Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Outside with my God!(lol)

"Where do you live now, if you don't mind me asking? At the Jesus House, another shelter?
Write back soon,

I am at this time experiencing and being made aware of what most of the people who live "in" the "outdoors"go through, that cannot be apparent to those who have not gone through it.
Rain.Harrassment.pestilence.Fear.Violence.To name a few.
It was necessary for me to learn of it this way,though it was brought on by the malfeasance ,malcontent and avarice of certain individuals,though it was by the grace of God,for His Glory.No coincidences or mistakes in this world of His.I had to be informed to be able to make informed decisions and take informed actions. I am doing research,willingly. I do not suffer,though I do see why many do and it is usually as a result of a lie designed to keep them from the presence of God, 'If I'm suffering then there must be no God or He doesn't care for me enough to end it!"Or something to that effect,variations abound. I heard this from a man yesterday motivated to walk with a bible and to go searching for an answer.Those who suffer are there for those who are able to relieve their suffering.It gives everyone the honor and duty,through freewill, to exercise the Love and Compassion of our Father,to be Royal and Noble,as we were created in His Image for this reason.We are not impotent in our embodiment of humanity, as the accuser of humanity would want us to believe.To deny our true worth and potential is to deny God Himself.Hence the reason many are now being moved by the Holy Spirit, to reaffirm our existence and to validate and sanctify our brothers and sisters in the process.To draw all people to God.
Yes,it has been very uncomfortable at times living in my sleeping bag outdoors(not really,as I am graced to be at peace in my life,though when my brother is peaceless it is of no value to me unless I am able to afford him the same right to it,informedly),though it has been invaluable beyond measure in experience and knowledge.No coincidences in God's world. I've learned many things I would have never known had I not gone through this. I was the one able and willing to learn this side of why "the" dysfunction permeates our society,our nation ,our people.And through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the Gift of Christ Jesus,promote this healing for the benefit of all of God's creation.
Yes,at this time I live with nature.My Father is good to me.Under a tree, in the grass living like a lion.

Clean.Fed.At peace.
Of course I, at times,get very tired due to my depreciated physical condition and it would benefit me if I had a place to rest and lie down,be still.My scholarship is almost over,thank God.God ,in His wisdom,knows "all" that He needs to reveal to me for His work to be done.In His due time and mercy, He provides rest.Amen.
Teodoro Leon III.

Most people can't survive outdoors and keep up some sense of dignity as the result of the stigma attached to the word "homeless".I have been 40 days or more in the wilderness that is called Downtown Oklahoma City and am still able to be at peace and keep clean and carry myself well, as you can see. I'm graced by the God of my Love.I'm graced by the Love of my God.
I "LIVE" where ever I am.Let us allow our brothers and sisters to "LIVE" where ever they are and what ever circumstance and situation they find themselves.Because a man might live in a mansion does not guarantee that he "lives " with peace and contentment.

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