Saturday, February 2, 2008

Perverse poverty induced by Crack on 1st/month.

(this gif. is powder Coke.the zinc in the choreboy and baking powder make crack smoking epedemically adddictive)

It is the 1st of February and the sickness is in full swing with all the overwhelming evil that permeates this period of time . I am suffocated by this activity. I cry and vomit . Every crack dealer is out looking for their prey. And they don't have to look too far.
I was at Franks picking up my computer and he was expecting me. Still , it was taking him a minute to open the door. They(being the friends that smoke crack and who usually swear they don't) catch me off guard each month on the 1st! I think they are doing better refraining from smoking that shit. Well that is according to Franks own testimony. He swears up and down that he doesn't touch the shit( for the last 2 yrs). And the whole month that leads up to the first ,while he is broke, he does just fine! I don't see any black crack dealers and smokers sitting up in his senior citizen public housing apartment all day long. Not one person. He has food to eat,cigarettes to smoke and toilet paper.But he is broke. And the money he is able to come by is only used for necessities. Knowing this , I visit with him every other day and smoke a joint with him. It keeps him healthy and he is able to resist the temptations, easier.
Well, he finally opens the door and invites me in , he is a little apprehensive. It is around 7:00 pm. The way his apartment is layed out, I could not tell there was somebody already in the place, as it was also sort of dark.Coming around the corner of the hall I see some black scumbag(Frank is white) sitting on his bed trying ( not to hard) to hide something. I say hello to him and take a look at hs face. No doubt what this scum is doing here. There are "rocks" lying on the bed. Crack.Frank gives me a sheepish grin. But he is also embarrassed, red faced,trying to look apologetic!
Earlier in the day , around 1:00 pm., Frank had told me that he was feeling depressed as a result of a child support garnishment that took 300.00 dollars out of his 800.00 dollar check.Now he had only 500.00 dollars for rent and bills.Rent was $285.00.There looked to be more than 60.00 dollars worth of crack next to the scumbag on the bed.And that was just the appetizer.Frank would wind up spending far more than $60 by the end of the night. He would eventually be broke in a matter of days. The vicious cycle of drug induced poverty is repeated, over and over in many places across the city.
Take for example, Franks building , which is located at 13th and Classen.After about the 5th or 6th of the month, people have spent themselves into poverty and the " party " simmers down.
Not that their appetite for this evil poison has been satiated has this "party " diminished But it is over, because the crack dealers have sucked every last dime out of them. Including all possesions they were able to pawn off on the crack dealer.Stereos,microwaves,mp3's, cellphones,bikes...etc. Now during the rest of the month after the party, you will not see black males with blue head coverings(the kind associated with the "crips" gang and the only ones I'm aware of that cell crack) entering in and out of the building(only one entrance) in droves.Come the 1st of the month the building is taken over by these crackheads and dealers.The population of the building increases 50%.Literally! These people don't live there ! They just prey on every person that does. Their presence is so pervasive it looks like they do live there.
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This happens in almost every public housing facility across the city. In every cheap motel. In "every" neighborhood. To, believe it or not, most possibly somebody you know.Like William Fleming's son. Billy Jr.! Once a prominent car dealer here in the OKC. Now a family held hostage and terrorized by little Billy's disease and the people that go along with it.

The City Rescue Mission clears out on the 1st. That means that about 1/2 - 3/4 of the population goes and cashes their disabilty checks and head right for the crack house(smoke/crash place, as long as you have the money to continue buying and smoking) to spend the $800.00 to 1800.00 dollars on the party(literally). Others rent a room ,from the numerous motels that cater to this crowd ,and who ,as a result, profit excessively by turning a blind eye to this obvious activity.Then of course their are those that hop from friends house to friends house ,who share in the disease and will be more than happy to give them a place to "party " as long as the crack is shared.
All these people will be back at the mission in a matter of days, when the money is literally burnt and smoked up.The average stay away is 3- 8 days.
And when these people return, they are ragged , spent in many ways that have impoverished them.They have no recourse but to spend the rest of the month"living" at the mission,recovering, waiting for the 1st to come again, so that the disease is let out to run rampant again.And again.They are Poor in all aspects of their "LIVES"!I can count more than 30 people that I know who do this and have for 2- 3 years.They will never get out of the mission and have a" normal life".
Everyday, I pray specifically fot the healing and restoration that theses people need to combat this debilitating disease of poverty.May God reveal to you the true nature and consequences of this cancer.It is important that direct intententional prayer based on the truth of this epedemic be made on behalf of all that suffer ,directly or indirectly, from this manifestation of evil. It is not the benign, comical poor mans recreational drug that it is portrayed on "Mad TV" or the "SNL" skits.Many of these people are my brothers and sisters.Your brothers and sisters.Aunts and Uncles.People that I love. And that you do to.
Pray.Be aware.