Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful Sister Susan

Soon, this month ,we will be celebrating the birthday of Carmelite Sister Susan Clark at St. Josephs Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City with a reception and dinner.What a blessing that I will be able to be amongst the crowd honoring this gracious and elegant woman in the Autumn of her life.

Back row: Sr. Mary Joseph representing the Medical Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sr. Immaculata Commet representing the Carmelites of Saint Therese, M. Rachel Cavazos, representing the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. Susan Clark, representing the Carmelites of Saint Therese of the Little Flower and Sr. Joanne Yankauskis, representing the Sisters of Benedict. Front row: Sr. Laurentia Koehler, representing the Adores of the Blood of Christ, Sr. Teresa Chau Tran, representing the Carmelites of Saint Joseph, Sr. M. Modesta Weyel, representing the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. Ruth Miriam, representing the Carmelites of Saint Joseph of the Little Flower and Sr. Catherine Powers, representing the Sisters of the Congregation De Notre Dame.(Photo by Cara Koenig/Sooner Catholic)

I love this woman and have been blessed to know her in the short time that has been afforded us. Her disposition and demeanor are a grace to those she encounters in her daily interactions.The first grace one notices, is the youthful and vibrant manner that she carries herself despite her advanced age .Her long,fine hair is brilliantly white and looks as soft and supple as a toddler's. Her skin is glowing, as flawless and firm as a young maidens.She moves with the speed and grace befitting a well seasoned athlete....usually always cheerful as she does her duties...serving the people of her Lord.A genuine concern for people is felt by all who come to her for needs they feel she might be able to help them with...concerns, and though her resources are limited, she makes every effort to insure she did all "she" could do for them.I see her tired at times. She might think I don't notice. She works so hard through out the day at so many different tasks involving so many different people and problems,situtations. The poor darling is at times only able to catch a quick catnap at the closing of the day while she is still on duty. I pray that the rest she is able to manage to sneek in is sufficiently satisfying and refreshing of her soul so that she is able to peacefully conclude the day as she lies in bed ,reflecting of the things God was able to view and experience through her eyes and life. Her thoughts and words.Holy.I see ,at times, concern and sadness on her face for those she knows and meets through her day that are experiencing pain and troubles or losses . Doubt.Fear.It does take a toll on her heart ,as it also weighs on our hearts, these burdens that may only be relieved by empathy ,prayer and an embrace.For some,Sister Susan, this grace of yours has been a gift from God Himself through your precious hands ,smile and tears.Your Holy thoughts and being.May you never forget that your life has been very meaningful for me by your presence and action in my life.Thank you for listening to the call of your profession to serve the Lord ,God. You have been most dutiful and obedient.May I never forget the grace and beauty that God gave to me through you. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Sister Susan Clark. It's been a blessing beyond measure to have encountered the love of Jesus through you.Sister Susan Clark is standing right next to the lady in maroon, in the back, and behind the black and white attired lady(gray jacket,black collar), in the photo.
March 22,2009 will be the dinner.After the 10:00 am Mass

This church,St. Josephs Old Cathedral, is located right next to theOklahoma City National Memorial ( Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial ) ,the site of the Murrah Federal Building bombing.
St Josephs was damaged in the blast. This was an intimate and traumatic experience for many that attend this church.And for many around the world...if not the world and Heaven itself.
So it hits home closer than we can sometimes fathom and it unites us ,for we are family. Thank you.

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