Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well ,the truth comes out.The reason for the rejection

I waited ample time for Anonymousclick here to respond. Now I will contact Google and ask for the location of the IP and terminal used by Anonymous.Your comment is traceable. Or should I wait for God to reveal it, as Anonymous stated that I'm hiding behind God.
You see ,it's not so much that my truth has come out, but how and why. And what happens when one little half truth is expounded by one certain person to a whole congregation by word of mouth.Well, most of the congregation.
The stares . the games. The lies.The contempt. Who should be ashamed? No one.
You were all played.But what gets me is that no one has come forward.Fear? Fear of what?Of your own guilt and shame.That convicts you.And it can only be removed by a contrite... and no ,not to your priest...actually that would help.But by righting a wrong.
How far did it go?Community Action.Catholic Charities.St. Vincent de Paul.Maybe it goes all the way back to 1992.Our Lady of Perpetual Help. God reveals everything in time.And he will reveal how you were all complicit in this due to your arrogance.I could not figure out where all the trauma that I was inflicted with started all those years ago. A man who has hounded me through his well placed connections all over the country and through his resources,has found me where ever I've been to exact his revenge for the biased perceived wrongs he considers I've done.

Maybe just satan manipulating humans,affording me the opportunity for forgiveness?
One person could have put a stop to it. No one did. You all took pleasure in this malfeasance.I wonder how else you've all been manipulated by the one so easy to forget,the one who is now as subtle but apparent as a silent but deadly one.And who else you have murdered with your thoughts and actions.Without examination.Just read Daniel 13
click here ,about the virtue of Susanna.
The one who was appointed to be your shepherd could have at anytime time employed the Holy Spirit to examine both sides...but revenge is a strong motivator.Do you understand Christ's commandment of Forgiveness, now. I hope you do. For it is for all.Offended and Offender.He was the Truth. The Word.Jesus ."Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. "

Now, it is many persons complicit in this affair.The people at St. Vincent de Paul,Community Action,Catholic Charities, the parish,sister BJ's... first names?Bruce,H.B., K.V., S. C., C.C., J.R.,M.F.,Paula Mc.,the girls at Fresh Start... one specifically. T.C. & Susaan. You should have asked me.There are many more names...how do you right a wrong of this magnitude? start from the beginning. I am sick.Really. I am homeless living in a vacant lot. I'm alone.
Yes, God is with me. But the fact is ,that me and God are not the only ones on this planet.Should I abandon you? You are just children. I miss you all.
Including all of my family. Right a wrong. Amen.

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