Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boy!last weeks workout!

This 1st pic is of the new Apartment complex going up in downtown OKC( 5th or6th & Walker)

This Pic is on the campus of
Oklahoma City University

Well let me tell you mister was a good week for me in the excercise department, as I had plenty of stamina and focus to ride out to Lake Hefner 3x this week from downtown(to ride and sunbathe), then down to norman for smoothies ,lattes ,yogurt and CD burning at Oklahoma Universitys' Bizzell Library.Then lunch at Food for Friends over near the Norman Jail.(good old fashioned spaghetti with marbled ice cream and cookies for dessert.Then later over to Oklahoma City University to check my email and the sites I am not able to access at the other Oklahoma City areas that offer free computer usage,.. and then of course to my friends houses for catch up.Wait a minute ,I also went over to Capitol Hill Elementary to use the Oklahoma City Community college technology center located within.They have Cd/DvD editing program for video and audio.If you happen to see me around town riding honk the horn in a friendly manner and I probably won't shoot you the finger(lol).

PS Can you average the miles I rode this last week(excluding the bus ride to norman),I'm not sure ...I 'll tell you later!

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