Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Now look at this!(Bike)

Well,it looks like I made it down to Norman safe and SOUND !
I made it over to the Family Life Center and met w/ Becky and what a joy
she was to behold...polite ...and the prettiest thing you ever did see !Now the Center was really nice with it's decor that was comforting and homey.Many thanks to the people that all had a hand in this to provide such a nice gift!Many Blessings to you all and may peace be with You and Yours.
To reach Becky at the family Life center call405-360-5300 and ask for the bikes and Bibles program.Tell her I sent you.

Here is the Taco bell at about

6:00 am,I was trying to capture

the majesty of the sky w/its'

purples and pinks and blues,but
the wind was not cooperating,maybe next time!

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