Sunday, April 29, 2007

OKlahoma City Memorial Marathon

Well this is the update on the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon!I did ride the bike 22 miles along the route.As you can see, I did take photos and video.These people were well paced,and even though I was on the bike theywere hard to keep up with and ahead of to get the video and the pics.As I write this update ,my muscles are cramping and torn...ooowww!I didn't go back downtown as I had business to attend to, but the ride and the energy from the people was just the thing I needed.I will run next year and maybe before then.Congrats to everyone who participated in any capacity.It was FUN!There were other bikers along the way and photographers.

Well ,people ,tomorrow(TODAY) is the annual Run commerating the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.The run is 26.2 miles and I don't think I will be running it this year.Wish they had a biking event ....But I'll probably be riding the course to get the feel for next year or the next available run.There are a few , I think ,through the here for the official web site and results

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