Friday, March 9, 2007

This is where the deinstitutionalized go...

This guy has the mind of a 6-7 yearold...he still plays w/
his stuffed bunny.Never speaks.Very docile.
Of course, Mr. Cooper does speak but it is usually jibberish in the tone of a haitian or french.DAbooDA boo (bow) .Well, when he likes, he actually speaks perfect english!

This here is Roy.He never speaks to anybody we can see, unless spoken to.But he does freely chat w/those we don't see.
this video shows Roy sitting on a bench,( it usually is the same bench ) for the last year and 4 mths , that I know of personally.All he does is sit there. H edoesn't go anywhere outside the mission.talking to people we can not see.cutting up clothes.designing new stuff.all by himself. ALONE.within himself.sewing his new creations.on that bench.or one like it.
Is he alright? Does he want more than than that bench and the floor he sleeps on at night next to that bench. I am too embarrassed to ask him , in fear that he will say 'Yes he does want more 'and I don't have the resources or the ability or the answer he needs to get him where he needs to be. Is he happy? Maybe I'll ask him some day....

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