenol.Then I asked him to please contact my doctor ,as there seemed to be a mistake and that I was in severe pain ,he flatly said "No,I'm not calling her!"I asked him again ,to please page her and ask her to prescribe something stronger than Tylenol,he again said,"No"and added,"She is not here."I said to him,"Of course she is still here ,she just came on at 6:00P.M. and it's my right to ask ."He stomped out of the room and when he came back his story had changed.TO BE CONTINUED...(THIS INCIDENT STARTED AT 9:45 AND WAS NOT RESOLVED COMPLETELY TILL 2:00 A.M.)
Now when he came back he informed me that he had already given me all my scheduled meds at 8:00 p.m. and I would not be receiving the next dose till 12:00 and I couldn't have morphine as it had been d/c'd.I told him tht all I had received at 8:00 p.m. was a stool softener and 1 lortab and I believed that my ultram was due ,but even if the morphine had still been prescribed I didn't want that or had I asked for it.He insisted that he gave me the ultram w/ the lortab and the colace.I told him no he hadn't and even if that was true,hadn't he just told me that I had all my meds,except for Tylenol,discontinued?He got really red in the face!I told him that I was in severe pain ,as I had just walked on it for the second time since surgery,down to the library and that it was really hurting,please page my doctor so that she can order something in the mean time.He told me he was not continuing this conversation w/ me and started to walk out of the room.I told him on his way out that I now wanted to talk to the charge nurse immediately.I waited 5 min and decided to call for her myself on the call button.She came to my room,I explained all that I wrote above to her and she proceeded to tell me how I had been given all my scheduled meds and that I was not getting any till 12:00.I confirmed w/ her that my meds had not been d/c'd,and I told her why I knew I hadn't received them,I knew I was going to be going downstairs @ 8:30 and when I returned would be in pain and I had not pushed for the ultram so that I would have them when I returned.I talked to her for at least 45 min. before she paged Dr.Satzler and got an early dose at 11:00 P.m. To be continued...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

adulterants and my body and PAIN!!I'm allergic!I'm natural.

This 1st part of this entrance is dedicated to all the medical staff that provided me care in a professional manner and w/ the respect all patients deserve.I will miss all of you .I will be discharged 6/21.these pics are a few of the people that I was able to take a photograph of,..sorry I couldn't get everyone,but you all will be remembered in my prayers and dreams.This is an acknowledgement of their service.The second article ,of course is about the problems that I encountered w/one specific sadistic ,greedy,doctor who has a God complex and through his arrogance and actions caused me a little (actually alot)of distress.I don't mind naming him...I present to you the doctor...Gary Anderson...if you read this Doc ,you do not listen to your patients.You could use a little humility in your life and you will get it as a result of you playing those games .It is not my will, I am just an instrument of Fate and it is your Fate that will befall you without me doing anything.I feel sorry for you ,as your disposition limits you in scope.The things you thought you did in secret and on the sly were actually not hidden and to those you fooled because of your prejudices(?)will come to light soon.Your colleagues will view you differently and your power will diminish.Maybe this will help with the disease of your God complex. I tried,but you did not listen.Too bad ,you have great potential.
(click on photos to enlarge)

My..look at this beauty!Her name is Krista,and she gives me my breathing treatments...her occupation is "respiratory therapist"!One of the things that made my stay tolerable and enjoyable was the beautiful people(inside and out) that I encountered here at Baptist.Most were really professional and exuded a very healthy attitude my opinion a necessity for the patients well being,promoting a faster recovery ...or for those with a terminal illness,a sense of well being and peace!Again ,I can't say thank you enough,for you are vital part of a classical conditioned positive reinforcement regiment.I am glad I chose Baptist for my treatment!

here is the "pretty"wonderful Laura, a nurse (AUA) who also works on 6
EAST,she was great ...always greeting me with a smile and getting the things that I requested in a reasonable time(fast).

Here is what I looked like 3 weeks ago,before I was admitted

to Baptist Hospital.I have lost alot of weight and my muscle tone is lacking now.Almost time to get back to work many areas!

This picture here is of nurses Tiffany and Joe.They were working as a pair at the time of my stay.Good Team!

Here is Linda,a PAL(patient assistant liaison) She was very kind and inquisitive of my condition.She always made sure that I had fresh iced water,clean linen,towels and personal hygiene items.My meals were also delivered w/ a hot moist towel,just like a fine Japanese restaurant.

Pictured here is a Pal named Kim,who also provided the same great treatment as Linda...but going a little further by always making sure I had a newspaper to read in the morning

without me even have to ask after the first day.She was even so kind as to make sure in the evenings that I had a box lunch for a snack w/plenty of V8 juice to drink.Above and beyond the call of duty!All these people are invaluable assets to the Hospital and I hope one day they are paid according to their conduct and interactions w/their patients.I know that they are not paid what they are worth by no means.

Here is another Kim(nurse,AUA)who is engaged and will be getting married in Sept.of this year.Good luck Kim w/ all the details,and don't sweat it too much

Here is Sarah(nurse) edited and cropped,using a soft glow effect w/ a classic border that I used on at their easy share program.pretty neat ..eeeh!You can order photos online at a reasonable price starting at .15 cents each.they will mail them to you at a reasonable price also.this is one way that I also make money.I went to the Oklahoma School of Photography in I guess that makes me a photographer also!You didn't know i had so many talents ..eeeh!

I think it came out pretty nice ! I don't think she liked it ,but she is of the opinion that she does not photograph well.She is a very pretty woman and this photo proves it!

Here is the beautiful"Nurse Sarah"
(original pic)

Here I am getting Fat( it is just gas ...really ..smell!)LOL

Yesterday Dr. Anderson came in to check on my progress and he confirmed what I initially thought of him...a SADIST(lol)!(NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG ,I BELIEVE HIM TO BE A COMPETENT ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON,BUT IMPRESSING HIS MORALS AND VALUES ON ME AS A RESULT OF HIS ASSUMPTION THAT I'M A SUBSTANCE ABUSER BECAUSE OF MY APPEARANCE..LONG HAIR PROBABLY,IS NOT PROFESSIONAL OR BENEFICIAL TO ME THE the previous article in "PICS OF MY FOOT" )The day after surgery he came to see me ,and I had not had my scheduled meds yet and the wound was really hurting.He wanted to take the bandages off and take a look.Now remember he packed the wound w/ gauze( the size of a half dollar and deep from the top of my foot to the bottom(sole)and believe me ...there was a lot of gauze soaked w/ betadine and encrusted w/ puss and blood.It was not going to come out easy.I told him I was hurting and he said it wouldn't hurt much and he would pull it all out fast.(he's the doc..must know what he was talking about!?eeh).It son of a bitch hurt like hellllllll!!!!If that wasn't enough he had to test my pain threshold by sticking his fingers here and there asking"does that hurt?"Yeah,M****f**** that hurts.Then he had to repack the wound and he knew I was in Paaaain!!Did he administer the morphine on order before he proceeded ...NOOOOO!The pain was so severe that I immediately was bathed profusely in eyes rolled into the back of my head, I almost had a seizure,and was I semiconscious for nearly 2 1/2 hrs.afterwards and while continuing to sweat profusely during this time .Thank God there was a nurse present who saw what was happening to me and she took pity on me and did what a good caregiver does ..she gave me the morphine as soon as the DOC left!It was just a little to late ,but I believe that it actually stopped me from going further under and progressing the onset of the seizure.....(to be continued tomorrow)time for dinner!!

Well I 'm back and I continue my tirade(hehehee).

Now like I said earlier,he came to see me Sunday the 17Th and he thought that I was really progressing FAST! This I attribute to his expertise in the field of surgery.He was very competent in making sure that through the second surgery , he had got all the necrotic flesh.But...and this is a big but(BUTT asked me how my pain was and had me touch my wounds through the bandages and evaluate my pain. I told him that I was not feeling any pain at the time due to the wonderful drugs I had been prescribed.(not so much the opiates..they are short acting and they just get me "high"which I do not prefer to be all the time ..inebriation is good from time to time ,but I don't like my awareness being diminished perpetually)The ultram is a great pain reliever w/ minimal disorientation.It does the job! I told him I was into about an hour of the action of the drugs and that is why I believed the pain was tolerable.I know that around the third hour I will start hurting and by the fourth I am,in my opinion,in considerable pain.If the pain is unnecessary and I have resources ,why not use them.I'm not into any type of pain,whether it be emotional,physical or spiritual!Well,not of my own volition anyway... but shit does happen and I deal w/it as best as I know how!

So ,he tells me that I'm doing fine and he does not see any reason to continue with the pain medication that I was currently on and that he was going to immediately discontinue all of them and only provide Tylenol 3 which is an analgesic(pain reliever) with codeine and acetaminophen, which when I was admitted,I had informed intake that I was highly allergic to it. I know it was on record in my chart and on my patient ID wrist band.I was floored.I didn't know what to say and I gave him a blank stare.Now people ,this wound is still open and the ligaments ,tendons and muscle are still viewable.The skin has not grown over and the nerves are regenerating ,which when exposed to air ,cause considerable pain.Now I have a high tolerance to pain ..but this was surgery! I've been in the past stabbed all over my body 17 times in one sitting(including a partial pneumothorax( ) ,so I know a little about Pain and the the extent it can go to and what I can tolerate... and this wound is comparable at times to that pain.And when the drugs start wearing off it hurts (it's not psychosomatic)!.So I did not say anything to the Doc,as it would have been of no use ,as he had insinuated before several times that he was of the opinion that it was unnecessary to have these medications longer that 3-4 days after surgery.

It was about me and I took it personal.Of course I was a little(lol) bothered by this but I kept it inside and said nothing .Now during the course of my stay ,I had encountered 2 nurses who provided me care that exhibited the same attitude , and who had withheld my medication or shorted me (getting one 7.5 loritab rather then the prescribed two..for example.And I also waited 2 1/2 hours after my scheduled time to be given my meds despite repeated calls to the nurses station and assurances that the nurse knew about it and was on her way) the pills.Having worked on a pre/post op ward at William Beaumont Army Medical Center,El Paso,Texas(urology,opthamology,neurology...etc) and being familiar w/ substance abuse amongst Medical staff,I had a very strong opinion of why I was not receiving the prescribed scheduled medication, but I can't and won't try to prove it.I was/am only concerned with my condition and I am not to impress my values and morals on others unless it, at the time, effects me .Please don't dictate to me what you think my pain threshold is or should be .I am 41 years old and justified in the condition I'm in and the wound that I suffer.Big boys should be able to make informed decisions , take part and have a say in their pain management and healing process!

Nonetheless , I waited to talk to my primary care physician about these incidences and she agreed that that I was still in need of pain medication.I told her that I was more than willing to have the opiates D/C'd,but please leave me the ultram.To my relief,she said that she was not discontinuing any of the meds or making any changes in the orders.

But I might have offended her by being critical of the Doctor and the nurses,and to an extent ,the wound care team. That was not my intent and I was not trying to be a cry baby.I was concerned of a reoccurring infection and wanted to prevent it by taking an active part in my treatment.But, come to think about it ,if I encountered these situations ,others have probably also been subjected to these attitudes and actions and maybe they were not as vocal or aware of the extent of these actions these people take and the impact that they have on their treatment and recovery.Please do not be offended, just be aware that these things do happen and the right course must me taken to insure the safety and well being of the patient. I ,for one ,am not angry anymore,as I took the appropriate actions :And that is what is called "self empowerment".That is my goal in all life enable people to empower themselves, to provide a life for themselves, that is worth living and that is at a level that is humane.It is personally satisfying to do for oneself and to see others do the same.That is why I embedded my self at the City Rescue Mission,so that these people would entrust in me their confidence and allow me through my actions and willingness to live with and through their struggles, to enable their empower them to gain the level of life that is reasonable to them.If they do not know that there is a better quality of life available to them,then I try to show them.And that it is attainable.

Life's pain is one thing that we all have experienced and hold as a common denominator,but usually this pain is unnecessary and a result of apathy on the part of the observer and the observed(but don't forget about the truly evil person who professes his love for the dark and who's goal and ambition is to inflict pain and suffering..example:satanist and those born inherently evil).We all were granted the right to play a role in this great drama of life and we do have the choice to decide which role we want to play.Act yourselves into the role that you have always desired and dreamt about ..and you save your brother and sister in the process...this is the miracle of life;the ability to create or destroy.Free will is the gift from the DIVINE and not to exercise it is unacceptable ...and it goes against human nature(but some would deny you this act,"conform to me" is their motto).To deny our humanity ...that is the reason we are subjected to pain ,to cause us to willingly take our life ,of our own volition, through abuse and negligence of ourselves,either through a fast or slow suicide.The distortion of the beauty that is in front and within us is one of the results .And this pain blinds us to this beauty,causing us to retreat within ourselves and be alone in our discomfort in this realm and our life,causing us to turn our backs on each other.It does not have to be this way is unnatural.It goes against our nature.Now it 's up to you that you are aware.Peace!Go and LIVE!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are the Pics of my foot!!

all these pics are from my camera

Well, I finally was able to take some pics of my foot here at the hospital.Believe me when I say the foot looks 100% better than it did 2 weeks ago,but it still looks bad and it still hurts tremendously.Last night ,as a result of an incident that occurred involving the med staff (won't go into it here)I was really feeling no pain,as I was medicated to the max!I was given 4cc's of morphine,1 (10)loritab,2 ultrams,1 visitaril and 50 units of fenegrine all at once...boy did I sleep well!!The best rest I've had in the two weeks since I've been here! (loritab) (ultram)

Now ,these are some serious drugs and anybody who has known me for awhile
understands my stance on drugs used for the purpose of recreation ( I highly disapprove)., as my body and psyche are highly allergic to manmade substances(including adulterants in foods and other products)and I refrain from even using them for justified medical conditions,but this time in the hospital is an exception as I do not want to risk losing my foot.My doctor(Dr. N. Satzler)is a a competent professional and I trust her and her decisions that she made w/ the orthopedic surgeon,Dr. Gary Anderson.I owe them that much for saving my foot and they will be remembered for the extent of their actions in allowing me to be treated w/ all the resources available to them.Also,thanks to those that worked behind the scene ,directly and indirectly,to make my extended stay possible. Being bright natured in my spirit allows for them to be justly rewarded and to be blessed as a result of their kindness and care.You are blessed...pass it on!Well ,enough of this writing ,as I must be getting upstairs for my scheduled meds and for dinner(yum yum)!!Be aware and be blessed to except the beauty of your humanity ,to shine for all to see ..that it is YOUR right and responsibility to also shine, for others to see and for them to be enabled to bring out the beauty of creation that is within and without us.Don't let this pain of the world kill your conciousness (awareness)of what was freely given to you by the Divine.The experience of awareness(LIFE).LIVE!LIVE LIFE!LIVE LIFE LONG(STRONG)!!Peace!

Ted Leon III

Friday, June 15, 2007

Update @ baptist

Well,I'm still here folks..recovering from anemia and a MRSA.The photos that i promised of the foot never arrived via email,so I will have to take a pic myself...but the wound is healing and it does not look as serious as it did in the begining.I would have taken a pic earlier but i just received my camera today from my friend Tony who was holding all my electronic equipment at his house while I was in the hospital.I asked for it last week,but their car had brake problems and then he was let go from his job.He is really cool to take a cab up here and bring me the back pack.He will be justly rewarded!

Here is a link to the MRSA(Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) I have( )

The food here is great and I commend the food services for providing nutritous meals that are also appealing and tasteful!Pork chops,country fried steaks,chicken and dumplings,pumpkin pie,cheese cake....oooh ,I'm getting hungry again!And soups and sandwiches in between!Thank you Baptist and the the staff that makes this experience as wonderful as possible considering the circumstances

Medical Treatment
An antidote has been developed but is mainly effective within 24 hours after the bite. Since people typically only visit their doctor after the 24 hour window has expired, an antivenin has not been commercially available.A number of methods have been used by the medical community to fight the symptoms of a Brown Recluse spider bite.
Emergency room treatment often consists of local debridement (removal of dead tissue), elevation, and loose immobilization of the affected area. Cool compresses are also sometimes applied to help slow the activity of sphingomyelinase D, the protein thought to be responsible for tissue destruction. A urinalysis may be conducted to check for evidence of systemic bite symptoms such as hemolysis. Corticosteroids, Dapsone, Antibiotics, Skin Grafting, and cutting out the surrounding tissue are other treatments frequently used. Antibiotics are probably the most common method and are typically prescribed to prevent infection. Staph and Strep infections can occur due to the open wound. Amputation is also performed when necessary.
Do not apply camphor, phenol, or other household disinfectants to a Brown Recluse bite wound

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

having Fun At Baptist Hospital!(LOL)

Here is the library at Baptist w/ the computers

Look at my foot covered w/ plastic,as to minimize getting another infection!

This ,of course is an aerial view
(not taken by me )of the hospital

Hello people ,are you doing alright ?Well I'm at baptist hospital for a spider bite that became aggravated and surgery was done on it on Sat.I have a big hole on the top of my foot that extends to the sole of my foot over the big toe and the second one(i can see the bone is exposed and I can see the ligaments and muscle and tendons.The nurse took a pic w/her cell phone and she will email it to me later tonight so that you all can see it and throw up!HAHAHA(as of this writing I have still not received it yet,6/15 update) .Sorry if this letter is a little incoherent ,as the nurse just gave me a shot of morphine and i am not thinking to clearly!I am going in for more surgery later on today for a section of the foot on the right side near the little piggie,as the doctor said like necrosis has set in again.I am really lucky that Bill gave me those motrin and the neosporin or i think I might have lost my foot(preemptive strike!).thanks Bill!Anybody get a bite like this ,don't go to St Anthonys,for I heard that there policy is just to treat it w/ antibiotics and no debriement or irrigation.No wonder a lot of people lose there limbs when treated there.They have a mindset of contempt for those that are not able to to afford insurance or have other resources to pay the costs.Well, thats all for right now,I'm in room 674(private!)if your in the neighborhood....HAHAHA(lol)Love you all , Ted Leon
These are some of the profsssionals that are afffiliated w/ baptist(not taken by me)
This is another view of the library located on the concourse level in building "D",
provided free to patients and this a great hospital or what?!!