Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mayor Cornett and his cronies plans being implemented.History repeating itself.Nazi's and Jews sound familiar?Loitering.Injust paid with an Injustice Mayors Homelessness Action Task Force
Now there are many good things in this plan but certain individuals are hijacking it and making it a totally different animal due to greed and prejudice.And their hidden agendas and motives.
The benches at the library have been moved away from the building.
Out from under the canopy and in direct sunlight or the rain .
I was told, at first, by one librarian that she had no idea "why" the benches were moved.Then when I prodded her she came up with the reason that smokers must be 25 feet from the building. I pointed out that the library had been open at least two years and only until yesterday the benches had been moved.She responded with the fact the library had been open since 2004.
No one ,until recently ,had made an issue of smoking 25 feet away from the building.The benches did not have to be moved to enforce the "no smoking within 25 feet from the building" rule,that she had pointed out was enforced in all the city.
When I asked her who I could speak to for clarification she referred me to the next librarian who stated that it was Linda the security head who got the director to approve the move as a result of some problems they were having with

The city bus terminals doors are locked during operational hours.
The buses start running on Saturdays at 6:00 a.m. but the doors to the terminal are locked until whenever the security walking inside it decides to unlock the doors. And according to one of the bus drivers I spoke to and asked what time they unlocked the doors, he said it was 8:00-8:30 a.m..
Another bus driver said it was 9:00 a.m..
According to the guard himself it was 7:00 ,only because I was able to corral him as he tried to stealthily make it to the trash can, at 6:55.He did happen to mention that he was only doing what he was told.But he understood my position and the reason for the questions so he threw in that the Mission was only 4 blocks away and that they have problems with drunks and people
Now ,during this time from 6:00 to whenever the doors are unlocked by the wandering security guard ,people are off loading from the the buses coming in and going directly to the terminals doors and attempting to get in,but alas, realize that the doors are locked. People who have paid their fare at some other point and who have arrived at the facility, probably thinking this price has afforded them the right to use the indoor area for shelter in case it's raining,restrooms for human relievement ,to maybe use the only payphone for blocks to call their boss,get a drink of water to take there medicine, or even possibly spend more money on the outrages snack machines.Then, they are more likely than not going to take another bus out of there to another destination,as most people who arrive at the terminal don't live in the area or work there on Saturdays.Some have to wait up to an hour and a half for their transfer.

Now they will wait outside.
And pee or poop or both in the alley,if they are so inclined or desperate.
They might be able to take their medicine dryly but choke on the pill as it gets stuck in their throat.
Maybe the guard inside the terminal will call the ambulance for this person as no one else will, considering the phone is inside behind LOCKED doors.
An injustice is paid with an even greater injustice.
Gas is up to $3.80 a gallon.
I have already started to see the direct effect of this at the terminal itself.Irony?

Obvious people who are not of the regular bus riding crowd have started to use the Metro Transit.People with suits.Briefcases.Good suits.
Environmentally conscious people?No, more like economically conscious people.Who work downtown.
Who might some day have to come to work on Saturday to make up for the inflation the gas trauma will inflict on their lives.Who will find the terminal closed until Mayor Cornett and the cronies who dictate to him ,the security guard and the head of security, wake up to the truth of cause and effect.
Are you people not cunning enough to find a solution to the Poverty problem that's viable and of value to all and not just to a select few with an agenda based on prejudice and bias. And greed and exclusivity.Uniqueness.An empty ambition
The resources are there.
3.2 billion dollars are to be invested in the downtown area by the year 2010. (read "Final Report"MHATF by clicking here )
Take some of that money and hire three social workers( a very viable investment) at the mission to directly seek out these people you are trying to corral and ghettoize and expedite section 8 or the any other number of resources available for them. To get them off the street. To get them away from the mission.
Make treatment readily available for those in the desperation of addiction.Crack heads especially.Paintheads.Drunks.
Address the real issues of this dysfunction. Our society.Address the way we devalue these people and abandon them due to our perception of their worthlessness.
Make them worthy.
You people in positions of power have demonstrated the extent of your intellect and cunning by coming up with these implementations that are only beneficial to a few.Now demonstrate your true worth to your constituents by coming up with something a little more productive than a freshman agenda.Elementary dictates.
No ,I am not an advocate for homelessness. It 's an indication of our disease.
You are not inflicted?Demonstrate that with some wisdom that is recognized by actions and programs that will heal our nation.
But let us first start in our own home.
Or we will all suffer the consequences... and it will be very painful.For you and me.
And especially our children.
One direct way is to take out the profit from this dysfunction.
Namely, take out the ones who finance and directly profit off the crack addiction.
It is not hidden or secret amongst the business elitist, "who" finances the cocaine trade with impunity.There is so much profit to made off the addiction trade that it is almost impossible to dissuade these people. To change course.
Prejudice has been a great motivator.Bias.Greed. But it is mainly arrogance of intellect and their inability to see the immediate cause and effect ,due to their self imposed blindness,that they don't recognize the harm they are doing to their own children.It is personal.Whether they see it or not. I will go into detail of the things I know of these organized crimes. Later.
Ask yourselves why there is only one liquor store downtown.Inaccessibility?No!
Control for the sake of monopolization. Now find out who owns this liquor store.Which family.And then follow the trail.Nothing is done in secret,as they seem to think.They take and take but do not give anything good back.

Deal with the corruption at the Mission's themselves. Much is being stolen.Money .Donated goods. Or squandered.
And not by the residents.But by the administration's and it's staff's.
Many organizations and religious groups donate to the Missions expecting that these donations will be utilized to help those effected by the disease of poverty.
Ask why, at one time the City Rescue Mission published their annual budget report on their website, and why it is not there, now. Ask ,before you donate, to get a true accounting and see what type of resistance one encounters.

The City Rescue Mission did not feed lunch on Memorial Day to the general population.Only to those in their"program".
The City Church, after advising they would be open on memorial Day, were closed.
The Church on 4Th and Western served their last meal to the poor on Sunday, as they closed their doors for good.They cited to a few that the roof leaked and the owner would not fix it and they could find no other vacancies.
Numerous buildings are remodeled and vacant with lease signs in their windows in the downtown area. Ask the Banta realty company. They own a large majority now.
St. Josephs has a sign on their door stating there will be no more sack "lunches" or bus tokens given out until July.Ask them why the priest implies that it is up and running by his prayer "request" on Sunday,this last Sunday.
"Let us pray for the hungry ,the poor,the homeless...that our downtown
ministry...",spoken by the Rev.Natsuhara.Bruce.
The cross to your right was provided by, who fed as many as they could on Memorial Day.They ran out of food, but they were under the impression that the kitchen in the CRM was going to open up and take up the slack.I was sad to learn that these beautiful little girls,one in particular,had raised $2,000 and had given it to the City Rescue Mission.I tried to thank them for what they did and hesitated to tell them to examine who they donate such large sums of money to considering the corruption that I was aware of on part of the administration and staff. I could see and tell that they were disheartened .I pray that they are not discouraged in their endeavors and continue to raise money, but that they administer and distribute that money themselves.
Many people went hungry on a Holiday. One group that did not abandon these poor was the First Baptist Church of Bethany .They were at the appointed time (6:15 p.m.)passing out real hot food that was homemade and delicious plus the usual abundant sack lunch in the Fred Jones manufac. parking lot across from Sonic on Sheridan and Fred Jones Ave. There were so many people there that they eventually ran out of sack lunches but their foresight prevailed and within 20 minutes more sack lunches arrived.I let them personally know how grateful I was for them to not have abandoned these people due to a Federal holiday.They love God and these people they have served and ministered to for years.

No breakfast , No lunch. Poor people indeed.
It was designed by some(and SATAN) to give them a taste of what is to come.Willingly and knowingly.
Can you taste the hunger.Can you smell the obscenity and perversity.
Your children will suffer immediate consequences as a result of the sin's of the people complicit in this injustice.

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