Saturday, March 24, 2007

I've been on vacation... and SEMASYS,my prior job.

Sorry you have not heard from me in a couple of see I've been on vacation.What!You ask,"How can a homeless man go on vacation?"First,I don't consider my self homeless.I make a conscious effort to live at the mission(read "The cleaning supplies...") .I do have money that I have saved from my jobs,I do have a bank account w/ a visa check card that I use exclusively for purchases in the keep the change program at Bank of America,my bank.I have a state of the art mp3 player that I use for my website as a work tool.I have a nice digital camera that I also use for the websites and my photography portraits and scenes that I sell to friends and people that I meet on my travels.Yes,I went on vacation from the mission and the people there who are so overwhelmed by their situation and the place they find themselves that they exude a foul odor that others are not
aware of(some are actual odors but I mainly speak metaphorically) and the distress and sickness that has overcome them is draining on a healers psyche and therefor must retire, (usually to another chaos )away for recovery.

These people pictured here are Ron and Carol
who work in the carpenters shop at SEMASYS,where I worked all of last year til this Jan. I was layed off or let go...see the union that controls the peons(labor ready ...temps)dictate that if a temp is not hired in 6 mths. the company must let the temp go for a month.I had worked there on/off since 2005.I made 6.oo/hr for the last3 mths.Before that ,we all made(temps)5.15/hr.we usually worked 60-70 hrs a week.To me ,this is not a livable wage and I was exhausted, but I was able to put most of the money I made into a hole in the ground.I rode my mountain bike and my BMX bike an average 15-20 miles a day.I had to be there at 5:00 am,so I left the mission at 3:30am.We got off @ 3:30pm. I am amongst the working poor.God Bless them.I figure I put 1800 miles on both bikes in about 6 mths.Went thru two sets of tires and three innner tubes.the bearings went out on the BMX.I rode hard,worked hard and played hard.I eventually sold these bikes thru Carol for Ten bucks a piece! That's what I was doing there...picking up the moola..look at the pic below...I lifted a lot of weight and my arms show it.The pic was actually taken in the carpenters shop.

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