Thursday, May 10, 2007

OOOOH,The Tenacity...

These pics were taken on 5-10 at the corner of Harvey and RobertS Kerr.The white building
in the distance is the library and that to the right is part of the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

Awhile back,an agent w/ the FBI by the name of Ronald M.asked me where I found the tenacity
to continue despite the trauma and the struggle that was evident in the drama that played out in Norman with me and several agencies and peoples(groups) .I replied,"What was I supposed to do?Bend over and ask them to F**k me and then allow them to do it to my children and wives and friends?There was no tenacity on my part,just reacting to events and situations the way I was made to was part of my makeup!This plant reminds me alittle of the times I had down there.I,like the plant ,just found my self in a place that life had brought me to and I was living the best way I knew how,despite the obstacles and dangers.I don't think that Pot Plant decided on its' own to take root on a cracked,downtown, oklahoma city sidewalk feet away from the courthouse and every imaginable law enforcement official on the lookout for the "things" that are illegal.Look how robust this little fellar is and how proud he stands in the sunlight...until somebody decides that he is undesirable and most likely grabs him by his stalk and YANKS him...!He was just doing what he was meant to do,grow and provide beauty and health to all who look upon HIS creations.Maybe ,it wiil continue to grow in peace ,...but you know it shall never be ....unless someone steals him away in the night and takes him to refuge to live out its' days as was meant...growing and living and giving and taking and....

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