Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What A Stinking Day!!yucky La Luna!

Well, I was going to write about my horrible day yesterday but my time is up at the computer.But here it goes real fast!
La Luna Mexican Restaurant....take a chain saw if you order the fajitas and don't forget to bring the extra large can of BUG spray, as the staff might sit you at a table you'll be sharing with roaches .They were as busy as the waitstaff....continued tomorrow.Sorry..I've been so sick and exhausted the last 2 weeks and have not been able to be on my feet for long with out passing out after 2 hours.

Okay ,I'm back and able to add a little more to what I was writing about !!First thing in the morning, things turn ugly...see the article below this one that I wrote about the Sandisk?Well, just after writing that, the sansa player started acting up...then it was freezing...then finally in the morning it quit working all together. And I had just bought those AltecLansing speakers!!
So I'm walking down the hall to go see my manager of the Apts. and the old lady that lives next to me comes out to tell me to lower the music.I go and speak to the manager.And on my way back I notice that the wind had shut the door and locked me out of my apartment. So I go back to the manager and ask her if I may use her key to get in and she asks me, "What Number?"
"Oh,your the one that lives in 115,....the landlord/owner said he was by yesterday and smelled marijuana coming from your either quit immediately or you can move!And if I smell any my self your out"Yes ,sorry,my friends were over and one was smoking...I'll let them know we can't have that any more!

And then who happens to be standing beside me but the old Hag and she says to the manager,"Can you make him turn down his music...He plays it real loud and it bothers me...And he watches Tv all hours of the Day and night !!"
"Could you please lower the volume as not to disturb the neighbors?"
OKAY, I will lower it some more( but then it would be off), but I do go out of my way to be considerate of her by keeping the volume way down knowing that she is an elderly lady and probably not to "hip"to my type of music.
"Classical?"Who doesn't like classical!?

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