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Lies due to Misperceptions,ignorance,prejudice and bias.Suffering results.Then Miracles and healing.

I originally wrote this article back on 4/22/08 and didn't know that at the time there was more to the stares , scorn and contempt that I got from the people named in this letter.Here I thought it was just because they thought I was a witch ,Satanist or both.Huh.Well the comment at the top of the page should help explain the behaviours at this link to Yes lets reveal the truth.The truth of Violence.And Revenge .(click here) I thought it good to republish this article due to the fact of miracles.Yes,now I'm really homeless (click here to read)april 24 A miracle of healing amongst these good folks. They've stopped the stares of contempt and scorn.They are even approaching me with smiles and getting to know of me by reaching out and talking.And asking.
The miracle of voice and empowerment attributed, as a divine right, to bring truth ,through the excercise of thought,knowledge and speech, into the light, by God's grace , so that we may all be honorable and truly honor God.
By perpetual gift of1787 , the Constitutional Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression ,of the United States of America," Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Article the eleventh [Amendment IX]
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

April 22,2008
I have not told you ...that due to my source of income drying up, I am behind 120.00 $ in rent.I don't have a car, computer,mp3,camera,TV( everything ,except the car was sold to pay for the rent. The car was of course impounded in Nov and the police kept my camera.)...etc.,anymore.I am completely broke!Catholic Charities promised $95, the girl (social service assistant, Sandra C.)in charge of the case even called my manager in front of me and told them the check was in the mail; for the last 3 weeks...Then last Friday the girl in charge of the case told the truth and told me no money was going to be sent.They don't pay for motel rooms she stated ,though" they" knew where I lived and what it was called.She was under duress and ignorant of the truth of my situation as a result of gossiping lies.
Community Action did the same thing. They were sending a check for $150 as of 2 weeks ago(I even saw the lady pick up the phone and call downtown to the finance dept and state that I needed $75 but since by the time they would get around to it,I would need $150) and it was supposed to be a done deal.Went there last Fri. to inquire about the status and the lady(Connie C.) who made up the folder and application acted like she didn't even know me.She went even to the extent of saying I never spoke to her and that she did not make me a folder.She was the director.An assistant of hers made her a liar by finding the folder ,in her hand writing.So she then said that my application had been denied because I did not have a job.And besides ,she had talked to St. Vincent de Paul(!!) and that they had already helped me.The check had not arrived when I spoke to Connie C..Hence ,the reason going to her agency. When I told her I can work ,after I recover from my illnesses(bronchitis,the foot surgeries,test. masses and the bleeding I was experiencing due to my diverticulitis[anemic at that]) and that I actually had a job at Labor Ready.She immediately popped off that it was not a real job and that I was still denied. These incidences are all related.
St Vincent de Paul society is were the problems started.The society from my parish(?).Out of avarice,malfeasance, envy and jealousy( greed?),they also played a sick game of delay,but most importantly they played a game of gossiping lies.On march 28, I believe ,which was a Friday,the president of the Society,Kathy V.(keeper of the purse) called my manager(the process was actually instigated with a phone call to the president by the sister at the parish, due to me not having a phone;hence the phone call to my manager from the president) and told her that since it was me and that they knew me ,she would take the check book home with her on sat. and cut a check and that my manager would receive it on monday.Mon., Tues., wed., no check.I called her wed. and told her that the check had still not been received.She made the comment that they were all volunteers and nobody worked on the weekends,unaware that my manager told me her conversation with her on Fri.She then asked me to confirm the address.When the manager received the check the following Mon. I asked her to look at the post mark.April 3rd. I suppose she was hoping that by the time the checked had arrived ,Linda would have evicted me.Linda knows what I do and why.She hasn't evicted me yet...but her boss has bills to pay and it is a burden.
Besides,they have all willingly lied and my manager is under the impression that Catholics are liars( she was right ,from what she was told and promised).My manager is a good Christian,hence the reason of me not being on the streets. Yet.
Mrs. V.,from St V, started the problems.I had to go to the thrift store by the same name to fill out the paperwork and she started interrogating me.Literally.What do you do?Question after question,and the answers were not to her satisfaction.Out of expediency ,I gave her my card and explained it would be easier for her to see what I did if she looked at my website , as she couldn't understand, after almost 30 min. , my explanation of working with the poor and why.And how for the last 3 years I embedded myself at the mission to help, through prayer and example , alleviate the crack problem,especially the problem of the( my ministry Click )crack house(the crack house click) across the street from the mission.I explained to her,that for most of that time embedded, I worked through Labor Ready everyday at Semasys Corp.(getting up at 3:30 and bicycling to 50 & Santa Fe...miles to be there at 5am), but due to a lay off and then my hospitalization and then the theft of my money during my incarceration, I was broke.I was also incredibly sick, despite the facade of my healthy physique. I tried to explain to her that I had wisely invested my money in these people and that I had had a substantial savings, but that it was stolen during my incarceration by someone who was supposed to move my belongings out of the place I lived at the time and put them in storage.(She was not listening. For a reason).This person thought he would not be seeing me for awhile(despite me telling him I was at Gods work[going to challenge the injustice of the marijuana "laws" by subjecting myself to arrest;the actual arrest was not of my doing or plan,and yes it was theHoly Spirits,I was only required to be willing, and though I was well aware of the suffering involved,I submitted.The way it happened caught me by suprise] and would be out soon),so instead he left my belongings.But of course, he got all the electronic stuff(laptop,mp3,stereo ,speakers,gameboy...etc.) and a few choice items he thought he could use(shoes and clothes he thought might fit his woman)...and the money.
When I showed up unexpectedly at his place after being released,the money was long gone.4 weeks.He cost me the equivalent of $3,000 and more, not including the car being lost due to him not getting the title,which was in a notebook in my place with the items left (yes ,I forgave forgiveness is for the receiver and giver[the burden is lifted from the giver] ).
I gave her my card with my website url explaining that it would be easier for her and me if she would look at the blog,detailing what I do and why.But ,I warned her that I had links,on my site to Witchcraft100 and WitchVox,for my own personal education on what the heathens (LOL) were up to and their theologies. Got to know the nature of the disease before an effective stimulus can be applied. She immediately turned to the lady with her and said,"What did I tell you! A witch!"I immediately told her that I was not a Witch(or what they perceived as a witch) as that is a deceivement of the the devil and that all power comes from God.These were sites for my own education.
See,I wear a pendant that my good friend Bill( an expert in greek and the Bible[he would never have gave me something profane as he is adept and loving of me,as a result of his awareness of my ministry and the respect he holds for God and me] ) gave me and they don't understand that the dragon(eastern mysticism;This large, mystical creature may represent large and mystical forces inside of you. In the Far-East it is believed that the dragons are spiritual creatures that navigate through the air and through the sky.the dragon is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions, extreme materialism, and be able to obtain greater inner and outer freedom. ) above the cross is not Satan!The circle of protection on that cross symbolizes the protection I receive while under the shadow of my Fathers wing bearing my cross.They've seen me wear it.And only one person has been strong enough to ask about it( Connie ;RCIA).The president called(?) or was called by everyone in the charity game?Hence,their ignorance and hate of me and the sick games they have played.But then again,if they perceive the dragon as satan,then their actions and words are even more meaningful to me for the act of forgiveness.Every time I look in the mirror I see this dragon, and it reminds me not to be(too) angry at these offenders as I understand how easily they are misled by our greatest enemy.I have to forgive my greatest enemy for deceiving these poor children.A commandant of my Lord,Jesus Christ.What merit is it to forgive only those you love. Even evil people do that. I don't make this stuff up.My Father has taught me well.It still pains me,though :( I cried in my sleep last night and woke up with tears on my face this morning.Why won't you at least get to know me?And then you can make an informed decision to feel whatever you like.
I am not offended at the insults and lies directed at my person. Some of you hope that I will just go away.Your own guilt and shame inflict and cause you pain. But I understand the nature of the disease...or would you not be at peace with the decisions and actions that would cause me to live in the street like an unwanted stray...hungry,thirsty,tired and alone?My Father would give me the money for my needs,but obviously he didn't and I was sent to you and the charitable organizations that were set up to help people such as I.Yes,it is an injustice what has been afforded to my person by the lies and dysfunction of those complicit in these actions or inaction's ..or just plain dragging of the feet. Are you not aware that I know of the gossiping lies? You think all these things were done in secret. My Father sees all. I am aware.I am not offended of your condition. I love you.I forgive you. But ,please stop for your sake! Injustices are repaid with injustice.Unexpectedly.To those we love.Even you ,have those you love.What is it about me that offends you so? If you spent some time to know me ,your fear would leave. Your true fear is that you know that you would love me. Loving someone you had dreamed .the dream is real.that scares you. It's OKAY! I Love matter what. My pain and tears are for you. You are worthy, for me to shed my precious tears over . That is the beauty you need. It is real.This your medicine.Accordingly due!

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