Monday, May 12, 2008

No more free( or for $1) eats at the ,now they changed it back to the old rules.Still feeding!

Disregard the info about not feeding...the same guy that said they were no longer doing it now said today that they are feeding.Cant' rely on info from the streets.
Well, here we go.just got it from a pretty reliable source."regular" people can't eat at the Jesus House. Not even with a $1.00. I think the ones that are going to be served are only those who are served by the facility...Homeless mentally ill, drug and alcohol recovering, and elderly and disabled.Must show proof.
If you click on the title above it will take you to the website.Under the history tab it gives a quick overview of how the organization got it's start and why.And how the organization supported itself.It states at the end of the short history the conflict and tribulations the organization encountered from well organized armed men...the Oklahoma City Police Department and the Oklahoma City Fire Department.Of course they were prompted by then Mayor Patience Latting(1971-1983),who wanted to run the transients out of town.
A few(3) men died that night in the freezing cold when the other shelters could not accommodate all the displaced from the Jesus House, as they have done every year, as a result of peoples agendas.
I don't know what happened to the rest of the ends there at the bottom (history click here) of the page.Is there more to it?Yes of course.
We need viable answers.Corralling and herding whole populations does not work. Our jails are full.Vagrancy laws?Short term solution.
Relocation? To where?They will continue to come back as there are many reasons for them bus terminal,downtown area agencies, churches...
The Jesus House is no longer run by the founders... they are run by the dictates of men with an agenda...profit.
They should change the name of the place to a more appropriate title...The Judas Iscariot House.

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