Thursday, April 5, 2007

This CHURCH's is the friendliest...

I was here 4-4-07 and the people that work here..
I wish" other" places would cater to the customer
just like the good old days as these folks do...a smile(LOL),hello,
thank you,oh my ,how I get all dizzy from what used
be common decency.Now it is like a luxury unless...
I hope it does not end..the owners were in and it
looked like they were discussing
plans with a remodeler...don't change the people!
they might be "new" (the owners) and I hope they
don't decide to make some changes that are
to the decency of the place.

700 NW 23rd

One of these is color and one sepia!
I like it!!(Myriad gardens)

This photo is of the Cafe Do Brasil
on walker near downtown.I liked
the way the bricks
and shadows...

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