Saturday, March 10, 2007

You're going to break my camera...?

The guy that was working on this site said ,"somebodies taking pics...I'm going to break your camera!""I'm 'Not' an Inspector, Really!"

Heres beautiful Rikki Gartner,John M's daughter!
She is not homeless..just a beautiful part of my life!

(NCAA Big 12 3-10)you don't see many undesirables in this video because the city cleans up a week before an event by rounding up those that the public might be uncomfortable with...out of sight ..out of mind.That is why alot of people are not aware of the extent of the homeless crisis.

But I have to Go!!This is the OKC Bus terminal on Sat.3/10 at 7:18 am and the doors are locked.People are standing outside and the air is a little nippy.On saturdays people w/no where to go would hang out at the terminal and watch Tv.The TV'S are now off on the Sat.Funny soon as I started shooting it took the security all of 1 1/2 mins to find the keys and start opening the doors.

Heres another story....when I asked the gentleman, who basically runs the mission ,what happened to my mail( that was missing but was up on the roster)he replied,"What do you expect..these are homeless people and homeless people steal.I have to high of a turnover in homeless volunteers to put one person on the mail."When I asked him if he had a problem w/ me pursuing the matter through other channels such as the postal inspector he said, "Do what you want."It took them 20 mins to find my mail that had been missing for a day.By the my little short life I have noticed that the stealing done in our society usually comes from people w/homes and those who don't (according to statistics)are a very small segment of society.But if you take into account the ratio of homeless who are mentally ill to those that aren't it starts to look significant(Drug addicts,boozers,physically disabled,mentally challenged)as most homeless have severe limitations to function in this society due to these severe problems.The words of Ron Jensen goes to show that bias and prejudice views are also held by the people that are supposed to help eleviate this problem through some viable answer.There is not one answer because this problem of homelessness is a multiple variable.I do have some ideas......!
But like I said,these are the undesirables,the embarassments,the throwaways of our society...take a look at the guy who still plays innocently with his bunny..he is but a child!the cold hard institutions of the past were not the answer(isolation)to people w/ different "needs".But ironically the communal ,social enviroment of the mission with its many different types of peoples and their capacities is sort of life sustaining for some of these people,as it is the closest thing to a family enviroment they have in their life or have ever had.But come on,can't they get a place,a space of their own were they can have the little dignity most of take for granted,privacy.At this mission,there is no one actively seeking out these individuals and trying to alleviate this homeless problem by tending to needs that are evidently there and responding with the programs such as section 8 and public housing to accomadate people like Roy,Cooper and the others who don't have the capacity,patience,ability,skills.... to perform the required actions to take advantage of these resources and alleviate there own burdens.These processes are even a bit much for me to handle and I find it trying.Now like I said...I have some ideas...!You?

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