Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the prodigal son

Hello ,just read your letter . I can't help you if I do not know you.I'm writing to let you know that I may not be living at the address I gave you much longer,as I am behind on the rent and the agencies that promised me funds(community action,catholic charities...)have reneged on the promises or have just dragged their feet sending the check to my Apt.manager.Catholic Charities has taken over 2 weeks,after a promise to my manager for funds,in even acknowledging that they sent the check!CommunityAction said they would send a check for $150 and then when I followed up on it yesterday,I was told my app had been denied.So after 3 weeks of promises, my manager is in a position that I understand.I have no money, so the phone # on my card will not be active,as it has no minutes.On the subject of your demons:It is lauded that those at City church are trying to heal you by exorcising,but, and this is a big but,they are treading on dangerous paths.I saw no power or authority on their part that indicates they really know the nature of the disease( or the names).Self edification is not power or authority.Reading bits of scripture from here and there does not give you the education and tools to combat the sickness.I see they have no understanding .The reality of the matter must be exposed.You are healed! They would have no"mission"if you were healed ,so they impress on you your sinfulness. A lie! It is arrogance on their part.It is causing you more burden and confrontations."Forgiveness". This is the key.Our greatest enemy must be Forgiven .His sickness is what enables him to seek you out.And if you don't understand his nature, you can't forgive. And he continues to harass you , as a lonely pained child always does looking for some attention and acknowledgement,one who is hated by most of humanity for all the wrong reasons.He is separated from the presence of God.He is filthy, disheveled , alone and in extreme pain as a result of his arrogance that has separated him from his Father.He is the "Prodigal Son". An angel, created by and of God,who through the love of his Father, received his inheritance and squandered it.He could not understand that.He became a ruler.But he had no wisdom.And he was jealous of his brother and humanity.Now he is really scared and angry,for he had been released for but a short time.But the Father is merciful and kind and waits for his return.For all creation (seen and unseen)must acknowledge the Truth,that God is the Creator and must return to Him for wholeness and health.Lucifer was the most beautifulest of His angels and out of love allowed him the gift of his inheritance(the world).But the separation from Him was an education and preordained so that he could fully attain what he was jealous of ,the gift afforded to humanity, Flesh and Spirit.And in such,as the the antagonist of humanity,he does Gods will,to afford humanity,through the son Jesus the rightful inheritance of humanity, of all of Gods creation,"GOD".We,in our humanity and arrogance believe we can question Gods will,that He some how or another made a mistake ,here and there.Gods will is to draw all of His creations to Himself,rightfully. In Gods wisdom. All things that God made must eventually return to Him. Amen.

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