Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A month or so before an event the city starts..cleanup

A duck waiting his turn at the bathing!

A month or so before an event(ex; city arts festival held in the MYRIAD GARDENS )the city starts cleaning up by implementing and enforcing new rules(the same old rules) such as no loitering around the mission in a two block radius. Sounds good, except that leaves most of those people nowhere to go except the library and the surrounding downtown area if you go east and north.People found talking to someone outside the mission area, will risk 30 days barment from the mission.They are trying to encourage the homeless to go to one of those missions further out from downtown so as to diminish the frequency of homeless sightings by those visiting our fair downtown area.
There is a man referred to by the homeless as the HOT DOG man who ,on Sundays,passes out free hot dogs to these people.Some one asked at the new mandatory 700pm meeting where these issues are discussed or dictated,"What about getting a hot dog from the man on Sunday, can we go and get a sack?"you should have heard the booing and raucous when old Jensen replied with that little look he gets when he is kicking someone out of the mission,"well...I am not going to tell you that you can't go and get one ,but you risk being barred for thirty we feed more than enough, per person, at 3 meals a day.....there is no one going hungry
here(this is the truth in the amounts they get)....your displeasure is not going to change this matter...".Some one in the audience,"are you talking about the don't even eat here..."
The mission is getting a little emptier since they've put the screws on.....but guess what,they've got to go somewhere.And what I saw the other day is an indication of where they go .
Sean was at the Myriad gardens , first filling up his water jugs from the fountain. And then he brushed his teeth in the fountain...then he started to bathe...He is one who is not mentally ill...just depressed( I know that depression is an illness)and 24 yrs old. He is one who can't see his child because his woman decided that she needed to be a lesbian at an inconvenient moment in his life...some thing to be depressed about avoid the added stress of the mission and the screws...he 's camping out.But he needs to do his business and he is doing his personal hygiene in a very public place ...thanks Ron Jensen and you wise people who think these wonderful answers up for the city..I get to watch a guy bathe in a drinking fountain!It 's undignified for all.Hell, it is all one big project in the experimental stages. As humans ,they are all new to this and still learning. It is not perfect .But some things are done out of malicous pride and vanity. And being the humans they perceive themselves to be , they can deduce no other viable answer , hidden , as a result of their hardened hearts and their blind eyes .These motives and actions are a result of years of social conditioning and consequences so that it is no wonder the answer it is not apparent and it seems common place to act and treat humans accordingly.

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