Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bad seed,Bad Human,Bad Adam

This here folks is big O Bad Ass Adam W Tate.He likes to HIT!See,I've always encountered bullies in my travels and he is your typical bully.Big-6'0",200 lbs,ugly!!!Thing is with bullies is that they like to hit on things smaller themselves.dogs,cats, 5'4"people like me,and especially defenseless children.Adam Tates DOC Oklahoma record(click)Sunday morning he tells me to come here while he was sitting on a bench.I go.He tells me to sit.I say no,just tell me what you want .He says sit down !I say F***k you ,you don't run things like you think you do and you don't run me.He gets mad and says he 's going to kick my ass.I say OK, but let me do a couple of things and then I'll see you outside.I do my thing and come back to the pavilion area.See ,you cannot fight in or around the mission w/out being subject to "vacations".But I know this guy is a bully and he's hurt other people, people who cannot defend themselves. I can. I will. But this idiot tries to get my goat by slapping me right out of the blue, in the mission And the security volunteers just stood there and turned away.But con Adam wouldn't accompany me to property away from the mission , in the dark,w/no witnesses...because he's a bully.He did 5 years for beating or injury to a child.That must have been severe!I am an instrument of fate(not my will),your fate!Happy times Adam!

Update from 9/5/07 Adams death /click here

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