Saturday, June 14, 2008

City Rescue Mission Finances

Financial Report as filed with the IRS form990 /Return of Organization Excempt From Income Tax Click here to read and view PDF on

Click on above title to view website City Rescue Mission Finances or click here
Our Expenses FY07

Program Services


General Administration

Our Income FY07
Gifts in Kind

Form990 Part II 07

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Line 26 Salaries and wages of employees not included on line 25a,b, and c,
(A) Total $ 1,098,867
(B) Program Services $ 808,440
(C)Management and General$ 112,143
(D)Fundraising $ 178,284
According to Part II/Statement of Functional Expenses
Column B
Line 44 total functional expenses = $2,519,678
which is equal to what is listed at top "Our Expenses FY07 under "Program Services$2,519,679(74.03%) ,minus $1

If listed on there website as Program Services 2,519,679
Minus total salaries and wages onform990/line26 1,098,867
Leaves $1,420,812

Part I of form 990

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line 1 e Cash $3,017,420 noncash $475,902
As listed as
Direct Public Support on
line 1b $3,493,322

Part III- Statement of Program Service Accomplishments

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Part IV Balance Sheets

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Part IV A,B Part V A-Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial StatementsWith Revenue per Return

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Part V:A,B; Current Officers ,Directors,Trusteesand Key Employees
Part VI Other information

Part VI cont

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Part VI -X cont.

Part XI

Schedule A Part I-IIB
Compensation of the five highest paid
employees other than Officers...

Schedule A Part III Statements About Activities

Part IV Reason for Non Private Foundation

Sched. A IV Support Schedule

Private school Questionnaire

VI,VII no info

Form 990,Part I Interest on Savings and temporary Cash Investments

Form 990 Part II -Other Expenses

Form 990 Part IV-Mortgages and other notes payable

Form 990 Part V-A Current Officers,Directors and Trustees

cont. V-A

Schedule A Part I Compensation of the five highest paid employess

Gift amounts over $5,ooo

Gifts In KIND $5,000 and above

NOW LOOK at their website and look at the link to their
Tax record and start realizing how the numbers and titles
are manipulated to make one should enlighten you as how the game is played,anyone else with some insight in what they see here ,let me know.

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