Monday, May 19, 2008

How People find it so easy to lie!!And steal.

I have not met one person of lately that does not lie to me.Or steal from me.
Are they so poor that they think it is their right to lie and steal from me?Yes they are! Do most of them profess to know of God?Every single one.
They are liars. And thieves.They lie and steal from God.
Dysfunction?That is a sugar coated term.It goes beyond that.
No consequences? It used to be that way.
Times are changing. You all want to die?!You are already dead.
You do not know life.That facade that you call your life is a waste of humanity.Willingly wasted.Through your vanity. Miserable humans.
Thank you God for making the price of Gasoline(3.49@7eleven) beyond the reach of a new sector that was too complacent(in a matter of months,close to 100percent) .The untouchables?Welcome to true poverty.Now watch everything else go up in proportion;except your ability to keep up.Food?Housing ,medicine...everything!Obscene?You all deserve it. Most of you are OBSCENE.
The only ones I will cry for are the children.The innocent children.You are cursed and so then will also your children be inflicted as a result of your "dysfunction".They will suffer needlessly and grow up to be those you think your so much better than. I am an instrument of Fate.
Receive your bitter medicine.Enjoy the last semblance of your former it is at an end.
Don't believe me . Watch.Listen.
You know God not and refuse to seek him sincerely,you pay Him lip service as though He can't see or hear you and as a result, your penance will be the bronze serpent.numbers21click here."We have sinned in complaining against the LORD and you. Pray the LORD to take the serpents from us." You say you know GOD. You value nothing good that God gave,especially people sent to you by God for your enlightenment.
You are disgusted with what you perceive as a wretched life?Now truly receive one.
I am an instrument of fate.When you assholes get tired of hurting and dying your slow dance of death then you come and find me.Just watch as your worlds fall apart as the result of your direct injustice to a son of God.
None of you can help me in the simplest ways that I asked. You only helped with what your vanity dictated.For self-edification.
I never took advantage. You sure did.
Now suffer.You learn no other way.Silly excuses for humans.The Lord, God, my Father has been merciful to you for so long and you ignored Him. What an Injustice to Him and Us.
Though I could pray for you.Not until you respond to God. And that is by righting a wrong that you've done to me through manipulations and lies and thievery.Yes , I know who I am. I am not only graced by God but also tormented by the accuser and his minions;most of you people that I've encountered during my short stay on this earthly realm.
Yes...find me when you get tired.

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