Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The otherside of the coin.Why civilians are justified to an extent of how they feel and react to a "Homeless"person.

Come on!Even though I am the compassionate, insightful person who's mission has been, for the last several years, to help alleviate the diseases of our world , I am still at times baffled and nauseated by the dispositions and actions of these poor .At this time ,I am only speaking of the "homeless" . Poverty encompasses most of humanity in all aspects of their conditions.But so that this blog doesn't go on and on, I will deal only with the poverty of homelessness in this article.And why most of society has no compassion for these people.Why they feel justified in their hardness of heart and the nausea they feel when confronted through encounters, by these "proles".
Everywhere I go ,they are there. I recognize them. I know who they are...I'd better ,after over 4 years familiarizing myself with this environment. I know most of them by name.
They are in every library in the city. They are at every plasma donation facility. They are at every Walmart.Every McDonald's.Every truck stop. Every single mall. Every part of the city. You don't see them but I do, because it's my mission.

Some of them are obvious to the eye and nose.They are the ones that look"homeless".Unkempt.Filthy beyond measure.In the undignified way that they carry themselves, with no shame for their condition, as if it was a badge of honor and freedom.
Then there are those you would have no idea that they have slept in a mission for years on end or out on the street because of the facade they have mastered.They keep clean. Their clothes are clean.But they don't feel clean or dignified.These do feel shame, to an extent.
What do most of them have in common?

Faithlessness and Unbelief.Anger.Despair.Severe limits in their capacities to deal with their own humanity and short comings. Arrogance.Ungratefullness.An attitude that they are owed .But not by God. Alot of them believe there is no God.
Most cringe at the word"GOD". And don't even mention the name "Jesus" to them.
In your face they might pretend to worship a God but in their hearts they believe nothing except the emptiness and dissatisfaction they experience. They pay lip service. They live in a painful lie.
How do I know? They confide in me. I've earned most of their trust's and respect's. Most used to consider me as common as they are but in time recognized that I'm different. Only until recently have they realized that I came willingly to live amongst them and learn of their dysfunction.Only because it was finally necessary to reveal this truth to them. To what extent I went as a result of my love for them.No, I did not say like.Though at times, I do like them and am proud of them and their accomplishments.
They don't know how to" live".Period.
Because they have never been taught their true nature.
In fact, they have been limited in scope in their understanding of their potential by false doctrines and dictates of men.We have failed and abandoned them and we won't take responsibility as a society for this. We blame it on them.Rightfully so,to a small extent.
We have kept them as slaves, ignorant for the profit a few select who are able to extract from every ounce of sweat and blood that comes out of their being.
Yes, they are an embarrassment.Our embarrassment.Of our design. As a society. Due to our collective apathy. It just seems easier to turn our backs at times because we have also fed into that lie of our own impotence.False doctrines and dictates of men and establishments motivated by agendas.Little children who think that Daddy is not watching or who won't find out.Or who won't be home soon.Just wait until your father gets home.But this Father of ours is omnipotent and omnipresent.Not to mention compassionate and merciful.And unconditionally loving.
These children don't understand that. They've been lied to, so they live accordingly, a lie.
A lie of who they are. So they act piggish and are merciless to themselves because that is what they have been taught...if they been taught anything at all.
I carry myself with dignity and nobility, as that is what my true nature is comprised of due to the direct descendant relation I have to God our father.My brothers and sisters learn by example.Usually the hard way due to their limitations and indoctrinations imposed on them since childhood.But slowly and surely the light begins to emanate forth from their being,from within.Outward. And they start to shine and proceed forward and are amazed at their new found freedom.

Yes, Freedom.
What "Braveheart" died for.What King Leonidas died for.For they knew the worth of their humanity.

A family structure somehow teaches that to a child. A community understands the potential worth of each member of their community and nurtures it. For the greater good of the whole community. It does not enslave or abandon it's own. It does not profit off the suffering of it's own children or people.
If they are dirty and unkempt ,they are washed.
If they are hungry they are fed.
If they are ignorant they are taught.They are assimilated.
If they are an embarrassment they are shown manners and how and why to value them.
They are shown to be Royal and Noble. Our children.
My children.

Noble: 2 .Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor: "a noble spirit".
by Teodoro Leon III 2008/may

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