Monday, April 21, 2008

Another form of ignorant exclusivity.

Well, let me ask your opinion on this question.Did Jesus have a brother named Thomas?According to the canonized gospels,he did.Or was it ,again a mistranslation?Cousin?What does the Greek translate to.I need a site that gives the Greek/English,side by side.The reason is that I have from a catholic reference to Thomas[ Thomas was referred to as Didymus(the twin) only in John(11:16,20:24,21:2) ]the twin(dydimus), stating he was his brother.Now this is a calendar with the imprimatur,official stamp of the Vatican,and this years edition to boot.Now I have a reference going a bit further stating that he was called a twin because he was literally his twin.Now him being Jesus's twin is hard to fathom(considering I've never heard of Marys double birthing)...but if he was his brother it is possible that he had a strong resemblance to Jesus,hence being called his twin and brother.Now , I just got into it with some street "preacher" standing on the other side of the street of the library, who first stated that only the elect will enter the kingdom of heaven(which is ,according to Jesus,within us) and out of his ignorance stated with malice that he" loved" me, despite my person not getting into the "kingdom" as a result of my questions and challenges to him.He can't "love" me , he does not know me to love me.Sugar coated sarcasm.He stated that Mary had no other children, hence his statement that Jesus was the only "Son of God"(that wasn't the question).That is why he got mad.When I asked "was it not possible that Mary had other children other than Jesus after His birth?"(The Lord's brothers were James, Joses, Simon, and Judas. James the Apostle was killed by Herod early on(Acts12:2), and James the Lords brother became a believer and wrote the epistle.), he got mad.I asked him to show me were in his bible it stated or implied that Mary was celibate( contraceptives not allowed in Judaic society) or never had children after Jesus.He got even madder!
Lets look at the the humanity of Mary and Joseph realistically.Sure, Joseph was possibly so traumatized by the appearance of the angel , the immaculate conception and the virgin birth that he never attempted to consummate his marriage to Mary and produce other children.Unlikely. It was Gods command to procreate.
Mary ,herself might have been unwillingly to consummate her marriage to Joseph after the birth of Jesus,claiming Holiness,"keep your filthy paws off my draws Syndrome".Unlikely.
They were both devout Jews. A devout Jewish couple would have done Gods will through the sacrament of marriage and that meant consummating the marriage if not out of love then duty."Go forth and multiply." What would the neighbors had said if Mary had not produced others besides Jesus?.That she was not holy?That she would have been barren( considered in Judaic society as a curse from God) would of have been abnormal.
This street preacher named James the Apostle(that is how he introduced himself) claimed the bible in his hands was perfect. I to an extant agreed.But , I told him a book did not limit God or Jesus in their history.Just because it's not in the bible , an issue is false?Dinosaurs? The other side of the world?Countless items.
Just because it doesn't say in the bible that Jesus ever took a wiz or pooped,we should understand that he never did?That's just an example. Just because it doesn't say in the bible that in his life ,Jesus was ever married, does that mean in his humanity that he did not see the beauty in certain women or find them attractive?I know that He, being aware of His nature, Son of God, did not defile their image with perversion or lust.But that is not the same as recognizing their beauty and appreciating that gift.
This man James, through his inability to be open and through his ignorance, claims exclusivity of Jesus.He crucifies my Lord on a daily basis with his hate and lies, over and over again.Because he "believes" he "knows" God.Jesus.He knows neither.
And as a result, he doesn't know me( or even makes an attempt to know me) and he can't truly love me or forgive me.Sugar-coated Jesus?
He stands on the corner causing more harm to those seeking my Father by propagating lies and half truths through arrogance, ignorance, bias, prejudice and exclusivity than he would if he just kept to himself and made an attempt to understand his disease and then from there to go on his search to find himself and God.Peace and wisdom,through the gift of the Holy Spirit, be with you all,including you my brother, James the Apostle.Amen(so be it).

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