Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The great profit in enabling some to be "Homeless".

Part I The Great profit in...
Part II That's right,let's open...
Part III Guilt By Association

The malicious reason for the increase in street people in downtown Oklahoma City.
Many that I encounter have been permanently banned from the mission,usually for a small infarction.(They have no access to the inside and the simple services such as documentation) View table here (click) or click on table to enlarge
Ex; standing on the sidewalk outside of the mission,after getting off the bus.No,I am not exaggerating.I hope to document in the future how many of these there are that have been banned.I can make a good assumption that it is in the 100's;hence the reason for the huge increase from 2005-2007 listed on your site.658-94=564 more people in two years,which is not in proportion to the other columns.Next survey ask them this specific. I know Ron Jensen gets a thrill every time,he gives someone a "Vacation" and he has never had qualms kicking a mother and small children out in the freezing winter cold without jackets.For weeks at a time. I know this for a fact.You know that I do not artificially inflate facts to sensationalize an expose...The truth is bad enough.We have some serious problems created by a few men.Is your organization in a position to change this nondocumentation that hinders many from getting the help they need?Is it verifiable government red tape,I need to know before I proceed on this research,to write an informed article so that those wanting to help may come up with a viable answer based on the obstacles.
click here to view table and chart of Totals from Homeless Alliance ,then scroll down to bottom of the page!

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