Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm finally getting out of the Hospital after 3 weeks!!

Well ,my dear readers ,I'm finally being discharged out of the hospital on 6/22 @ around or after 3:ooP.M.. Tony and Becky will be picking me up and I'll resume my life and continue the missions that I was working on before I was admitted.Now the stay here was not without its' incidences that I would almost call intentional negligence and malfeasance( )or at the least ,gross misconduct.I went through the chain of command to try to resolve these issues ,but I kept meeting "Resistance" at all levels,for some reason people were hesitant to do there jobs ,trying to placate me with their opinions of what had actually transpired.Miscommunication and confusion were reasons cited ,but even so ,these incidences warranted investigation and resolution in some form of training and of course accountability of these certain people .Some even went as far as to suggest that these incidences either had not transpired and or that I was blowing things out of proportion.One person in a supervisory role even berated me for even suggesting and voicing these concerns of mine and the treatment I received. I was supposed to be grateful beyond measure and how dare me that I even opened my mouth.The attitude that I was one just trying to stir up trouble and that every aspect of my treatment was never to my satisfaction or standards was common amongst these individuals that played a role in the distress that I suffered.All I wanted in the beginning,was for these individuals to be held responsible and accountable for their actions so that these incidences and actions would be minimized or not reoccur at all with other patients in the future.
For example(see"Here are the pics of my foot"):The incident when I did not receive my medication and or get my I.V. restarted(6/15) after it came out,despite numerous calls to the nurses station in a period of almost 2 hours and the promises that the nurse was on her scheduled rounds and she would be with me shortly.Shortly ,in my opinion,does not mean almost 2 hours!My recourse was to call the house supervisor when I received no assistance on the floor despite me going up to the nurses twice in my wheelchair.When I informed them at the station that I still had not received my medication(incident started and lasted from 6/15 11:45P.M. -1:30 6/16)at 1:20A.M. and I had called the House supervisor to come resolve this situation,they rushed in and administered 4 cc's of morphine,1 loritab(10),2 ultrams,1 restoril,and 50 units of fenegrine all in 2 minutes.I ,being in severe pain at the the time did not realise that this was an excessive and potentially fatal amount and mixture of drugs(read "Why should Ultram not be prescribed? ).I weigh around 130 lbs. at stand at 5'4".The intent was to "quiet" me before the house supervisor arrived ,who of course took her time getting there(more than an hour),She is very busy and I understand this,but this was gross misconduct on the part of the administering nurses.
I will document more of these incidences that occurred, here in the future.Like (6/20)the nurse who told me that "all" my medication had been discontinued except Tylenol when I asked for some pain medication(wasn't true at all).When I asked him twice if he meant all the medication had been discontinued,he confirmed and said all I was prescribed was Tylenol.Then I asked him to please contact my doctor ,as there seemed to be a mistake and that I was in severe pain ,he flatly said "No,I'm not calling her!"I asked him again ,to please page her and ask her to prescribe something stronger than Tylenol,he again said,"No"and added,"She is not here."I said to him,"Of course she is still here ,she just came on at 6:00P.M. and it's my right to ask ."He stomped out of the room and when he came back his story had changed.TO BE CONTINUED...(THIS INCIDENT STARTED AT 9:45 AND WAS NOT RESOLVED COMPLETELY TILL 2:00 A.M.)
Now when he came back he informed me that he had already given me all my scheduled meds at 8:00 p.m. and I would not be receiving the next dose till 12:00 and I couldn't have morphine as it had been d/c'd.I told him tht all I had received at 8:00 p.m. was a stool softener and 1 lortab and I believed that my ultram was due ,but even if the morphine had still been prescribed I didn't want that or had I asked for it.He insisted that he gave me the ultram w/ the lortab and the colace.I told him no he hadn't and even if that was true,hadn't he just told me that I had all my meds,except for Tylenol,discontinued?He got really red in the face!I told him that I was in severe pain ,as I had just walked on it for the second time since surgery,down to the library and that it was really hurting,please page my doctor so that she can order something in the mean time.He told me he was not continuing this conversation w/ me and started to walk out of the room.I told him on his way out that I now wanted to talk to the charge nurse immediately.I waited 5 min and decided to call for her myself on the call button.She came to my room,I explained all that I wrote above to her and she proceeded to tell me how I had been given all my scheduled meds and that I was not getting any till 12:00.I confirmed w/ her that my meds had not been d/c'd,and I told her why I knew I hadn't received them,I knew I was going to be going downstairs @ 8:30 and when I returned would be in pain and I had not pushed for the ultram so that I would have them when I returned.I talked to her for at least 45 min. before she paged Dr.Satzler and got an early dose at 11:00 P.m. To be continued...

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