Friday, July 6, 2007

The cleaning supplies,moving out and the crack problem.

I have based my self for the time being at the historic ******,located at * th and *.If you have my card ,call my cell #(also listed here under"about me") and I will give you the apt No..I told some people before I left the hospital, why I was not taking any more chances at the Mission by continuing to embed myself there.The spider infestation, lice infestation and the Staph in the shower areas due to the CRM 's lack of proper protocol and treatments to resolve these issues,puts me at great risk of getting bitten again,a reoccurring Staph infection or a head full of lice.I'll still frequent the place as I have many friends there and there are some loose ends that need to be tied up or cut. But in reality,it is time to go ,as all the things that I had set as goals ,have been accomplished.
For example;read(those crazies drove me to the missionclick here to read).The main goal was to help alleviate the crack problem in the CRM area ,as that was the place were I had heard people go if they want a "rock".My addicted friend told me this.
Now I am a proponent against homelessness, as I have personal experience in this matter, due to the fact that shit does happen( ex: like the time our families whole household goods and furniture was moved from Ft. Polk,Louisiana to Houston ,Texas by the military in 1992 via Bekins Moving and Storage, and how BEKINS wound up holding it hostage for three years.All the people and friends that met us during these years thought me and my wife(ex ?) were lying about having furniture and possessions ,as they had never seen it( we had our places furnished minimally) and probably assumed we were liars, idiots or druggies.This was a "whole house full " of goods ,furniture and personal items. And during these years we lived with the minimum comforts until it was returned with the help of Sen.Nickles.)
But nonetheless, alot of the situations at the Mission are not due to this "shit happens" clause but as a result of peoples deliberate actions that they know will result in dire consequences.The sad thing is ,there are many resources available to remedy many of these problems(section 8,public housing,food stamps..) And then there are areas of support that could use some improvement(like more readily available treatment for addictions,counselors are needed at the missions actively seeking out those people and determining their individual needs and actually walking them through the process. )
Well ,the main distribution point was across the street from the mission, in the two story Apt. complex(here is a photo of the "APTS."after the closing) and "they" had run their operation with near impunity for the last 1 1/2 years ,that I know of personally.I wanted to give the people(my friends) a better chance of getting out of their suffering and getting back on their feet by making "crack " not so readily available and this would be accomplished by seeing this place closed down.
Alot of people(80%), but not all, come to the mission as a result of an addiction that has run rampant in their lives and they find themselves desperate and broke with no place to go. They either have no family to assist them and /or have burned their bridges.

(See the last window to the left,,imagine a black guy hanging out of this window,rain or shine, hot or cold, 24 hrs a day yelling at every single person that walks by"What you looking for...we got the bomb ,come back, we hook you up cuz!"even if , like in my situation,they know you don't do it.And he knows. I have told him many times to shove his crap up his ass, as I have been on my way to the MC Donald's .And if I didn't want to walk a block out of my way to avoid these people, I had to put up with this shit. Everyday.Everyone did. And are they persistent!Hoping this is the day you are vulnerable for some reason or another and need a little something to ease your troubles!)
I don't have a problem with people wanting to inebriate themselves at the appropriate time or self medicating due to mental or physical pain, but certain drugs are intentionally formulated to cause severe dependency and debilitation. And that is were the problem lies.There is documented history available on the net and the other media outlets on how potent derivatives of certain plant alkaloids have financed wars and enslaved/subdued populations by introducing these substances into the culture.
Another 2% of the mission population are actual people that are down on their luck, by some misfortune. And these are the ones who wind up getting out of the mission real fast!
Now the remainder are the displaced mentally ill(and alot of these people are also severely addicted) and the elderly who for some reason have no advocate to insure their welfare and well being. Many in this population have lived at the CRM for years, making it their defacto home).
I am an instrument of fate, like I've said before , and I personally don't have to do any thing directly(read "Why I hesitate to call myself a Sandra.Crafters and Natural Witches "on under commentaries and articles Click here to view!),by some action ,to bring about a change. I just have to be aware of the problem and focus(prayer) my intent(energy)and the problem starts to take care of itself in viable ,tangible ways. But I do have to be physically present in the vicinity for extended periods of times for these changes to come about,....why? I do not know. Unless it is a form of merit only rewarded with actual sacrifice. See, I would stay 3-4 days during the week at the mission, living and getting to personally know the people(embedded ) , making my self aware of the many areas that needed assistance and meditating(focus) on it for the solution to manifest itself. And then when the negative environment(energy)would start overloading my system, I would retire/ go to rest at an undisclosed location ,usually for 3-4 days . This "crack problem" had a lot of Resistance (evil) behind it and it proved a powerful disease to combat spiritually,not to mention the physical danger that was involved , and so it took almost a year and a half for the goal of eradication to come to fruition.
The Apt's were raided ,the crack dealers arrested,and the place shut down last month.I had nothing to do with it being shutdown(except for the prayer mentioned above) ,but it has been my experience, all of my life,that through prayer and breathing, miracles of healing have occurred .
It is both my gift and burden, as it is very rewarding but very taxing on all aspects of my person.
Don't get me wrong .There is still crack sold on the streets surrounding the CRM but at least these people have to sort of go out of their way to find it now. And the extra time that they spend looking for it might give them a chance to rethink their desire and the consequences that come about as a result of their addiction and actions.
Now be AWARE! I also am enabled with an automatic safety/security force that protects/avenges me ,when a person has hurt or has attempted to hurt me. Ask those that know of my life and know of the people that have tried or who have caused me harm,what happens to them.Now really...don't take this lightly , as I am not joking or arrogant. Nor do I write anything here as a deceivement ,as I know and respect the power of the spoken and written word and its' influence.
Most of these people have died .Yes, "died", as in finite,adios, they are no longer here .These people all died with me putting no effort or thought into their deaths.The catalyst was the harm that they did to my person.
For example:there is Judge Couch(immoral,unethical,corrupt judge who illegally forced me to represent my self in court and then had me convicted per his instruction to the jury),
Kevin Hanshue(demon drunk who made mine and everybody lives hell through his extreme sadistic perverted behavior at 815 NW 22),
Charlene the Big Indian(This girl was around 6'3" and weighed around 300 lbs.She was sent as an informant under duress by Officials in Cleveland County,to keep an eye on me and when I would not play their game,to set me up to be arrested ).
And then of course the poor girl that was hooked on crack that took me for 10.00 dollars(money I had lent her and her husband).She was arrogant in her disease and flaunted the fact that she and her husband were not going to pay me because it was not convenient due to her "crack" habit. Well truly,I didn't want her to die, that was a little extreme, but like I said, I am an instrument of Fate. Your Fate and destiny, not mine . And that which befalls these people is a condition of their actions. I should have focused more on the last girl to be healed, but I didn't...and she died.
But at the same time , things go really well for those that bless me with their civility and kindness.They usually receive some form of peace that was missing from their lives (and at the least, many have told me how they slept so well, when they wake up ,if I had stayed around them during sleepy time) that they profoundly acknowledge. And they prosper .
Not just people, but animals and plants.And then of course, inanimate things such as programs , events or projects, are also affected by my intent and focus. A lucky charm , of sorts? I am grateful and accept my destiny with humility and graciousness through the Wisdom and Comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Well, I just talked to Ernest and I've got some good news. Everything has come to fruition around the same time.Including the problem of the volunteer staff in the shower area not having adequate cleaning supplies for disinfecting and cleaning the shower area, resulting in the area being contaminated with the bacteria"MRSA"(methicillin resistant staph aureus) were I acquired the staph that aggravated my spider bite.
Now Ernest,he works as a volunteer in the box/shower room,(as many of the jobs at the mission are done by a volunteer staff,who comprise mainly of mission residents)and he told me that they are finally using disinfectants , detergents and other chemicals necessary for the health and well being of the 600 people that stay there a night.
No telling how many people wound up with complications related to the staph infection before the mission started buying/using these supplies,which must have been very recent (like this week).Before this, it was common for them to clean up the showers as good as humanly possible with only water and if they were lucky, they'd have some bleach.Well,the use of the recently acquired supplies should help minimize the risk of Staph infection,spider bites or a lice infestation.To be continued......

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