Monday, April 2, 2007

The death of Milton in Crack Haven.

Milton was the long time clerk at the store on Main Street downtown that many referred to as the" Greek store".He lived on the 800 block of W California, across the street from the CRM video of emergency personnel arriving What I hear ,is that he had been dead all weekend and only on Monday, was it noticed that something, was amiss.The building is a notorious crack house and the gangs had run anyone out who was not buying their crack. I am sure the party on the weekend was too lucrative to be interrupted and hassled by the proper authorities being there.Wait till Monday.
He was the one that would take your money for your purchases at the Greek store(cashier), and I am not going to lie and say he did it with a smile , for he rarely smiled, but he was a decent fellow. Hate to think of him in his last moments wondering if maybe he could have survived if someone hadn't been so busy smoking crack and phoned the EMSA earlier. He was tired. rest with God,Milton.

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