Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Must be in a hurry....

This is the copta parking garages at 5:30am

Oooh,I couldn't help but take a pic of this cool car!

This flag taken @400iso @6:00am near the City Church(I sure am up early getting these pics)

This man was such in a hurry that he cut right in front of me to order!
Of course I said ,"in my country we usually ostracize a person for cutting the line,but of course it's alright because you must really be in a hurry."He denied knowing anything of what I was talking about but was so overwhelmed by my comments that when the cashier asked him what kind of toast he wanted,he said w/ a bewildered look,"Toast?"I said," yeah buddy ,that the stuff they do to bread by toasting it."He'll think twice about cutting again!Heheheheeee!

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