Monday, May 5, 2008

An Angel named Leah!

Leah :click here
Here is a woman, a friend, a true friend to Christ.Here is a person that gives without one having to ask.
I did actually write about her before, but I did not use her it is.. the article.
Answered Prayers.Thank you Father. sat, april,19th
Thank you for noticing the beautiful woman in me .The writer(Maya Angelou) I have heard of before and this is actually the 1st thing of hers I have read."Beautiful Christian Sister".You ,yesterday, were an answer to my prayers.I specifically asked my Father for someone to talk to. I asked for some one to invite me to their home .I asked that someone would invite me to dinner and share. I asked for someone to go to mass with me . I asked for someone to be a witness to the rejection and lies that I suffer at others hands.I asked for someone to help me in anyway they could.I asked for someone to inquire of God.Before ,yesterday, I had been alone for awhile. I was not alone for that day.All Day!It would have been a blessing if 1 or 2 of my petitions had been met and that would have been fulfilling of Gods promise.But, through your courage and willingness to do Gods will, He and you met, all in one Day these blessings.Blessed be God Forever.And blessed are you who heard God and responded , acted and provided a beautiful child such as me with love.I send forth my Holy spirit and the HOLY SPIRIT to you.Receive the breathe of life.And a special thanks to your husband, for you are one.He also receives my gift of love and kindness.I Love you both.FATHER ,SON and HOLY SPIRIT,AMEN.
She paid $50 to my rent.Without me even asking!She then waited for me at Catholic Charities for an hour and was also a witness to Sandra's statements.She then took me to lunch at Carl's Jr's,and afterwords we went to Mass.Church at 12:00 p.m. Then we went to her house to talk for hours...but what really impressed me was that she offered me water as soon as we walked through the door,well... she really just handed it to me.That's even better.What hospitality!!What courage.And she is only 22 years old.She then topped it off by picking El Chico's to eat at.She barely ate anything! A bowl of rice and tortillas.that poor darling.She said she was eating lite.I hadn't told her I had been craving El Chico's for months and I don't believe I had been there but once in my life, and that was in Dallas.She and God answered all my prayers.Her kindness I cherish. And then I met her husband and they are so beautiful together.They are so young readers, so keep them in your loving prayers, that they'll be blessed with over abundant joy,peace and prosperity. and no, she does not take every "homeless" person and squander naively her love and wealth, nor does her husband.Come on give them some credit.They are both extremely intellectual.And spirited. And responsive to God's Will.And I would never manipulate them for profit. I can''s against my nature.Do you have no understanding of me through reading my words that I write?They are my "words" and " thoughts".I love you Leah and Christopher.

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