Friday, April 13, 2007

hated to see Roy Adams demise..

Roy Adams was an employee of the city rescue mission in the capacity of supervisor.(Nights,weekends,holidays).He was a hard ass ,but a fair one, who did his job as efficiently as the times allowed.What was his downfall?Allegedly he was dismissed from his position for illegal drug usage while on duty.I have this from a pretty reliable source.Evidence was found that he had been smoking crack in one of the empty rooms and he was possibly caught red handed. Man, I don't know what possesses a man to consume that shit w/ all the info we have and the obvious reactions and consequences that this shit does to people.educated people.people w/ a little experience under their belt...people my age being dumb asses and screwing up the rest of their lives with this shit(sorry ) because the usage of this crap usually means no return to normalcy.This is not a benign recreational drug.Come on ,whats up with this epidemic?they might as well be dead ...but I believe in the magick of love and persistence and how this creator still allows a glimpse of the miracles that could be achieved if we all would accept our own humanity and stop trying to run from it or pervert it or adulterate it with ideas we receive from deceptions.Okay, I must admit I am tempted , as we all are at times , by the shiny gems of life but I recognize the lie and remember the false promises that could never be kept. And I keep on going ...laughing, that the deceiver ,after all this time,still attempts his manuevers and how funny it is the way the human mind works(or another temptation?)by how easily we forget hard earned lessons and pains!Don't kill yourselves that way please..I am getting lonely on this planet with my friends all going.....

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