Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sister BJ's Protocol for who?

Yes, Sister BJ (Barbara Joseph) has rules and protocols that must be followed by the volunteers that come and give of their time. Excellent idea. Safety.Comfort.Guidelines.
According to Leah C., she was taken to the side by Sister BJ and lectured as to what she can and can not do with the non-volunteers. I would call them homeless people but that is not a true indication of who the people are that attend the Friday and Saturday fellowship.
A lot of the people are homeless.Mission dwellers. Street/Camping individuals that prefer the bushes,fields,doorways and alley's .Then there are those that have a vehicle of some sorts to
" live in".

Then there are those that live at places like the"Rockwall"Apartments.Some snobbish fools might be quick to point out that this place is just a room for rent. They do have a refrigerator,private bathrooms,full size beds,closets and a separate laundry facility on site.Yes, it's not the Hilton or the Embassy Suites Hotel,but it is livable. I got stuck in a very shabby room that had not been remodeled last time I was there,though most of them are being recarpeted and painted as soon as a person vacates them. I didn't want to wait a week for the room to become available,hence the reason the room did not get painted.
The point is , a diverse group of individuals come to Sister BJ's Pantry for several reasons.
Most come for the good food that is passed out.The coffee is great!Scones.Fresh fruit is available at times.
Hygiene kits are also provided (soap,shampoo,various creams and lotions,toothbrushes and pastes and gels).
And the clothing room is a big plus,on Fridays(every other).Fresh clean socks and shoes .Practically "as new" clothes to chose from and a wide assortment.What a blessing!
And to top it off,Katy, the beautiful gardener, keeps the enclosure close to the tranquility of the Garden of Eden.She of course has help...but it is her love and magickal energy that provides the necessary nurturing for the plants to grow with such vibrancy.It is a beautiful place to enjoy. I wish those officials hadn't stolen my camera or there would be several pictures that I took for you to see what I am writing about.Those up above were taken by ...?But they are viewable at the BJ's Pantry site. http://www.srbjpantry.com/photo.htm Flowers (click at left)
And lets not forget about the very well made tables and benches that are practical for the occasion.God has provided a refuge through the people He has prompted.
Thank You GOD and thank you people who have responded appropriately.On both sides of the table.We are all being nurtured to growth.
The common denominator we all possess is poverty.Poverty is an issue that touches all aspects of an individuals being.Spiritual,physical,emotional,psychological,financial and intellectual.None are immune or unaffected.We came not by mistake or coincidence.Many come due to the poverty of loneliness.On both sides of the table.
The guidelines and protocols established are designed to keep the volunteers safe.
No rides.Anywhere.No money.No invites.No meetings other than at BJ's.
This is some of the things I was told by Leah.It was actually about me.
Read An Angel named Leah click here.She was also told that she was mocking the establishment of the church by giving Pete a Reese's Peanut butter Cup and a container of juice as a sacrament of the body and blood of Christ.She was told that she had no authority.She was also told that if she wanted to continue to volunteer at the Pantry she would have to agree to the guidelines.She belittled her and caused her harm due to her indoctrination.
According to what Leah told me concerning her lecture from Sister BJ, I was in survival mode and desperate.I would manipulate the situation and Leah would never be rid of me.
Let us get one thing clear, I asked only God for my needs to be met and kept this to myself without implying in anyway that I expected some young ,naive girl to accommodate my life.She was not so naive.And she is very insightful.
Leah had my whole day planned with her, as we were supposed to attend Mass at St Josephs, go see the truth of the City Rescue Mission,then onto the library to see the population ,which consists of 80 percent "homeless" just playing games and listening and watching videos on the computer.All the time.We were then to go to her apartment and eat,wash my clothes and I was supposed to stay the night.We were to go the next day to Prague for the Kolache Festival.It was all new to me, but it sounded good.I asked her if it was with her husbands approval.She said that it was as he did not want her going that far by herself.He and her roommate had to work and could not go .
Instead, she got very emotional and distressed in that she had to make a decision and tell me about it right there in front of all the eyes and ears.I told her to do what she felt was right.I told her to ask the Holy Spirit(God) for guidance and if she still felt the peace she knew of me then I would be down the alley waiting for her.
She came and picked me up.She was in turmoil.She was not at peace.
I took her to the Mission to understand the disease and dysfunction of homelessness. All the crackheads standing outside of the Mission hailing traffic for sales.Yes , most of the crack dealers were/are black.A fact of life.That life anyway.sad.
She learned alot in the little time that we spent there.She spoke to an Aryan Brotherhood member fresh out of prison.He had alot of tears tattooed down his right eye.
She also spoke to a man in a wheelchair.Actually laid hands on him.
We then went to the library.She was getting antsy. The things that Sister BJ had lectured her on was wearing her down.Before this lecture, she was well at ease with me.She wanted to go home before Christopher her husband went to work. I was also feeling ill at ease.Something was wrong and it was the bad that Sister BJ had impressed on her about my volatile potential.
We made it in time to see her hubbie off.He seemed actually relieved that it was me there.
She made a phone call to her mother stating that she was bringing a homeless man with her to the festival because Christopher and Dustin could not make it.
Her mother wanted her to bring someone else along for safety reasons.Why did she use the title homeless?
Later on that evening Leah asked me if I would remove my black finger nail polish.I hesitated in my answer. I later told her that I was tired of conforming or hiding to suit peoples perceivements.If her family had such qualms about nail polish then it was a good idea that I not go with her to the festival so as not to cause her any more trauma than had been inflicted that day.
We went and picked up Dustin at Radio Shack, were he worked.She had told me that she had given Dustin my pair of steel toed boots as he didn't have black shoes for work.Except he wasn't wearing them when we picked him up.He did have black shoes on ,though.When we arrived at the apartment I somehow asked him what size of shoe he wore and he stated that it was a 10. I wear an 8.He then brought out a pair of black military type boots after I showed him mine.They were not the steel toed boots Leah had said she had given him.
I did not go to Prague.Thank God. What was she trying to imply to her family by taking me out there without her husband. I was not going to put myself in that position. She was playing me.Against her husband and family.Especially her Dad.
What must be taken into consideration is the disposition and motives of some of those that come to lend a hand.Self edification.Vanity.Some of these so called volunteers are predators and they seek out those they perceive they will be able to manipulate to their wills and agendas.Arrogant people believe ,with some justification ,that homeless people are easy targets.I'm not one.Easy .Or homeless due to some psychological ,spiritual or emotional deficiency that a person can wield to their advantage .
This girl professed to a number of people that she was possessed by demons.That she literally saw demons.That her life was disrupted by poltergeist phenomenon.
I 'd seen her at the City Church during their bullshit Deliverance Ministry give in to this drama of possession and I watched her wither and roll on the ground.
Why am I writing about this?Due to the simple fact that I went from being some wise old man that was revered to a homeless bum to be avoided like the plague.
No explanation.
I am an empath. I am an instrument of faith.
I called it for what it was and that broke her perceived control she thought she had over me.I have all the emails that she sent me , including the private ones that her husband had sent to her that she forwarded to my account.Why did she send them to me? Because she thought that I was common.Maybe she thought she could manipulate God?
I had kept a black duffel bag at her apartment with my shoes and boots and some other items in it after she offered to hold it for me.There were several times that I inquired about the shoes as I knew some one that could have used a pair.She was always vague or unresponsive in answering.I always emailed her. I kept the letters.
I finally devised a plan to get to the truth.Ask if I could come and wash my clothes and shower. For some reason she did not want me coming to her apartment again.Sister BJ? Her husband?Her own guilt? Or her loss of the perceived control she thought she had over me?Probably all.
"I'd like to help again but I can't I'm sorry." That is what she emailed me back .What did she think that I was going to let her take my clothes and shoes to Sister BJ's and donate them?Who knows?GOD. And in time he tells me everything.
"Then I need to come and get my bag..." I emailed her back.
This is what she responded with,"Your bag is where you used to sleep in the field where you took me that day."
Yeah, she dumped my expensive personal items in practically plain view for anyone to come and steal from me.I did not get the letter until the next day.I don't sleep in that field anymore.My intuition told me to go to that field . I wasn't expecting to see the bag laying there.In fact I thought it was at first somebody else's .Then I got a little pissed at how her cowardly actions showed what she was up to. By the way, the letters that I sent to her concerning this matter, I also forwarded to her husband,Christopher.He never responded ,either.Strange.
I had wrote her a couple of weeks ago that an intuition had entered my mind about the evil games people play by the memory of the movie,"Cruel Intentions". There is more to this story concerning her behaviours and actions but I will keep them to myself for now,just in case.
Sister BJ's protocol for who? Just be aware.


Ted Leon said...

First, for you people attempting to leave derogatory comments on this post...learn how to read. I have reread this post and nowhere does it say that Leah was bad or wrong, in fact I provided a link to a post that complimented her in "An angel named Leah". You simple minded and opportunistic people love to kiss ass when you only benefit without understanding facts and context.Mr Bean, you go every Fri And Sat? Well , aint that special?! Read the whole article where it states all the goodness of the place and then read what the problem is(or what you used to be) with the protocol, you naive and simple minded fool.Leah and I were activists and volunteers.Due to my work with the homeless and poor (which includes all walks of life/economic/socio status) I became very physically sick and therefore impoverished. Many of the people who came to volunteer only assumed what they think I was and doing due to their biases and distorted perceptions.Sister Bj knew me personally as a Catholic highly involved at that time in the catholic community, but because of my knowledge of what the true set up was for she was cautious of me, hence the reason of her attempt to discredit me to Leah and the others and her ridicule and deriding of Leah.Neither Leah or I had done anything wrong or immoral. Leah is the only one who asked me in the proper context what I was doing, what happened and is the only one who helped me. Please, go right ahead and inform the Sister of this post from a few years ago...she has already read it ( I emailed it to her) and changed the requirements and protocol and hence and therefore why you benefit. I am going to assume that you are homeless Mr Bean or a volunteer. You have not encountered any flak because they listened and remedied the problem for all the right reasons, insuring the safety and dignity of both volunteers and clients. No, you do not need to know who Leah is and I suspect you want to know for a reason and hence the reason for the protocol and guidelines prohibiting giving the likes of you information, money, rides...etc..because of your potential predatory behavior. Looks like you just joined blogger this month/2014.You just started your little journey of self discovery and recovery. I'll eventually find out who you actually are as you like to hide behind little monikers instead of posting under your own name...a little ego maniac with an inferiority complex? I'd suggest that you not challenge or contend with me for you won't like the outcome, for I am very good in defending myself and will.

Ted Leon said...

BTW...of course I will not publish any ridiculous, absurd or discrediting comments you leave here, hence the reason I must approve them first before by moderation.