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Yes ,let's reveal the truth.The Truth of violence.And Revenge.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Rachels Challenge"You Just May Start A Chain React...": they should have killed you! think of how happy all the people from your past would be. your sister, brother and father. you fucked up their lives! 17 stab wounds! not enough! you should receive 17 stab wounds for every time you hit your sister. do all these readers know about your real past? tell the truth! don't hide behind the name of GOD.

Dear Mr. Anonymous ,
You are really in need of some wisdom. read this . something to ponder.Did you take into consideration my dad's interest in having these things of ours put on the web before you made your very public Comment .I am going to print the story if he insists on continuing half truths , innuendos, and not accepting "all" of ours responsibility in this sorrow. I am more than willing to write the story but I don't think he's going to like it.All these things can be verified one way or another through examination. I know who I am.I know alot more of him than he wants to believe,he's good at self deception.Example;ignoring every cry for help that was visible to his naked eye. The fact that Christy was a living skeleton. She was extremely anorexic.When I time AND TIME again TRIED TO TELL HIM he 'd always brush it off as "she's at a perfect weight"."you're all just jealous of her!" She was less than 90 lbs.!!?Come on, nobody can look good with a bone protruding out and hanging from her shoulder socket.Why? In spite of these things ,I loved my sister and brother. I was forced by Lupe and by Christy's , unwillingness .Maybe you should ask Teodoro Leon Jr. if he wants me to continue. You think your comment is not traceable? Now ask him why he never took Christy to a doctor or hospital during this time.I will wait for a reasonable time for your response. At lioner2@yahoo.com

Yes.You're right. But of course you only get half truths.Why not reveal yourself and we can bring the truth of the matter to light together.So much suffering.For them still.And for you.Ask Christy. And then ask Carlos. then you ask Lupe.And then you ask Ted Leon Jr. how he drove ,through a severe beating of Lupe while she was pregnant, this woman crazy enough to torture all of us through extreme manipulations.Yes ,it seems you know just a half truth.Hence the reason this comment won't be deleted. I told that woman, Lupe ,a long time ago ,that she could say whatever she wanted , but that I would not be part of her sickness of violence and revenge.I repented many years ago,only by God's grace, hence the reason I was always leaving and living on the street(she always found me) as a teenager.I left my dad in Georgia for this reason,Because of the game that woman still played.She kept whispering for his death. I left everything then and have many times since, because I have never been deceived since and will no longer be manipulated by no one.So lets bring out the truth,Anonymous, and we shall see the true mercy God has provided for us all. Looks I have much more to write about.Thank you for your candidness.
I fucked up their lives?That sure gives me a lot of power, to this day.You are wrong, that was one aspect of their lives. But I guess you know the truth because you were there? Let us ask .But of course you might not like what is revealed of the "Sanctity" of Ted Leon Jr.Where was I conceived? ask my mother and T. Leon Jr.And why?Let's reveal the truth,shall we.Too Late.Of course feel free to respond. I will tell the truth.Been wanting to for awhile. The lies and manipulations of the truth and half-truths has gone on long enough.
Who's hiding behind the name of God? What kind of ignorant statement is that? I've told the truth from the beginning. I told my wife Ellen. I told the therapist at O.U.. I told many people.Never have I hidden it ,for the simple fact that I wanted people to know what God has done for me.For the simple fact that I wanted people to know the extent of violence and revenge. Because I wanted people to know a true act of Forgiveness. How even the most blessed are manipulated due to the guilt ,shame and arrogance of others' own convictions. How what severity people such as yourself impose by calling for blood and not following Christs commandment of Forgiveness. No ,don't forgive me. It's a grace of and from God. You can not forgive unless you forgive informedly. Yes , there is much to forgive. Your hate has already caused you to act with out wisdom...but maybe this is the only way. It started with a phone call to Ted Leon Jr. by someone that I intentionally gave his location to at dinner.And I knew what would happen.Did T.Leon think he could just slander me with no consequences for his half truths. The sins of the father. Ask Christy to tell the truth and what part she played,willingly.She was no innocent victim. Ask Carlos, tell him to tell you how I would hit that belt on the ground as hard as I could and instruct him to yell as loud as he could as if I had hit him( because Lupe wanted to hear these noises).He did it. He did not get hit,anymore.And we laughed.
Sins of the step mother. Ask Christy how I would instruct her time and time again to do the same. She would not scream.She would stare at me with defiance. She would go immediately into the house and tell Lupe the game I had attempted. I would be trumped with an assault charge by Lupe and go to jail. I would be kicked out of the house by some lie of hers that she told Ted Leon Jr., and he would willingly consent to it. All because I didn't want to hit Christy and Christy would not go along because of her perverse attraction to Lupe.Lupe force fed her and Carlos excessive amounts of food that she piled high on their plates. Ted Leon didn't notice?Lupe induced the anorexia on her.She was wickedly smart.Should I go on?Because this is not how it begun. I shall go back and fill in the blanks for you perverts that get a kick out of suffering . I shall tell of the sins of the father he would pass on to a young 14 year old kid that was manipulated by a woman he turned evil due to his violence. He is the one crying out for help now.
"Is it because,Ted Leon Jr., the next time you tried to wash the wall with her blood I got between you and her at the age of 13 and I told you that I would not allow you to do this to her or yourself ever again. And you being a grown man submitted to my statement with reluctance. You already knew then, that I spoke with power and authority, even then,hence the reason you made no attempt then or ever again to shed her blood."But you did make the statement to her,'See what you've done! You turned my son against me!' No I am not against you, never have been. If it hadn't been for me ,we would have all suffered an extremely painful death. To bad your hate for me and this woman's hate for us divided us...I tried to tell you. You always punished me. You were baffled.She told you so many lies and you believed them all.She manipulated you then and still does to this day. "

A history of violence.
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Rachels Challenge"You Just May Start A Chain Reaction"

Rachel's Challenge is committed to the message of Rachel Scott to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Rachel's Challenge is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization.

"I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same." - Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her acts of kindness and compassion coupled with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America - Rachel's Challenge.

Darrel Scott(Rachel's father) wrote a poem that perfectly describes the problems we face and provides the answer for those courageous enough to believe:

"Your laws ignore our deepest
Your words are empty air
You've stripped our heritage,
You've outlawed simple prayer
Now gunshots fill our
And precious children die.
You seek for answers
And ask the question, 'Why?'
You regulate restrictive laws,
Through legislative creed,
And you fail to
That God is what we need!"

creators.com opinion by Chuck Norris/Terminating teenage violent crime,2008-04-15 click here to read

Friday, April 25, 2008

How I came to receive 17 stab wounds.Forgiveness.

This is going to be a lengthy story, as it spans the course of a year ,I believe ,if my memory serves me correctly.But it doesn't end with the incidents of this year. It can be verified through records held in the Cleveland County Courthouse(motions,court minutes..etc.), records(I never received my copies and what they did send was heavily blacked out. Of course , I did get a letter from Janet Reno ) kept at the FBI that I instigated under the Omnibus Crime Law, the Roman Catholic Church( as a result of the assistance I received ) and who knows who else, as these things were not done in secret. It can not be written in one day, so this will be an evolving document, so in time , material will be added to continue the story.
My wife and kids and I arrived in Oklahoma due to the availability of my wife's family and the fact that Tinker Air force Base was minutes from where her aunt and uncle lived.This was necessary and convenient for the birth of our daughter , Elena Roxanne at Tinker. The military had Bekins Moving and Storage transfer our personal and household goods and place them in storage in Houston, where we thought we were going to move and live .
As a result of difficulties and stresses we encountered in Houston , we both agreed that, until the birth of Elena it would be wise for her to be around family, so we went to OKC.
Let me get to the meat of the title and then weave in and out ...

After the events of the day I was ready for some peace. But it was not to occur. While looking out the window of my apartment I noticed that Carl Todd Russell and David Brown were walking next to my building.My motorcycle was parked at the end of my stairs leading to my upstairs apartment. I understood,due to the inability or unwillingness of the police to protect me from the days earlier assault on my person by Carl Todd Russell( he ,with no instigation on my part, punched me in the forehead,HARD) and the repertoire he had with the police( shaking hands,slapping each other on the back...chummy ,chummy), that they were sent to instigate me. I was aware that they would attempt to cause damage to my "bike" to further instigate me, so that is the reason I had moved the bike from the parking lot to the foot of the stairs. But ,as he had assaulted me out of the blue ,I had put a stick(one of those white ,round wooden things found in newer Apartments closets to hang clothes on) in the net of my bike to fend off another attack. When I went downstairs to check on the bike,David Brown came out from underneath the stairwell and I thought we were fixing to fight. He had a smile on his face and stated that he and Carl Todd were sorry for the incident earlier in the day and to make up for it they wanted to smoke a joint with me as a peace offering. I told him that I was just baffled as to why Carl Todd had hit me in the first place but I was more than willingly to brush it under the rug, considering we were neighbors in the same apartment complex. I let him know I was going to just let my wife know were I was going. I went upstairs and told her were I would be. I noticed on the way down the stick on my bike was no longer there,so I asked David what happened to it. He said they threw it away,just to make sure there were no more problems. Good answer.As we approached the corner of his building to to turn right , he started going left . I asked him were he was going as I got to the corner and I saw the stick that had been on my bike arc and intersect with my nose full force by a swing of Carl Todd's hands. If my face had been a baseball ,it would have been a home run. I was infuriated,realizing I had been duped again. I asked him,as he threw this stick to David,"Why the Hell did you do that?" He responded something to the effect that they were going to fuck me up ." Not so tough without your sword are you?" I said, "what?" as David proceeded to pound me on top of my head with the stick. Well ,amazingly with the trauma already inflicted, I did not pass out, but instead grabbed that stick out of David 's hand and started to give him a dose of his own violence.Well, then this is when things got a little uglier.As I met the stick with David's head,Carl Todd stabbed me in the right bicep.I dropped the stick out of pained surprise. Now I knew for sure they meant to "Fuck me up!" David picked up the stick again and started to hit me. I had had enough of this and grabbed the stick out of his hands and raised it above my head with both hands and it exploded into a million splinters. Really! Like as if by magick. It surprised even me! Now David was hitting me with his fists, so I gave him a front kick right into his stomach and he exhaled "OOMPH!"I knew it really hurt him. But as my foot had connected with his stomach Carl Todd grabbed the opportunity to plunge that knife into my right thigh and pull down. He left an approximate 2-3 inch jagged gash .Son of a bitch ,now that one really hurt and it dawned on me they were not just trying to fuck me up, they were trying to kill me!! I immediately started bleeding profusely and I knew I had only minutes if not seconds to get away before I was not able to as a result of the profuse bleeding. I was pinned between them with a fence on one side and their building on one. Carl Todd continued to stab me as I rolled to the ground attempting to get away from the reach of the knife. I started losing consciousness,but I kept rolling. Now I came to the point that I was not rolling anywhere, I was just lying there. So now , they took their time with no fear . In fact I could see the pleasure they were having. At least they were happy at their work(LOL). I was on my back,when Carl told David to turn me over on my stomach, which he did.Carl then proceeded to stab me up and down my spine.Carl then told David to turn me over again and lift up my arm.He did. Carl then stabbed me in in my right(side) lung, causing a partial pneumothorax.My lung deflated. Now Carl instructed David to tilt my head back and open my mouth.Now I could tell by the look on Davids face that he was baffled. Carl actually got mad at him and threatened him and told him to do just what he told him. He tilted my head back and held my mouth open as Carl proceeded to remove from his back pocket a pint of Jack Daniels, open it, and pour it down my throat.My first thought was to give thanks to GOD for at least letting me have a good drink before I died. I know I then died.
My doberman pinscher(Liebchen) had at this time been trying to breakout of the 2nd floor apartment(this is according to Ellen) by jumping through the living room(she sensed and probably could see what was happening to me from her vantage point,as to where I wound up after rolling.) window.This had freaked Ellen out as she had no idea what was going on outside.We had just earlier got Liebchen from an Airforce member who informed us that she was an Airforce trained security dog ,but that her commands were in German.Ellen put the leash on her and the dobie literally almost yanked her arm out of Ellen's socket as she dragged her over to me. She saw me lying on the ground and covered in blood but had not realized I had been stabbed and beaten so severely. I came to then and saw an angel with anguish on her face and I heard Liebchen whimpering. I heard Ellen yell," I see you motherfuckers hiding under the stairs and don't think I don't know who you are!"With Liebchen's help, she dragged me back to our building and left me at the bottom of the stairs, cause I couldn't go any further!She went to call the police, but the sirens were already in the air.The ambulance was there before she even called the police,within 2-3 minutes according to the time she dragged me to the stairs and she walked up them. She had just got off the phone with 911 when she came down the stairs and saw the paramedics cutting all my clothes off me. She then(being a 91-c ,e-5 in the army)realized the extent of my injuries.And she was pissed that they were letting me be exposed in full nudity( a crowd was gathering ,drawn by the sirens) .
She then witnessed the police arrive and the assailants come out of the shadows and calmly walk over to the police and shake hands and hand over the knife. She said they were even laughing and slapping each other on the back.They obviously knew each other. I believe I died again. Next thing I know is the paramedics putting me in a pressure suit.I remember them trying to comfort me,telling me I was going to be okay. I think they were trying more to comfort themselves,it was horrific. And they could tell by the amount of wounds that this was not ordinary.
They stuck me in the ambulance and I heard them say ,"we're losing him!"And then , "We lost him!!" And immediately I was in the most peace I had ever felt and knew I was going home.Yes, I saw the bright light.And was going toward it, but a voice immediately said to me,"You can come home,but before you make that decision ,be aware that they will kill the children." It was no effort to decide and I found myself back in my body in the ER, coming to, hearing somebody yelling at me ,"What did you do with the stick that you attacked those men with!?" I became coherent enough to realize it was some woman cop yelling at me.

1987 William Beaumont Army Medical Center is located in El Paso , Texas, the place of my birth. I was training there through the Job partnership training act on the Pre-op/post-op ward.Sgt. Nangle was my immediate supervisor. I was attending A.A. And N.A. .Though I was not really an abuser of drugs.Yes I did smoke Pot.But not during my "sobriety. It was on a condition that my grandmother stipulated if I was to stay with her(going to treatment , not giving up pot, didn't need it at the time).No, I am not in denial. I stayed sober and clean for a total of 2 years. I did the steps. The steps showed me how to empower myself. I still believe in them for those needing to know how do what they want and live.

A.A. is where I met Ellen. She started coming to the 12:00 meeting at the arid club in her white military nurses uniform and my first immediate impression was that she was extremely sick ,in every aspect, she was extremely anorexic.Gaunt.Eyes shrunken in the sockets.Very bright bleached blond hair that was damaged due to her condition.Extremely unattractive. But she was really animated.Sgt Ray Goin (my sponsor) introduced us."Ted, I 'd like you to meet Sgt.Ellen Spicer!" After listening to me speak in a couple of meetings and ascertaining that I was not a psycho she asked me out to coffee at the Village Inn, but she was quick to point out she only had a couple of dollars(LOL).We went in her car.She was not used to it. I tried to be a friend and I was.

I was allowed to do many things on the floor at WBMAC ( Ellen also worked here on the OB/GYN/Post Partum Ward)than other CNA's were allowed . I was basically training in the capacity of a 91b. The other civilian CNA's training there( and I think I saw only 2) only filled the water jugs,emptied urinals, changed linen ... etc. I suctioned tracheotomies, cleansed halo's,inserted and D/C'd catheters, under supervision of a nurse dispensed meds,enemas(B/O), including vitals and other things(assisted in a lumbar puncture and would perform depactions, De brie wounds, repack wounds).
I ran everyday and even participated with some of the enlisted and officers in a couple of marathons by their invitation.
Ellen became a friend and I started showing her Juarez and the surrounding areas.White Sands, Ruiodoso,Las Cruces ,Carlsbad Caverns.And she enjoyed it and my company.I did not push myself on her and that attracted her. I was a gentleman. Still Am.
Ellen had flunked her Pt test again and was desperate. I started by conditioning her appetite to increase her strength. She was more at peace than when I had first met her. Rock climbing at Hueco Tanks increased her stamina. Her muscles were turning athletic. I would get her Mc Donald's on the way to work . I made sure she ate. I introduced her to the foods of El Paso and Juarez. Chico's Tacos. Abuelitas Tamales. Ciro's Flautas.Villa de Mar.She started filling out. She loved the food and the company.I was her friend. Then when she actually did PT with the Army I was there with her,side by side ,running...encouraging her. No not yelling.Being a friend.
I had promised God that if she did not kill herself, in Oklahoma during a trip up there, that I would take care of her until she was able to take care of herself and live.She had recently bought a gun and had taken it up to Oklahoma with her on the trip( I was not aware of this at the time). I was at my Grandmothers house when she called after 10 p.m. and riled my Grandmother.She wanted to know what I was doing and I told her it was late and my Grandmother was irritated that she had called so late. She apologized and said that she would never do it again and I told her it was okay ...just watch the time.We said goodbye and hung up. I went back to bed and then got the horriblest feeling.Thoughts.The gun."Ill never do it again." The extreme sadness. Death. I knew what she was going to do , so I asked God immediately with tears in my eyes, if that he would allow her to live, I would take care of her and make her well.When she came back from Oklahoma a few days later, she was so happy to see me.I was happy to see her! She confessed to me on her own that she was going to have killed herself while in Oklahoma. I asked her how? She said she was fixing to pull the trigger with the gun in her mouth but that at the last second she had not the desire to die. I asked her when this act occurred. She said a little while after she had gotten off the phone with me.She explained, that was the reason she had called, to say goodbye one last time. I told her I was glad she called and was aware that she was in mortal danger. And how I knew. And what I promised and to Who.She was so beautiful now.She glowed
That is why I was with her, running PT on base with her.
I eventually moved in with her at her request to help her with the rent and she said it would get me out of my grandmothers house. I agreed. My dad had been calling everyone in the family to pressure my grandmother to throw me out.I thanked her and accepted her offer.
Now the military took notice of these abilities and the actions. They saw Ellen's transformation within a matter of months.They saw to what extent I was willingly to go for a human being . And what change I effected.Nothing is done in secret. Especially on a military base.
Sgt. Nangle wanted to have a word in the report room with me.That's where he told me that he and Sgt. O'reilly(Reilly?), his immediate , and a few others had noticed my abilities and what I did on base and were very impressed. He asked me if I knew what CID was? Not really ,I told him. He explained that It stood for Criminal Investigation Division of the Army. I was sort of baffled.So he said flatly "we can always use someone with your proven abilities in CID." He was trying to recruit me into CID based on what they had observed at the A.A. meetings(many military attended including SSgt. Ray Goins,counselor at the ADAPC[Army alcohol drug abuse prevention and control programmpdadapc ], my interaction with Ellen(Sgt.), My interaction with the people of the hospital,my interaction in general and my ability to effect a change for the better. I told him I was not really interested. He said for me to think about it. I told him I really didn't feel like going to Basic training .I would not have to go to basic training, as I Had already proved myself, he told me. He again told me to think about it. He emphasized that they wanted me just as I was.Desperately.

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Yes, now I'm homeless!

Sister Susan called to catholic charities for me and spoke to Tim Connor the director,and had me go there to see a woman named Susan...she came to the lobby and started talking to me about my case there in the lobby ,which was a good indication she was not taking me to her office ,which was a good indication the outcome was going to be in the negative,for me. Bulls eye. At least I'm not as naive or willing to give the benefit of the doubt as I used to be , I saw it for what it was."Well the reason we can't assist you is because it's a motel and you don't have a lease agreement". I told her I was under the impression from Sister Susan that the lease would not be an issue,as they were well aware of the status of the place as incorporated as a motel, but that it was actually an apartment. I already knew that was the reason ,I told her. So, I told her that I came all this way for nothing, again, and now you have also lied to Sister Susan, by allowing her to believe that they were going to assist me.Why then, would Sister Susan had sent me there, again to be told the same thing? I told her that they were all willingly complicit in their lies, time and time , again. I told her those times that I sat in that lobby waiting for hours allowed to me to see to what extent they would lie."No we don't assist in rent," Sandra Carrillo would tell walk-ins that I supposed she had no intention of helping. So , then I asked her if it was a federal guideline they were following, because then it would be apparent why they were so willing to lie, because they no longer were"Catholic Charities" but a corrupt federal agency.She said that these were "their" guidelines. I told her that made it even more corrupt, it being Catholic Charities. I asked her if I then called my manager and if she would fax a lease agreement, would that do?I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn't going to approve the monies one way or another, but what could she say in the lobby with witnesses? Of course she said yes. I called Linda and asked her if she had an actual lease she could fax and of course Linda said no ,for legal and money reasons(they'd have to take me to court if I failed to pay rent and that it would cost them "money"). Well , that was the end of that. I told Susan it was obvious that they were all complicit in the gossiping and lies( I told her I was aware that it was Kathy Vance at ST. Vincent DE Paul who started the problems and that they were complicit according to their actions and behaviours) . I told her that it was God who had put them in these positions of power at Catholic Charities and as they were unwilling to do Gods work they would first be removed from their positions and "lo and behold " they would all find themselves homeless.I told her an injustice is paid with an injustice.And when it happened ,remember why.The disease runs deep.
I then told her that if they had just been willing to do Gods will they would have been aware of the manipulation and deceivements, but now that they went along willingly ignorant they were just as much as fault. I then passed out my card and explained to her that I had reluctantly wrote up an article on my site listed on the card detailing the eventsClick here to read , along with the names of those willingly involved in my suffering. I told her about the stigmata imposed on me by a man( Dr. Gary Anderson,there are 3 @Baptist Integris, so exclude the other Garys) and how I have walked from downtown with extreme pain in my foot to be lied to again and again.She said she could give me a bus token.I told her I would rather suffer their lies and the pain to give more merit to the act of forgiveness. During this time , people are in the lobby area listening( employees).Nobody challenged me .Nobody said what I was saying was untrue.They all knew it was the truth.I said other profound things,but it would take all day to write it...you get the gest of it.So ,yes ,as of 5 pm I am homeless due to the avarice ,malfeasance and lies of men(mainly women, the men were to much of cowards and worked behind the scenes).A corrupt and faithless generation.I can't tell any difference from the Gospel people and these people.It's like it's happening all over again.What a nightmare!! I'm too sick to be walking here and there to eat( I've got $5) so I've inclined myself to walk out of town and find a little wooded area and just sit.I'm tired. I was given false hope.I fell for it ,again.I'm sick and tired.Don't want to sit in some alley...just want some peace.Hence the reason of the wooded area.Peace.To top it off,even if I wanted to go to a shelter my card expired and I can not subject myself to anymore adulterants,the TB shot.It's an active virus.They give it for a reason other than protecting the public.Same thing with the card.To keep track and control.A corrupt and evil generation.No more my Father.Please empower me with my rightful inheritance .And send me the money that was stolen from me by family(50,000 my grand father had left me,but my dad having the same name... I've never seen it.)A nd certain people.So much has been stolen from me!But no food and water in a wooded area after walking all day to get there...I'll be so tired(exhausted), pray that I'm not alone for too long before the angels come for me...After 5pm I'll go finsh up my blog at the downtown library until 9pm,closing time.then I'll start walking. Starvation,thirst and the worst for a human; loneliness.
Yes , I don't know where I'll sleep...sure I have "friends" with roofs over their heads but like I said they are all crack heads(Hence my mission and the blog homelessokc.blogspot.com).One lives with his mother @" the courts"( crackville) at the age of 45 for the last 3 years. I won't impose on them.He's enough of a burden on her anyway.Robert,the man who stole from me, has a house with some older woman he's shacking up with and leeching off . And their home is excessively infested with roaches(so bad that the time I slept on their sofa there were literally 6 on me at a time while I slept, then even though they stole that huge amount ,when they couldn't make a profit off me ,they had no problem kicking me to the curb( they thought I was going to have a law suit against the jail for the non- medical treatment and be rolling in dough soon and when they realized that is not the way I work,out...but they never did recompense me for the theft) 3 weeks later.I usually left their house at 6:30 am( to make to mass at Our Lady's @ 7:30) and wouldn't return til 9:30 pm, as not to impose on their dysfunctional life.I'm an empath, and could barely stand being around them.I literally just slept there.My "friend " Jay has no woman, but does have his own place and I did stay a couple of nights on his sofa when I got really sick and couldn't literally move, but I got to see in that short time that he was a crack head also( he had kept it hidden from me) and that he had "people" there til 6:00 am smoking in his room.That shit wafes through the air and the negativity(evil) combined with that crack smoke in the air made me deathly ill .I would have left , but I was too sick.My friend Frank has a little efficiency at the Classen senior citizen Tower..but he is also a crack head and a drunk with the same scum leeching off him(He is a really nice guy).But I can't "hang" with these people, it makes me too sick,literally.
Even if I could go to the mission ,it's the same story...they smoke crack in the bathrooms with impunity.There is even an OKC police officer stationed there that does nothing. I just want peace.The trees don't smoke crack ,yet. But to get to a secluded spot means walking miles out of town from where I am at.Past I -240 to make sure I'm not on private property trespassing. So tired...couldn't realistically do it even if I was healthy as a goat. And then walk all the way back to 10th and robinson to get a free breakfast at 6:30 am.Listen people, I'm fucking sick(bronchitis,the foot surgeries,testicular masses and the bleeding I experience due to my diverticulitis[anemic at that], not to mention the 17 stab wound scars "all"[ yes ,these persons who did this intended me to suffer and they took great pleasure ]over my body including up and down my spine and in my lung.The people I know that don't smoke crack or have an extreme dysfunction in their lives are morally apathetic.They state that I could go do all the things listed above ignorantly. they just don't care.they have no understanding. So they lie and allow me to suffer. I really do feel like Job. I really, honestly, can't recall sinning against my Father.Yes I do smoke Marijuana, but it's a gift from GOD.It's a natural plant!Unadulterated.It s the only medicine that provides peace and relief. How can you smart people believe the lies about it killing brain cells.Would I be able to write as eloquently as I do if there was even an ounce of truth to this propaganda.I do not do man made "DRUGS". I am a naturalist.No aspirin.unless I'm in the hospital with a couple of holes in my footadulterants-and-my-body( click here) Those are the enslavers.The problem with pot and our youth?You assholes have never shown them to give thanks to GOD for it, less tell them the truth because you are deceived yourselves. You don't even give thanks to GOD for the wine and beers ,and spirits you consume.Hence , the reasons for mass consumption and obliteration.Learn to give thanks to GOD for all good things that he gave you and teach your children such. You people are mindless sheep !Wake up. Remember! Be aware and don't fall victim to the dictates of men.Moses only came down with 10 commandments. And why do you think those other" laws were added and by who. Remember Moses Father in law? And how it was not God who partitioned the duties but by a suggestion of his father-in law and maybe you can guess why and to who those duties they fell.Power,control,greed.Can't you see the perfection of the ten commandments? Are you going to say that God said later," Woops ,forgot a few things!" The five books (the Torah) contain both the complete system of biblical law, called commandments (Hebrew: mitzvah, pl mitzvot) of which 613 have been enumerated. Now I got this figure from wikipedia,so I'm not sure how accurate it is ,but as I recall from memory it is pretty close to , if not a liberal ,figure.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torah

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God is with us!!! Pray to Him!! Now!

I've got an appt. with Sister Susan @ 9:30 tomorrow morning.I should be still able to make it on time to see you.
Bible study was canceled, again.But I still went upstairs to the meeting room.The door was locked to the room. Sister Susan should have been gone by then (all making the miracles profounder) , in fact the doors to the building should have been locked. She met me at the elevator on my way down. She told me that Bible study had been canceled and was surprised no one had called me to tell me.I told her I didn't have a phone. I then started to remove the bible study books and hand them to her,explaining that I would not have room in my backpack.She looked at me like "what?" I explained , that as of tomorrow , I would be homeless and would not have room for them in the back pack.But that I thought she should know why and how I was going to be homeless, in case she was not aware . I first told her about the promised money from catholic charities.The phone calls to my manager.The promises.The requirement of faxing something stating I lived there.The 3 weeks of waiting.How my manager thought that some catholics were liars. And then how we went there on Friday and how I just happened to intersect Sandra Carrillo, the social services assistant,in the lobby.How other times I've waited 1 1/2 hrs in the lobby being held at bay by the receptionist.And then having to leave.I told her about Sandra Carrillo and how she had immediately became defensive and how she said first ,that they didn't do rental assistance and when I asked her why she had called my manager,how she then said how they don't pay rent on motels and when I reminded her that the place was incorporated as a motel from its' inception and that it was actually an apartment and that they had been aware of it , how she then said she was not sending any money,her decision . I told her that I believe she was under duress and that I had told her this.That I had told her I was just happy that she had finally just told me the truth. 3 weeks later.This was all news to her and I could see the genuine concern in her eyes. She asked me if I had spoken to Tim Connor,the director.I told her that I could not get past the receptionist!
She then anxiously asked me how was she going to get a hold of me if I'm homeless.I at first thought she meant for bible study.I told her I wasn't going to be coming back.Then I could tell in her eyes that she wanted me to come back.But what she really meant was that she was going to call Tim Connor herself and make me an appointment. I told her that if she thought it would do any good I could come back and see what happened. I told her someone was trying to run me away for some reason and that I believe that Sandra Carrillo was under duress and orders despite Sandra stating that it was her decision.Well,they have a funeral at the church tomorrow at 10am.I told her that my manager was very lenient in giving me time ,until 5pm,but that she leaves at 1:00 pm,though her asst. lived on the premises and would be able to call her from her phone if an answer could be found that could keep me there. Thank you for your prayer.It gives me hope.Unexpected,again.thank you Father. Hope!
And then get this.No coincidences.Keep in mind, she should have been gone, long ago.A lady came up to the door.Sister did not recognize her.My first impression was that she was a homeless woman in need of something.Sister unlocked the door and asked her if she could help her...and then she started beaming and immediately embraced this woman with such love that I have not seen except for what I would imagine the father with the prodigal son...overwhelming joy! It felt so good.And then she told her that," I was just thinking and praying about you!" No really.At first the lady didn't grasp it.I told her it was no coincidence,Sister should have been gone long ago, but that I had delayed her.Then she grasped.She told us that she wasn't supposed to be there either except for the fact that she was downtown at the arts festival and it got rained out and her friend was giving her a tour of downtown and she just happened to turn and see Sister Susan in the doorway talking to me .This woman was a cherished relative of one of the Sisters at her convent at Villa Theresa. She hadn't seen her in a long time and really did think about her and pray she would see her.Immediate answer to prayer.And she was happy to introduce me and I blessed her and took her hand then and when she left and said,"Peace be with you." It was overwhelming joy for each of us ,this encounter.Blessed be God forever. This I write to you to impress the immediate answer to prayers.So, pray that the Holy Spirit is with me and those we encounter tomorrow so that Gods peace and will be done expeditiously, God is with us and wants us to know it and do his work. I think it was your prayers and my willingness to bring it out inthe open(reluctantly) that effected this. This letter is also directed to you ,Bill. Friends, that love me enough ,to pray for me.What a blessing!Amen.

Oh, Bruce !The man behind the scenes,with an agenda?

This is only for you,Bruce.Hence the reason I only use your first name.No title.No last name. I know you read this blog. I was finally, after years of trying to reach you,able to look directly into your eyes( I'm practically blind) , through a closed door.How appropriate. Do you remember me, over the course of years coming to church?Attempting to reach you .Never had the time for me, did you?Not even the last time I tried to to make a personal appointment with you.You were standing directly across the counter with your back to me.How appropriate.You were so busy(?). So busy,you couldn't even turn around and tell me yourself that you were busy? 4 feet away!The P.A had to speak for you , realizing how busy you were , so busy. She seemed a little embarrassed, but not really.They all allow you this freedom. For a reason.Respect? Concern?
I was not aware of you? You heard me speak. I heard you when you spoke at the "podium".The homeless....the time at BJ's...the face of ...but no....a light?
Oh, how much I wanted to sit at table with you and eat. How much I wanted to cook you something delicious and healthy. I cry now as I write these words.Why?
If I didn't care for you, would I care or trouble myself with the insults and rejections that you are well aware of ,through those that follow you and your own words and actions.Time and time ,again.Why?How long?Until I die?
You will get your desire and those that desire what you desire ,will also. But at a price.Not my price. I wanted health and over abundant joy for you.Prosperity. For your community.Ours.
The insurance premium can't even be met.I look at the report weekly...barely even inching towards the debt being in the black.Why? Maybe one of your rich constituents will bail the church out of this dysfunction?The ones you do have time for. Or did I not notice?
You faithless,corrupt,evil generation? You rob from yourselves.Willingly.Why?

The price? The loss of a gift.from God.Like a Lion! Teodoro Leon III = Gods gift like a Lion III.
Nothing was done in secret. The church has known from the beginning, as it is a scholarly establishment with meticulous note taking and history, my nature. Is it not possible that some of the things others(including my own family) have said of me are slanders, said to cover up their own perceived "SINS"? If somebody had just asked me, they could have discerned the Truth for themselves about me. They would have made an informed decision." ...for what I have done and what I have failed to do..."
I'm gone soon.May peace be with you...but I don't see how. Injustice is repaid with injustice. Ask those down in Cleveland County.
Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord
14Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.
15Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.
16Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits.
17Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
18If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
19Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written," Vengeance is mine; I will repay "saith the Lord.
20Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:14-21 KJV
Maybe ,I'll find myself in Palestine somehow or another getting beheaded by some Muslims. If it would provide peace... I submit.
...but if we don't confront our evils here ,these men who would confront me and hate me here will progress in their disease to the point of the evil we see prevailing in Islam.Edmund Burke said," all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do and say nothing, as the Muslim general population does.You through your gift of prayer, send me where I need to go... the Middle east.They will attempt to kill me ...but, so be it.How horrific. I pray that it doesn't come to that.I saw the video of the beheading of Berg and the controversy surrounding it that it was staged.No matter , one way or the other, his body was found and he was dead(without a head attached)!It is a horrific act to behead a dead or live human body with a "KNIFE". They killed him!He did not die of "natural " causes. Why are men willingly complicit to belittle violence, in what ever form it comes. Does it justify them and they have peace within themselves? I don't see it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another form of ignorant exclusivity.

Well, let me ask your opinion on this question.Did Jesus have a brother named Thomas?According to the canonized gospels,he did.Or was it ,again a mistranslation?Cousin?What does the Greek translate to.I need a site that gives the Greek/English,side by side.The reason is that I have from a catholic reference to Thomas[ Thomas was referred to as Didymus(the twin) only in John(11:16,20:24,21:2) ]the twin(dydimus), stating he was his brother.Now this is a calendar with the imprimatur,official stamp of the Vatican,and this years edition to boot.Now I have a reference going a bit further stating that he was called a twin because he was literally his twin.Now him being Jesus's twin is hard to fathom(considering I've never heard of Marys double birthing)...but if he was his brother it is possible that he had a strong resemblance to Jesus,hence being called his twin and brother.Now , I just got into it with some street "preacher" standing on the other side of the street of the library, who first stated that only the elect will enter the kingdom of heaven(which is ,according to Jesus,within us) and out of his ignorance stated with malice that he" loved" me, despite my person not getting into the "kingdom" as a result of my questions and challenges to him.He can't "love" me , he does not know me to love me.Sugar coated sarcasm.He stated that Mary had no other children, hence his statement that Jesus was the only "Son of God"(that wasn't the question).That is why he got mad.When I asked "was it not possible that Mary had other children other than Jesus after His birth?"(The Lord's brothers were James, Joses, Simon, and Judas. James the Apostle was killed by Herod early on(Acts12:2), and James the Lords brother became a believer and wrote the epistle.), he got mad.I asked him to show me were in his bible it stated or implied that Mary was celibate( contraceptives not allowed in Judaic society) or never had children after Jesus.He got even madder!
Lets look at the the humanity of Mary and Joseph realistically.Sure, Joseph was possibly so traumatized by the appearance of the angel , the immaculate conception and the virgin birth that he never attempted to consummate his marriage to Mary and produce other children.Unlikely. It was Gods command to procreate.
Mary ,herself might have been unwillingly to consummate her marriage to Joseph after the birth of Jesus,claiming Holiness,"keep your filthy paws off my draws Syndrome".Unlikely.
They were both devout Jews. A devout Jewish couple would have done Gods will through the sacrament of marriage and that meant consummating the marriage if not out of love then duty."Go forth and multiply." What would the neighbors had said if Mary had not produced others besides Jesus?.That she was not holy?That she would have been barren( considered in Judaic society as a curse from God) would of have been abnormal.
This street preacher named James the Apostle(that is how he introduced himself) claimed the bible in his hands was perfect. I to an extant agreed.But , I told him a book did not limit God or Jesus in their history.Just because it's not in the bible , an issue is false?Dinosaurs? The other side of the world?Countless items.
Just because it doesn't say in the bible that Jesus ever took a wiz or pooped,we should understand that he never did?That's just an example. Just because it doesn't say in the bible that in his life ,Jesus was ever married, does that mean in his humanity that he did not see the beauty in certain women or find them attractive?I know that He, being aware of His nature, Son of God, did not defile their image with perversion or lust.But that is not the same as recognizing their beauty and appreciating that gift.
This man James, through his inability to be open and through his ignorance, claims exclusivity of Jesus.He crucifies my Lord on a daily basis with his hate and lies, over and over again.Because he "believes" he "knows" God.Jesus.He knows neither.
And as a result, he doesn't know me( or even makes an attempt to know me) and he can't truly love me or forgive me.Sugar-coated Jesus?
He stands on the corner causing more harm to those seeking my Father by propagating lies and half truths through arrogance, ignorance, bias, prejudice and exclusivity than he would if he just kept to himself and made an attempt to understand his disease and then from there to go on his search to find himself and God.Peace and wisdom,through the gift of the Holy Spirit, be with you all,including you my brother, James the Apostle.Amen(so be it).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The declining Clergy in the catholic Church?

A deacon at one of the church's I attend justified the only recourse available for the issue of the declining priesthood was to make more deacons, stating , that according to scripture and custom, that only men were chosen to go out and take up the slack caused by the neglect .This is the actual reading for the day and he was referring to it. Make more deacons!the process takes the minimum of 4 years,as I understood.He failed to notice that the sentence right before the names of the men who were chosen ,through prayer and the guidance of the Holy spirit. "The proposal was acceptable to the whole community." Now , I know that this is not acceptable to all of the community,as it is impractical and that we also have an available pool of well qualified people that is ready to serve in the capacity of priest. It is impractical due to the fact that the deacon is limited in what sacraments he may perform,important ones. He cannot absolve sin,celebrate mass or annoint the sick(http://www.nbc4.com/pope-benedict/15822324/detail.html).These things stated by the deacon during his sermon.
ActsChapter 6 http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/acts/acts6.htm
1 At that time, as the number of disciples continued to grow, the Hellenists complained against the Hebrews because their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution.
2 So the Twelve called together the community of the disciples and said, "It is not right for us to neglect the word of God to serve at table. 3
Brothers, select from among you seven reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom, whom we shall appoint to this task,
whereas we shall devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word."
The proposal was acceptable to the whole community, so they chose Stephen, a man filled with faith and the holy Spirit, also Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicholas of Antioch, a convert to Judaism.
They presented these men to the apostles who prayed and laid hands on them. 4
The word of God continued to spread, and the number of the disciples in Jerusalem increased greatly; even a large group of priests were becoming obedient to the faith.

Now,as a result of the Judaic norms of the society, it seems ,according to Acts, that women were excluded in the selection.But this is only according to the canonized works.Agendas.

2000 years later this injustice of exclusion is still prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church.
We have a worthy group of sincere people who would love to serve God in the capacity of priest.Married men.Women.Capable of serving NOW!
Of course, the church would have to reverse several hundred years of dictations of men and possibly acknowledge the agendas that have kept people of faith ,at bay.Control,Power and Greed.Lets not forget arrogance. It was not done out of ignorance.That is why it is not included,as much as I would want this to be the case.
Many other sects and factions of Christianity are looking at this issue and some are even doing Gods will by inclusion.
The Roman Catholic Church is being left behind. It is complacent.It is stagnant. The priesthood is declining. I love this Church and the beauties it is afforded through the sacraments and its tremulous and turmoiled history.We are evolving as a Church!
The Prodigal Son? Received inheritance?Squandered wealth?
"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death(hell) shall not prevail against it"......True. But , how much more shame and hate shall be inflicted on the people of God as a result of the stiff neckedness,hardness of heart of a few
who , refuse to see ,that if they only did the right thing....no one would lose.Including them.

1 PeterChapter 2
1 Rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, insincerity, envy, and all slander;
like newborn infants, long for pure spiritual milk so that through it you may grow into salvation,
for you have tasted that the Lord is good. 2
Come to him, a living stone, 3 rejected by human beings but chosen and precious in the sight of God,
and, like living stones, let yourselves be built 4 into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
For it says in scripture: "Behold, I am laying a stone in Zion, a cornerstone, chosen and precious, and whoever believes in it shall not be put to shame."
Therefore, its value is for you who have faith, but for those without faith: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,"
and "A stone that will make people stumble, and a rock that will make them fall." They stumble by disobeying the word, as is their destiny.
5 But you are "a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own, so that you may announce the praises" of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
Once you were "no people" but now you are God's people; you "had not received mercy" but now you have received mercy.
I am not offended at the insults and lies directed at my person. Some of you hope that I will just go away.

Your own guilt and shame inflict and cause you pain. But I understand the nature of the disease...or would you not be at peace with the decisions and actions that would cause me to live in the street like an unwanted stray...hungry,thirsty,tired and alone?My Father would give me the money for my needs,but obviously he didn't and I was sent to you and the charitable organizations that were set up to help people such as I.
Yes,it is an injustice what has been afforded to my person by the lies and dysfunction of those complicit in these actions or inaction's ..or just plain dragging of the feet. Are you not aware that I know of the gossiping lies? You think all these things were done in secret. My Father sees all. I am aware.I am not offended of your condition. I love you.I forgive you. But ,please stop for your sake! Injustices are repaid with injustice.Unexpectedly.To those we love.Even you ,have those you love.What is it about me that offends you so? If you spent some time to know me ,your fear would leave. Your true fear is that you know that you would love me. Loving someone you had dreamed .the dream is real.that scares you. It's OKAY! I Love YOU....no matter what. My pain and tears are for you. You are worthy, for me to shed my precious tears over . That is the beauty you need. It is real.This your medicine.Accordingly due!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sex abuse scandal.injustice paid w/injustice.hypocrisy/agenda

1 Corinthians Chapter 6 From NAB(catholic)http://www.nccbuscc.org/nab/bible/1corinthians/1corinthians6.htm

Instead, you inflict injustice and cheat, and this to brothers.
2 3 Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor sodomites

[9] The Greek word translated as boy prostitutes may refer to catamites, i.e., boys or young men who were kept for purposes of prostitution, a practice not uncommon in the Greco-Roman world. In Greek mythology this was the function of Ganymede, the "cupbearer of the gods," whose Latin name was Catamitus. The term translated Sodomites refers to adult males who indulged in homosexual practices with such boys. See similar condemnations of such practices in Romans 1:26-27; 1 Tim 1:10.

See the relation.little boys(usually... altar boys) and priests.

Homosexuality:In discussing such attitudes, it is fundamental to recall that the term "homosexuality" is entirely problematic for the ancient world since there is no single word in either Latin or ancient Greek with the same meaning as the modern concept of homosexuality.
In my hard copy of the New American Bible, the above verse 1 cor6;9, sodomite =practicing homosexuals.In the NAB St. Joseph, sodomite=sexual perverts. See the discrepancies?Intentional!
First of all, lets get this clear.I am a follower of the teacher Jesus Christ(son of God)...his words and actions.Not of the good Jew,Saul, aka Paul,who went through a long and tedious evolvement from a murderer of the Way to a follower of Christ.And it did not happen over night or instantly,when the scales fell from his eyes.If you read his works in this context you will understand his true conversion(ex; women must not speak.Judaic societal norms of those times).

The administration of the Roman catholic church has always known the truth.They are learnt pharisees and scribes. Their agenda dictated that these truths be hidden through knowingly mistranslating the Greek to suit their agenda and at the least of the their actions, was keeping mum when other ignorants, through bias and prejudice,also distorted words and meanings to suit their biases ,prejudices and agendas.Time and time again.In the name of Jesus Christ.What an injustice to His name and to the world and humanity.

As a result of the hypocrisy,apathy and malfeasance, an injustice was paid with an injustice.
I know that my Christ never in the words and teachings attributed to him condemned what we now know as homosexuality.Two consenting adults of the same sex sharing a loving and respectful relation with each other.
As a result of the lie, many of these people are burdened and impressed with their "sinfulness".
They are shunned by most communities and churches.Their families.Themselves.They are inflicted with violence in the name of Jesus.They inflict violence on themselves.They hate themselves.They want to die. They are not afforded the peace that Christ has granted for all creation.They are told they are pigs , so allot of them live piggish lives. The dysfunction of their lives is a dysfunction of the world.

To remedy this sex abuse scandal is to start at the begining. Tell the truth. Be Christians and not Paulitians.Understand the gift of sexuality.Understand the gift of Love.Separate them. Then unite them.
The sex act is but a small part of our daily lives(if at all),don't continue to pervert Gods gifts through lies and distortions to meet your agendas .Peace be with you.

Answered Prayers.Thank you Father.

Thank you for noticing the beautiful woman in me .The writer(Maya Angelou) I have heard of before and this is actually the 1st thing of hers I have read."Beautiful Christian Sister".You ,yesterday, were an answer to my prayers.I specifically asked my Father for someone to talk to. I asked for some one to invite me to their home .I asked that someone would invite me to dinner and share. I asked for someone to go to mass with me . I asked for someone to be a witness to the rejection and lies that I suffer at others hands.I asked for someone to help me in anyway they could.I asked for someone to inquire of God.Before ,yesterday, I had been alone for awhile. I was not alone for that day.All Day!It would have been a blessing if 1 or 2 of my petitions had been met and that would have been fulfilling of Gods promise.But, through your courage and willingness to do Gods will, He and you met, all in one Day these blessings.Blessed be God Forever.And blessed are you who heard God and responded , acted and provided a beautiful child such as me with love.I send forth my Holy spirit and the HOLY SPIRIT to you.Receive the breathe of life.And a special thanks to your husband, for you are one.He also receives my gift of love and kindness.I Love you both.FATHER ,SON and HOLY SPIRIT,AMEN.Gospel of Thomas http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html, Gospel of Mary http://www.gnosis.org/library/marygosp.htm and Gospel of Philip http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gop.html are required reading.After, the Secret Book of John http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/apocjn-long.html Teodoro Leon

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Signing for time under Duress!continuation of1/30/08(moved,click here to read)

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A people blessed by God and tormented by the Accuser

People of color, you have been deceived and hated for long enough. Your anger and pain is not offensive to me. I love you .But it is your responsibility and duty to accept the grace that has been afforded you, or you will continue to live in oppression. And through a deceivement, you will continue to supress, oppress and enslave yourselves if the Truth is not realised. You are free! You are healed. Your deep rooted pain has no hold on your true identity.

the prodigal son

Hello ,just read your letter . I can't help you if I do not know you.I'm writing to let you know that I may not be living at the address I gave you much longer,as I am behind on the rent and the agencies that promised me funds(community action,catholic charities...)have reneged on the promises or have just dragged their feet sending the check to my Apt.manager.Catholic Charities has taken over 2 weeks,after a promise to my manager for funds,in even acknowledging that they sent the check!CommunityAction said they would send a check for $150 and then when I followed up on it yesterday,I was told my app had been denied.So after 3 weeks of promises, my manager is in a position that I understand.I have no money, so the phone # on my card will not be active,as it has no minutes.On the subject of your demons:It is lauded that those at City church are trying to heal you by exorcising,but, and this is a big but,they are treading on dangerous paths.I saw no power or authority on their part that indicates they really know the nature of the disease( or the names).Self edification is not power or authority.Reading bits of scripture from here and there does not give you the education and tools to combat the sickness.I see they have no understanding .The reality of the matter must be exposed.You are healed! They would have no"mission"if you were healed ,so they impress on you your sinfulness. A lie! It is arrogance on their part.It is causing you more burden and confrontations."Forgiveness". This is the key.Our greatest enemy must be Forgiven .His sickness is what enables him to seek you out.And if you don't understand his nature, you can't forgive. And he continues to harass you , as a lonely pained child always does looking for some attention and acknowledgement,one who is hated by most of humanity for all the wrong reasons.He is separated from the presence of God.He is filthy, disheveled , alone and in extreme pain as a result of his arrogance that has separated him from his Father.He is the "Prodigal Son". An angel, created by and of God,who through the love of his Father, received his inheritance and squandered it.He could not understand that.He became a ruler.But he had no wisdom.And he was jealous of his brother and humanity.Now he is really scared and angry,for he had been released for but a short time.But the Father is merciful and kind and waits for his return.For all creation (seen and unseen)must acknowledge the Truth,that God is the Creator and must return to Him for wholeness and health.Lucifer was the most beautifulest of His angels and out of love allowed him the gift of his inheritance(the world).But the separation from Him was an education and preordained so that he could fully attain what he was jealous of ,the gift afforded to humanity, Flesh and Spirit.And in such,as the the antagonist of humanity,he does Gods will,to afford humanity,through the son Jesus the rightful inheritance of humanity, of all of Gods creation,"GOD".We,in our humanity and arrogance believe we can question Gods will,that He some how or another made a mistake ,here and there.Gods will is to draw all of His creations to Himself,rightfully. In Gods wisdom. All things that God made must eventually return to Him. Amen.