Saturday, May 31, 2008

Believers Church sincerely doing God's Will!

The little children were called "Daisy's".Appropriately named.They were so vibrant ,inspired and a blessing to all. They are the ones who baked the delicious chocolate chip cookies that were served with the meal that was given at 9Th and Blackwelder to those desperate with hunger.
They were fed satisfactorily in all aspects of their humanity.
Emotionally,physically,mentally and most importantly ,spiritually.
Sincerity,kindness and compassion were evident in all that they did.The adults are to be lauded for raising those children in spirit.It was obvious in the tone of voice everyone used and how they interacted with those they were ministering to that they loved their brothers and sisters despite the obvious differences in economic and social status.In the differences of situation and circumstance they "found" each other.
The pastor of the church is Jim Mc Dowell, who is a good Shepherd leading his flock in the right direction...he has a blog at .Read and watch the video"Pity".It will be bring you to tears, rightfully so.
To view the church's website link here , or click on above title.
The meal consisted of a Taco Salad,cookies and pink lemonade.
It was feasible,economical and easily prepared and served.
Everyone ate until they were full. I personally had 2 plates ,gladly served by the adults.
I only got one name ,Debbie...but they are all in my hearts and prayers.
Their faces are embedded in my heart and mind.Peace be with Us.

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