Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Psycho stalker security guard

This guy in the pics and video works for a company downtown
that patrols the area .Every other SG's
that I have encountered that works for this company has been polite and civil except this guy .He goes out of his way
to make sure that you know that you are being watched ,like following behind me for three blocks
in his truck,five feet behind me ..He has done it plenty of times before and always has a few choice words to throw in
...like "scum""homeless vet scum""get your homeless vet asses to the VA and get your dope and get off my streets""I'm keeping America safe from scum like you..." just to name a few that stickout in my head.I finally had enough and remembered that I had a video camera...and from what you can hear from me is that I'm fed up and pissed and that is the goal of this weirdo..to harass who he considers undesirables....make them cry ...lose their heads...make his sorry excuse for a person feel better by belittling people.I wonder how many people he has mistaken for homeless and treated them to the same....hospitality!I 've written his company( who at this time remain nameless).

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