Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yes ,let's reveal the truth.The Truth of violence.And Revenge.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Rachels Challenge"You Just May Start A Chain React...": they should have killed you! think of how happy all the people from your past would be. your sister, brother and father. you fucked up their lives! 17 stab wounds! not enough! you should receive 17 stab wounds for every time you hit your sister. do all these readers know about your real past? tell the truth! don't hide behind the name of GOD.

Dear Mr. Anonymous ,
You are really in need of some wisdom. read this . something to ponder.Did you take into consideration my dad's interest in having these things of ours put on the web before you made your very public Comment .I am going to print the story if he insists on continuing half truths , innuendos, and not accepting "all" of ours responsibility in this sorrow. I am more than willing to write the story but I don't think he's going to like it.All these things can be verified one way or another through examination. I know who I am.I know alot more of him than he wants to believe,he's good at self deception.Example;ignoring every cry for help that was visible to his naked eye. The fact that Christy was a living skeleton. She was extremely anorexic.When I time AND TIME again TRIED TO TELL HIM he 'd always brush it off as "she's at a perfect weight"."you're all just jealous of her!" She was less than 90 lbs.!!?Come on, nobody can look good with a bone protruding out and hanging from her shoulder socket.Why? In spite of these things ,I loved my sister and brother. I was forced by Lupe and by Christy's , unwillingness .Maybe you should ask Teodoro Leon Jr. if he wants me to continue. You think your comment is not traceable? Now ask him why he never took Christy to a doctor or hospital during this time.I will wait for a reasonable time for your response. At lioner2@yahoo.com

Yes.You're right. But of course you only get half truths.Why not reveal yourself and we can bring the truth of the matter to light together.So much suffering.For them still.And for you.Ask Christy. And then ask Carlos. then you ask Lupe.And then you ask Ted Leon Jr. how he drove ,through a severe beating of Lupe while she was pregnant, this woman crazy enough to torture all of us through extreme manipulations.Yes ,it seems you know just a half truth.Hence the reason this comment won't be deleted. I told that woman, Lupe ,a long time ago ,that she could say whatever she wanted , but that I would not be part of her sickness of violence and revenge.I repented many years ago,only by God's grace, hence the reason I was always leaving and living on the street(she always found me) as a teenager.I left my dad in Georgia for this reason,Because of the game that woman still played.She kept whispering for his death. I left everything then and have many times since, because I have never been deceived since and will no longer be manipulated by no one.So lets bring out the truth,Anonymous, and we shall see the true mercy God has provided for us all. Looks I have much more to write about.Thank you for your candidness.
I fucked up their lives?That sure gives me a lot of power, to this day.You are wrong, that was one aspect of their lives. But I guess you know the truth because you were there? Let us ask .But of course you might not like what is revealed of the "Sanctity" of Ted Leon Jr.Where was I conceived? ask my mother and T. Leon Jr.And why?Let's reveal the truth,shall we.Too Late.Of course feel free to respond. I will tell the truth.Been wanting to for awhile. The lies and manipulations of the truth and half-truths has gone on long enough.
Who's hiding behind the name of God? What kind of ignorant statement is that? I've told the truth from the beginning. I told my wife Ellen. I told the therapist at O.U.. I told many people.Never have I hidden it ,for the simple fact that I wanted people to know what God has done for me.For the simple fact that I wanted people to know the extent of violence and revenge. Because I wanted people to know a true act of Forgiveness. How even the most blessed are manipulated due to the guilt ,shame and arrogance of others' own convictions. How what severity people such as yourself impose by calling for blood and not following Christs commandment of Forgiveness. No ,don't forgive me. It's a grace of and from God. You can not forgive unless you forgive informedly. Yes , there is much to forgive. Your hate has already caused you to act with out wisdom...but maybe this is the only way. It started with a phone call to Ted Leon Jr. by someone that I intentionally gave his location to at dinner.And I knew what would happen.Did T.Leon think he could just slander me with no consequences for his half truths. The sins of the father. Ask Christy to tell the truth and what part she played,willingly.She was no innocent victim. Ask Carlos, tell him to tell you how I would hit that belt on the ground as hard as I could and instruct him to yell as loud as he could as if I had hit him( because Lupe wanted to hear these noises).He did it. He did not get hit,anymore.And we laughed.
Sins of the step mother. Ask Christy how I would instruct her time and time again to do the same. She would not scream.She would stare at me with defiance. She would go immediately into the house and tell Lupe the game I had attempted. I would be trumped with an assault charge by Lupe and go to jail. I would be kicked out of the house by some lie of hers that she told Ted Leon Jr., and he would willingly consent to it. All because I didn't want to hit Christy and Christy would not go along because of her perverse attraction to Lupe.Lupe force fed her and Carlos excessive amounts of food that she piled high on their plates. Ted Leon didn't notice?Lupe induced the anorexia on her.She was wickedly smart.Should I go on?Because this is not how it begun. I shall go back and fill in the blanks for you perverts that get a kick out of suffering . I shall tell of the sins of the father he would pass on to a young 14 year old kid that was manipulated by a woman he turned evil due to his violence. He is the one crying out for help now.
"Is it because,Ted Leon Jr., the next time you tried to wash the wall with her blood I got between you and her at the age of 13 and I told you that I would not allow you to do this to her or yourself ever again. And you being a grown man submitted to my statement with reluctance. You already knew then, that I spoke with power and authority, even then,hence the reason you made no attempt then or ever again to shed her blood."But you did make the statement to her,'See what you've done! You turned my son against me!' No I am not against you, never have been. If it hadn't been for me ,we would have all suffered an extremely painful death. To bad your hate for me and this woman's hate for us divided us...I tried to tell you. You always punished me. You were baffled.She told you so many lies and you believed them all.She manipulated you then and still does to this day. "

A history of violence.
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