Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God is with us!!! Pray to Him!! Now!

I've got an appt. with Sister Susan @ 9:30 tomorrow morning.I should be still able to make it on time to see you.
Bible study was canceled, again.But I still went upstairs to the meeting room.The door was locked to the room. Sister Susan should have been gone by then (all making the miracles profounder) , in fact the doors to the building should have been locked. She met me at the elevator on my way down. She told me that Bible study had been canceled and was surprised no one had called me to tell me.I told her I didn't have a phone. I then started to remove the bible study books and hand them to her,explaining that I would not have room in my backpack.She looked at me like "what?" I explained , that as of tomorrow , I would be homeless and would not have room for them in the back pack.But that I thought she should know why and how I was going to be homeless, in case she was not aware . I first told her about the promised money from catholic charities.The phone calls to my manager.The promises.The requirement of faxing something stating I lived there.The 3 weeks of waiting.How my manager thought that some catholics were liars. And then how we went there on Friday and how I just happened to intersect Sandra Carrillo, the social services assistant,in the lobby.How other times I've waited 1 1/2 hrs in the lobby being held at bay by the receptionist.And then having to leave.I told her about Sandra Carrillo and how she had immediately became defensive and how she said first ,that they didn't do rental assistance and when I asked her why she had called my manager,how she then said how they don't pay rent on motels and when I reminded her that the place was incorporated as a motel from its' inception and that it was actually an apartment and that they had been aware of it , how she then said she was not sending any money,her decision . I told her that I believe she was under duress and that I had told her this.That I had told her I was just happy that she had finally just told me the truth. 3 weeks later.This was all news to her and I could see the genuine concern in her eyes. She asked me if I had spoken to Tim Connor,the director.I told her that I could not get past the receptionist!
She then anxiously asked me how was she going to get a hold of me if I'm homeless.I at first thought she meant for bible study.I told her I wasn't going to be coming back.Then I could tell in her eyes that she wanted me to come back.But what she really meant was that she was going to call Tim Connor herself and make me an appointment. I told her that if she thought it would do any good I could come back and see what happened. I told her someone was trying to run me away for some reason and that I believe that Sandra Carrillo was under duress and orders despite Sandra stating that it was her decision.Well,they have a funeral at the church tomorrow at 10am.I told her that my manager was very lenient in giving me time ,until 5pm,but that she leaves at 1:00 pm,though her asst. lived on the premises and would be able to call her from her phone if an answer could be found that could keep me there. Thank you for your prayer.It gives me hope.Unexpected,again.thank you Father. Hope!
And then get this.No coincidences.Keep in mind, she should have been gone, long ago.A lady came up to the door.Sister did not recognize her.My first impression was that she was a homeless woman in need of something.Sister unlocked the door and asked her if she could help her...and then she started beaming and immediately embraced this woman with such love that I have not seen except for what I would imagine the father with the prodigal son...overwhelming joy! It felt so good.And then she told her that," I was just thinking and praying about you!" No really.At first the lady didn't grasp it.I told her it was no coincidence,Sister should have been gone long ago, but that I had delayed her.Then she grasped.She told us that she wasn't supposed to be there either except for the fact that she was downtown at the arts festival and it got rained out and her friend was giving her a tour of downtown and she just happened to turn and see Sister Susan in the doorway talking to me .This woman was a cherished relative of one of the Sisters at her convent at Villa Theresa. She hadn't seen her in a long time and really did think about her and pray she would see her.Immediate answer to prayer.And she was happy to introduce me and I blessed her and took her hand then and when she left and said,"Peace be with you." It was overwhelming joy for each of us ,this encounter.Blessed be God forever. This I write to you to impress the immediate answer to prayers.So, pray that the Holy Spirit is with me and those we encounter tomorrow so that Gods peace and will be done expeditiously, God is with us and wants us to know it and do his work. I think it was your prayers and my willingness to bring it out inthe open(reluctantly) that effected this. This letter is also directed to you ,Bill. Friends, that love me enough ,to pray for me.What a blessing!Amen.

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