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Inconsistent Faith and Charity?

Well ,let me first applaud the institutions, first of all for doing God's Will? Motives and Agendas?
Feeding the Poor.Giving them(false) hope.Providing clothing. In spite 0f themselves. NewAmericanBible/readings5/22/08click here
But it is a sin to do it for self edification.And to compete with each other to out do each others Holiness by showing them up, is also a sin.
Vanity. Insincerity. It rubs off on everybody and most sense insincerity and hypocrisy though they are unable to put a name to it. But it smells of deception.
"Let us pray for the homeless,the hungry , the poor. ..that our ministry to the poor will succeed here in downtown Oklahoma City." Over the course of several months I have heard this prayer spoken with just the right inflections to rival a well financed advertising and marketing campaign. It is spoken usually by the priest trained in oration techniques. I hear the insincerity and contempt. I see the the contempt. It's nauseating.Disgusting. From a priest and his staff that are too complacent and who have a false sense of security in their Holiness. They really don't believe that God hears and sees all that they do and don't do.
That he knows their hearts. That He knows that they do the least possible.
That they are luke warm.Disgusting. He will spit them out, for they are neither hot or cold. They lie to the people and to God. And steal from themselves and God.And keep us all poor in all aspects of our lives, as a result of their arrogance ,contempt,unbelief and faithlessness.
A faithless and perverse generation. Who have not only contempt for the people due to their own arrogance, but of God Himself.
Now what am I writing about?
St .Josephs in downtown Oklahoma City decided to , a little while back(a couple of months), start passing out peanut butter sandwiches to those needing something to eat.This was done during a prescribed hour,that was reasonable.10 a.m.-11:30, Tuesday-Thurs.
I did not see any downtown office workers waiting at the door for two peanut butter sandwiches. Only the poor. I waited 45 minutes one day for 2 peanut butter sandwiches and a bottle of water and when I got it I gave thanks to my Lord God. I was hungry.Or I would not have waited for 45 minutes for two peanut butter sandwiches. That day I was poor and felt it!
Sister BJ's Pantry had already been providing sack lunches at the end of the week(Fri-sat,7:00-10:00) for the last couple of years and have progressed and evolved to a great success for those volunteering and to those being ministered.Sincerity was indicative. Compassion. Faith.
I suppose someone at St. Joseph's decided to jump on the bandwagon. It was insincere.Self edification.Competing with the Jones's. For Holiness.False pride.EGO.
It did not last long. God would have provided all that was necessary if the motive and agendas had been in line with God's will. For His Glory. To draw these people to Him
Tuesday May 20th
So I go to the St Josephs to get my 2 peanut butter sandwiches on Tuesday around 11:30 a.m. .
There is a man and a woman waiting outside in the shade of the courtyard. I would usually call them a couple of scumbags but I will refrain at this moment. It was actually only the lady complaining as I walked up and passed them.
I actually go to the office door and ring the the door bell(the door is locked for "safety" reasons, understandably?). I can see Sister Susan busy writing away on a post- it and she waves at me and I know see she has seen me. I wait a few minutes and then decide to go wait in the shade of the courtyard only because whoever had been in the entry way ( a small security cubicle) before me had stunk it up with cheap perfume. It was gagging.
While outside (about 5 minutes) I had the opportunity to listen to this woman incessantly complain profanely, about a Sister I admire and love, as to how long she was taking."Come on woman I don't have all day to wait on yo ass!" She said something else derogatory about "catholics", as to how easy they were for prey.She said a few other rather profound things that are better left unsaid.For some ,you who are insightful enough to realize what ilk these people are, but for the others it is better that you remain in your ignorance.Live in your rose colored glasses and wonder as to the source of your discomfort.
I usually never stay quiet to these perversity's when I encounter them.I didn't this time ,either.
I told them that Sister was busy writing down some things and would be a few minutes.
"Well she need to hurry up and bring it on!"
I told her that if she was that much in a hurry she probably needed to stop and ask God for the help as she was not to busy to bitch and moan(except I told her in a kinder way) about what He had provided through his people.
"What did you say?"
You heard what I said and obviously you haven't asked God for anything, including humbleness.
"What the hell are you here for, then?"
I was going to tell her that I was there to see the progress of the Downtown Ministry,but it would have been way over head so I told her that I was there for a couple of peanut butter sandwiches.
"Well,then you's in the same boat we in, needing some help! I 'm just trying to get myself ahead like you!"
I told her I heard what she had said to her man friend a few minutes earlier and that I actually attended the church as a parishioner. I told her that I was in need of some sandwiches but that I was not playing the system as she was, considering I have at times waited ,gladly, up to 45 minutes for a sandwich.
Sarcastically , she responded,"Then you ask 'your' God to move this shit along cause I have things I need to take care of besides standing here all day!!"
I told her I would not ask my Father God for anything on her behalf as she was mocking Him and preying and complaining on the people.
That's when Sister came out and this woman changed her disposition instantly.
Sister attempted to hand her the post-it she had been writing on while explaining some things about it that were on it. No, she explained ,St Joseph's was a Catholic Church and the other was an Episcopal Church.She had spent all the time writing down this info to the dissatisfaction of this troll.She tried to explain how most of the charities work and how not to put undue burden on them they implemented protocols and guidelines. As a lot of people take advantage of every agency they can find without due reason, except that they are leeches.
This woman was being subtlely sarcastic and I think Sister was reading this as understandable frustration.So she asked them both what church they attended ,in case they had some resources available to them, that normally would go to their parishioners first, understandably
No coincidences in this world. NewAmericanBible/readings/05/22/08

The woman didn't have a church, citing that they were not her thing or something to that effect. Sister responded that if you belonged to a church they were usually more than willing and able to help those that belonged to that church first than those that did not belong.
"Well I guess I came here for nothing, but you have a blessed day ... and you to sir!"indicating me.
I bluntly told her that it was sarcasm.Sister tried to intervene on her behalf thinking I had misunderstood her intent. I told her I didn't misunderstand and that there was more to it, than she had heard ,of our conversation, while she was inside .
"Well I'll pray for you," the woman was going to try to make me look like the hater and fool.
I again said to her,"that is sarcasm too."She had no one to pray to and her words were impotent. She left.
So then Sister looking at me ,skeptically asked what I needed .
"Just a couple of your peanut butter sandwiches," I said with a smile.
So this Tuesday, the first day of the week that they pass out the sack lunch with two peanut butter sandwiches,she tells me that there are not going to be anymore. I don't believe she elaborated as to why there would be no more but vaguely told me that they couldn't because of people not... At first ,I was assuming that since it was close to 11:35 a.m. she meant for the day.But in the back of my mind I knew what she meant. I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt as to what they said and what they actually meant and not dwell on my first impression in case "I" am wrong.I'm usually never wrong. Sad to say.
Then she brings out two bags and explains that there were only three sandwiches left and she had to cut one into two so that me and the other guy each only received one and a half sandwiches. I thank her and ask her ,jest fully, if we were going to have Bible study on Wednesday( we still had about 5 weeks left).
"No ,were not having Bible Study on Wednesday or the rest of the year due to the weather..."
I can't at this moment say what word she used but she basically said that the weather was itself an entity that conspired to keep them from revealing the words of Jesus.Well, that is how I took it.The fact is ,every time it rained it gave these old people an excuse to value their "safety and lives" over the duty they had taken upon themselves. Of course I cannot ever get any of these people to give me an interview to clarify their statements due to their "heavy" schedules of life and work . Never enough time!Too busy with busy work.
Faithless,perverse generation. I am especially hard on these people due to the fact that they profess every Sunday to worship an Omnipotent ,Omnipresent God.Of all that is seen and unseen.They have no faith or sense of Duty for and to the one True God they pay lip service to.

Bobby went hungry on Wednesday.
Bobby is a semi-retarded man well over sixty five.Sort of like a Forest Gump.
He lives on a fixed income at the Rockwall . He receives a social security check that covers his rent and that's all. His rent is $300.00/month.He gets a check for around $325.00. His rent is usually paid late (2 weeks) due to the fact that he has what is called a payee that oversees "his"money.He/she sends the check to Linda at the last possible minute,burdening Bobby,Linda and the owner of the Rockwall with the tardiness. I asked Dr. Lepak at Catholic Charities to look into what could be done about these matters. He did as little as possible and his answer was vague. Sound familiar?
Bobby was depending on these two sandwiches. He is the one that told me,"It didn't last long,Ted. They had a big sign on the door saying no lunches!"As is his habit and mannerism due to his mental condition , he repeated this phrase a couple of times. I could tell that he was let down. It bothered him.Hunger has a way of doing that to people.
I had offered several times to assist the Sister with what ever was necessary to have this act of charity proceed with success. I would like to know what the hell happened,according to their views,as to why my friend Bobby had to go hungry.
It would have been better if they had not even ever offered the two measly sandwiches a few worthy ,really hungry,poor people had come to depend on.I really don't care about the users and abusers.God is teaching them something also ,in His own way and time through these people they encounter,especially me, the instrument of Fate.I provide them with Medicine,accordingly due.

A lukewarm Church and her half-ass ,faithless,unbelieving in the might of God ,arrogant congregation trying to buy their way into Heaven by doing the least possible.
And when the going gets tough(not even that it's tough) they just QUIT.
No peanut butter sandwiches,no bible study.I suppose they shall inherit their holiness and wisdom by assmosis(sitting in the pews and absorbing nothing except the air between their cheeks).
Doctrines and dictates of men and establishments.For agendas.
The so -called Shepherd of this flock has a lot of answering to God himself for these sufferings he has imposed by limiting his sheep to their responsibility.
No ,and I am not even writing of the Lord Saviour,Jesus.

I speak of the priest who is pastor of St. Josephs.He has damaged many people through his arrogance and EGO.False pride.
Of course lets blame your limits on the indoctrination you received.You really believe in your institutionalization.
You limit them to meet your agendas and motives of keeping the truth hidden and accessible only to the select.Heresy.
Hunger. A human drive that must be met. In all aspects of the human condition.

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