Friday, April 6, 2007

Riding my "new" bike.....

Look at these beautiful pictures and imagine me cruising through on my bike...of course you cannot ride bikes thru the Myriad Gardens...but...there is a program down in Norman that is called Bibles for Bikes or something to that effect,that provides a bike for someone who is trying to get a head.There is a criteria that must be met but call Becky at the Family Life Center for more info @ 360-5300.This service is provided by the First Baptist Church of Norman.It's that time of year to get those bikes out and give them a good cleaning and then a lube job.Tighten those things that came loose and then watch out for those Car Drivers that are not looking for you or ........maybe they are!When I called,Becky asked me for my name as it is spelled on my ID,and she said that they do a background check to make sure that you are safe enough to walk through their building.I called back later and asked her point blank if this was away for the city of Norman to catch people w/ warrants and her reply was"why,you have a warrant?"No ,but I might have some fines that I did not pay off .She assured me if that was the case she would tell me.she had already looked me up and she said I was fine ,comeon down.I gave this URL to her to take a closer look at who I am ,thanked her and told her I 'd be seeing her on tuesday.If you don't hear from me..

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