Wednesday, June 6, 2007

having Fun At Baptist Hospital!(LOL)

Here is the library at Baptist w/ the computers

Look at my foot covered w/ plastic,as to minimize getting another infection!

This ,of course is an aerial view
(not taken by me )of the hospital

Hello people ,are you doing alright ?Well I'm at baptist hospital for a spider bite that became aggravated and surgery was done on it on Sat.I have a big hole on the top of my foot that extends to the sole of my foot over the big toe and the second one(i can see the bone is exposed and I can see the ligaments and muscle and tendons.The nurse took a pic w/her cell phone and she will email it to me later tonight so that you all can see it and throw up!HAHAHA(as of this writing I have still not received it yet,6/15 update) .Sorry if this letter is a little incoherent ,as the nurse just gave me a shot of morphine and i am not thinking to clearly!I am going in for more surgery later on today for a section of the foot on the right side near the little piggie,as the doctor said like necrosis has set in again.I am really lucky that Bill gave me those motrin and the neosporin or i think I might have lost my foot(preemptive strike!).thanks Bill!Anybody get a bite like this ,don't go to St Anthonys,for I heard that there policy is just to treat it w/ antibiotics and no debriement or irrigation.No wonder a lot of people lose there limbs when treated there.They have a mindset of contempt for those that are not able to to afford insurance or have other resources to pay the costs.Well, thats all for right now,I'm in room 674(private!)if your in the neighborhood....HAHAHA(lol)Love you all , Ted Leon
These are some of the profsssionals that are afffiliated w/ baptist(not taken by me)
This is another view of the library located on the concourse level in building "D",
provided free to patients and this a great hospital or what?!!

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