Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Those crazies drove me to the mission..my ministry and why!

this picture is an aerial view of the downtown area.
all accessible by foot.Library,IRS,Jail,Travelers Aid,CRM...etc

Some what of a description of myself, (Click here to view)

I used to live at 815 NW 22 #4 from the year 2002-2005. It was a nice little apartment and the rent was not bad(320.00/all bills paid), but the neighbors , below me, were crazies. I and every other person that lived there put up w/ the insanity (the guy was a full blown alcoholic who could, literally, chug a 1/5 of wiskey in 10 min.His wife was no saner.In fact ,I think that she was the one ,who was sicker, between both of them.)The apt complex, down the street on the corner ,lived only(all) crack heads(it was a distribution point) and they would be screaming and hollering at all hours of the early morning and all night, with a few gunshots thrown in for good measure, once in a awhile.This got old ,really fast ,and people had asked me why I had not moved?I'm hard headed and I have never believed in giving in to bullies and that is what this guy Kevin Hanshue was ,amongst other things. Well, I did move after 3 years and I would like to say, that I had left all my troubles behind...but noooo....I moved to a place on 12th street and Indiana, that was worse. And let me tell you ..it was bad !..And then the old neighbor at 815 died w/in a month, after I left ,due to his drinking (or the finger of fate),but it was to late for me to go back,and I was getting very depressed...my best friend was turning into a full blown crackhead in front of my eyes(and an idiot and asshole,to boot),who was supposed to have moved in with me,reneged( because of his progressing crack addiction) and leaving me high and dry..(I paid the rent for three months but the crack activity and whores was rampant and I resigned myself to not pay rent to live in slum dwellings(The landlord ran the distribution from the place he lived at down the street) and to come up w/ a solution for my friends if I wasn't going to get away from the crazies. I know ...find another roommate!Where?All the friends by this time were all smoking this shit.I hate what crack does to people!You see this crack thing has become such an epidemic among the people that are poor(and rich).You see, they get into it innocently, trying to relieve some of the something(pain ,misery,depression) out of their lives...they want to relax ..feel good ,get away from it for awhile(recuperate).But ,oh how they become addicted so fast... and how as equally fast they become like zombies.It makes them Poor!It makes them quite inhuman I worked with the guy ,I mentioned above , and he was such a pain to be around( I could tell by the taughtness of his face and the coldness of his eyes and just looking at his clenched jaws I wondered when I would hear his teeth break) that I knew all he could concentrate on was the the crack, after work...the man ,the friend that I had known had almost completely dissappeared And I had known this man for more than 4 years . It made me cry to see him die and not be aware of his disease and the impact it had on me and the others who cared . So, I knew were I was going a month before I got there(CRM) and I knew what my goal was and what I was going to do for these people who needed to be my friends but decided they rather suck and be enslaved on a glass dick....no my friend ,not one or two or three people...I can't count how many have fallen to the this soul crusher/killer, that I personally know of since 1998, when I was introduced this different life of sorrow( I was ignorant and naive before this time and it took me awhile to know the extent of these problems).I ASKED GOD WHAT HE WANTED ME TO DO. He told me leave everything again and to go down to the mission and find out what was causing this epidemic.Embed myself there.

Like I said earlier,I am a healer of unconventional means and though many may judge me due to what they think are my living arrangements and why I am were I am,(I do not go around airing what I do in arrogance) I do have a purpose and there is reason to what looks like madness and pipe dreams for some .To heal certain areas of a diseased entity, the healer must immerse himself in the lives of those afflicted to understand their suffering and try to show a better easier, cleaner route for those who want change and need some sort of guidance or strength to meet these desires, to trust my humanity and the sacrifice that goes w/ it and for Who's PURPOSE it serves and honors. I serve God! He sent me to see. I obeyed.I obey.

(My pictures I took with my video camera)

This what some people do, just sit all day at the library!They have no place to go .

here is Jerry's and Angela's(homeless couple) dog that they
take care of,they want a photo!

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