Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are the Pics of my foot!!

all these pics are from my camera

Well, I finally was able to take some pics of my foot here at the hospital.Believe me when I say the foot looks 100% better than it did 2 weeks ago,but it still looks bad and it still hurts tremendously.Last night ,as a result of an incident that occurred involving the med staff (won't go into it here)I was really feeling no pain,as I was medicated to the max!I was given 4cc's of morphine,1 (10)loritab,2 ultrams,1 visitaril and 50 units of fenegrine all at once...boy did I sleep well!!The best rest I've had in the two weeks since I've been here! (loritab) (ultram)

Now ,these are some serious drugs and anybody who has known me for awhile
understands my stance on drugs used for the purpose of recreation ( I highly disapprove)., as my body and psyche are highly allergic to manmade substances(including adulterants in foods and other products)and I refrain from even using them for justified medical conditions,but this time in the hospital is an exception as I do not want to risk losing my foot.My doctor(Dr. N. Satzler)is a a competent professional and I trust her and her decisions that she made w/ the orthopedic surgeon,Dr. Gary Anderson.I owe them that much for saving my foot and they will be remembered for the extent of their actions in allowing me to be treated w/ all the resources available to them.Also,thanks to those that worked behind the scene ,directly and indirectly,to make my extended stay possible. Being bright natured in my spirit allows for them to be justly rewarded and to be blessed as a result of their kindness and care.You are blessed...pass it on!Well ,enough of this writing ,as I must be getting upstairs for my scheduled meds and for dinner(yum yum)!!Be aware and be blessed to except the beauty of your humanity ,to shine for all to see ..that it is YOUR right and responsibility to also shine, for others to see and for them to be enabled to bring out the beauty of creation that is within and without us.Don't let this pain of the world kill your conciousness (awareness)of what was freely given to you by the Divine.The experience of awareness(LIFE).LIVE!LIVE LIFE!LIVE LIFE LONG(STRONG)!!Peace!

Ted Leon III


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