Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do I spend all day at the CRM?

Contrary to what one may think(even the homeless),I do not hang out all day at the "Mission"(some people do actually spend all day, for years on end).It is really not my cup of tea for the day.All I basically use the place is for sleeping in at night and taking a shower and meeting the people.they all get there after 7 pm, anyway.I rarely ever eat there.I could save a lot of money eating there but I would also gain alot of weight as the food is laden with empty calories and carbs.I am at this time on a high protein diet to maintain my girlish figure and it is well worth it to me to spend a couple of bucks for some quality protein(hahaha).Mcdonalds is the cheapest route for the amount of protein you get.2 double cheese burgers and that is your daily requirement for the protein .for two dollars...can't beat that!(50 grams).So I get a couple of doubles and a grilled chicken snap wrap.


I leave the place about 5:30 am (3:30 if working)and usually don't return till curfew ,which is 7:00 PM.Your not in by 7:00 your not sleeping there for the night!That is unless you are a fresh arrival or you just got out of the hospital.I have a business(not a conventional type) that I must attend to and like any diligent person would do must be constantly on the move .With my bike I am able to travel more than 25-30 miles a day.I excercise with intent and that means always being to my max.I take supplements(Vitamin B-12,amino acids,bee pollen...etc)and always push my self to the max.To bad people judge me by my living situation, as this is the smallest part of my life.I'm not broke (surely not rich)or destitute.I'm not dirty.I'm really clean ...all my clothes are new.Got all my teeth.I'm really healthy!mentally ,emotionally,physically...spiritually!Like I have tried to impress on my good readers is that I've a purpose that would seem strange and fruitless and unfocused(pipedream) if you do not know me or the history of my life.This is what this blog is for...thru my eyes.My purpose is to be amongst those that have no voice,to be among those who are sick,in pain..who need peace in their affliction.These I seek out.Or should I say, Find me.

that is what I do all day....provide the medicine necessary for these peoples to exist with some repreive from the perpetual suffering...then teach them how to live and accept their condition...then how to change it if they don't lke their present situation!Narrow minded be aware that medicine comes in many different forms and there is a burden involved that most people can not or will not take upon themselves.So don't judge me before you know the whole story...when you get to know me ...you will be proud to know me (as my friends do) and the beauty that I am.

my purpose takes me to many different places and to many different people with very many different needs.Have you crossed my path today and gotten what you needed from me without even knowing it?

P.S. hope it's all good!

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