Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yes, now I'm homeless!

Sister Susan called to catholic charities for me and spoke to Tim Connor the director,and had me go there to see a woman named Susan...she came to the lobby and started talking to me about my case there in the lobby ,which was a good indication she was not taking me to her office ,which was a good indication the outcome was going to be in the negative,for me. Bulls eye. At least I'm not as naive or willing to give the benefit of the doubt as I used to be , I saw it for what it was."Well the reason we can't assist you is because it's a motel and you don't have a lease agreement". I told her I was under the impression from Sister Susan that the lease would not be an issue,as they were well aware of the status of the place as incorporated as a motel, but that it was actually an apartment. I already knew that was the reason ,I told her. So, I told her that I came all this way for nothing, again, and now you have also lied to Sister Susan, by allowing her to believe that they were going to assist me.Why then, would Sister Susan had sent me there, again to be told the same thing? I told her that they were all willingly complicit in their lies, time and time , again. I told her those times that I sat in that lobby waiting for hours allowed to me to see to what extent they would lie."No we don't assist in rent," Sandra Carrillo would tell walk-ins that I supposed she had no intention of helping. So , then I asked her if it was a federal guideline they were following, because then it would be apparent why they were so willing to lie, because they no longer were"Catholic Charities" but a corrupt federal agency.She said that these were "their" guidelines. I told her that made it even more corrupt, it being Catholic Charities. I asked her if I then called my manager and if she would fax a lease agreement, would that do?I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn't going to approve the monies one way or another, but what could she say in the lobby with witnesses? Of course she said yes. I called Linda and asked her if she had an actual lease she could fax and of course Linda said no ,for legal and money reasons(they'd have to take me to court if I failed to pay rent and that it would cost them "money"). Well , that was the end of that. I told Susan it was obvious that they were all complicit in the gossiping and lies( I told her I was aware that it was Kathy Vance at ST. Vincent DE Paul who started the problems and that they were complicit according to their actions and behaviours) . I told her that it was God who had put them in these positions of power at Catholic Charities and as they were unwilling to do Gods work they would first be removed from their positions and "lo and behold " they would all find themselves homeless.I told her an injustice is paid with an injustice.And when it happened ,remember why.The disease runs deep.
I then told her that if they had just been willing to do Gods will they would have been aware of the manipulation and deceivements, but now that they went along willingly ignorant they were just as much as fault. I then passed out my card and explained to her that I had reluctantly wrote up an article on my site listed on the card detailing the eventsClick here to read , along with the names of those willingly involved in my suffering. I told her about the stigmata imposed on me by a man( Dr. Gary Anderson,there are 3 @Baptist Integris, so exclude the other Garys) and how I have walked from downtown with extreme pain in my foot to be lied to again and again.She said she could give me a bus token.I told her I would rather suffer their lies and the pain to give more merit to the act of forgiveness. During this time , people are in the lobby area listening( employees).Nobody challenged me .Nobody said what I was saying was untrue.They all knew it was the truth.I said other profound things,but it would take all day to write get the gest of it.So ,yes ,as of 5 pm I am homeless due to the avarice ,malfeasance and lies of men(mainly women, the men were to much of cowards and worked behind the scenes).A corrupt and faithless generation.I can't tell any difference from the Gospel people and these people.It's like it's happening all over again.What a nightmare!! I'm too sick to be walking here and there to eat( I've got $5) so I've inclined myself to walk out of town and find a little wooded area and just sit.I'm tired. I was given false hope.I fell for it ,again.I'm sick and tired.Don't want to sit in some alley...just want some peace.Hence the reason of the wooded area.Peace.To top it off,even if I wanted to go to a shelter my card expired and I can not subject myself to anymore adulterants,the TB shot.It's an active virus.They give it for a reason other than protecting the public.Same thing with the card.To keep track and control.A corrupt and evil generation.No more my Father.Please empower me with my rightful inheritance .And send me the money that was stolen from me by family(50,000 my grand father had left me,but my dad having the same name... I've never seen it.)A nd certain people.So much has been stolen from me!But no food and water in a wooded area after walking all day to get there...I'll be so tired(exhausted), pray that I'm not alone for too long before the angels come for me...After 5pm I'll go finsh up my blog at the downtown library until 9pm,closing time.then I'll start walking. Starvation,thirst and the worst for a human; loneliness.
Yes , I don't know where I'll sleep...sure I have "friends" with roofs over their heads but like I said they are all crack heads(Hence my mission and the blog lives with his mother @" the courts"( crackville) at the age of 45 for the last 3 years. I won't impose on them.He's enough of a burden on her anyway.Robert,the man who stole from me, has a house with some older woman he's shacking up with and leeching off . And their home is excessively infested with roaches(so bad that the time I slept on their sofa there were literally 6 on me at a time while I slept, then even though they stole that huge amount ,when they couldn't make a profit off me ,they had no problem kicking me to the curb( they thought I was going to have a law suit against the jail for the non- medical treatment and be rolling in dough soon and when they realized that is not the way I work,out...but they never did recompense me for the theft) 3 weeks later.I usually left their house at 6:30 am( to make to mass at Our Lady's @ 7:30) and wouldn't return til 9:30 pm, as not to impose on their dysfunctional life.I'm an empath, and could barely stand being around them.I literally just slept there.My "friend " Jay has no woman, but does have his own place and I did stay a couple of nights on his sofa when I got really sick and couldn't literally move, but I got to see in that short time that he was a crack head also( he had kept it hidden from me) and that he had "people" there til 6:00 am smoking in his room.That shit wafes through the air and the negativity(evil) combined with that crack smoke in the air made me deathly ill .I would have left , but I was too sick.My friend Frank has a little efficiency at the Classen senior citizen Tower..but he is also a crack head and a drunk with the same scum leeching off him(He is a really nice guy).But I can't "hang" with these people, it makes me too sick,literally.
Even if I could go to the mission ,it's the same story...they smoke crack in the bathrooms with impunity.There is even an OKC police officer stationed there that does nothing. I just want peace.The trees don't smoke crack ,yet. But to get to a secluded spot means walking miles out of town from where I am at.Past I -240 to make sure I'm not on private property trespassing. So tired...couldn't realistically do it even if I was healthy as a goat. And then walk all the way back to 10th and robinson to get a free breakfast at 6:30 am.Listen people, I'm fucking sick(bronchitis,the foot surgeries,testicular masses and the bleeding I experience due to my diverticulitis[anemic at that], not to mention the 17 stab wound scars "all"[ yes ,these persons who did this intended me to suffer and they took great pleasure ]over my body including up and down my spine and in my lung.The people I know that don't smoke crack or have an extreme dysfunction in their lives are morally apathetic.They state that I could go do all the things listed above ignorantly. they just don't care.they have no understanding. So they lie and allow me to suffer. I really do feel like Job. I really, honestly, can't recall sinning against my Father.Yes I do smoke Marijuana, but it's a gift from GOD.It's a natural plant!Unadulterated.It s the only medicine that provides peace and relief. How can you smart people believe the lies about it killing brain cells.Would I be able to write as eloquently as I do if there was even an ounce of truth to this propaganda.I do not do man made "DRUGS". I am a naturalist.No aspirin.unless I'm in the hospital with a couple of holes in my footadulterants-and-my-body( click here) Those are the enslavers.The problem with pot and our youth?You assholes have never shown them to give thanks to GOD for it, less tell them the truth because you are deceived yourselves. You don't even give thanks to GOD for the wine and beers ,and spirits you consume.Hence , the reasons for mass consumption and obliteration.Learn to give thanks to GOD for all good things that he gave you and teach your children such. You people are mindless sheep !Wake up. Remember! Be aware and don't fall victim to the dictates of men.Moses only came down with 10 commandments. And why do you think those other" laws were added and by who. Remember Moses Father in law? And how it was not God who partitioned the duties but by a suggestion of his father-in law and maybe you can guess why and to who those duties they fell.Power,control,greed.Can't you see the perfection of the ten commandments? Are you going to say that God said later," Woops ,forgot a few things!" The five books (the Torah) contain both the complete system of biblical law, called commandments (Hebrew: mitzvah, pl mitzvot) of which 613 have been enumerated. Now I got this figure from wikipedia,so I'm not sure how accurate it is ,but as I recall from memory it is pretty close to , if not a liberal ,figure.

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