Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Children feeling hate directed at them

Oklahoma City. Downtown.
I've been attending the salvation army dinner that they serve at 5:00 p.m. since April and I've noticed a few odd things about one of your employees. I am led to believe that your Army is One of Gods,specifically Jesus the Christ,by your mission statement.So I thought I would let you know how very unchristian this lady is.Odd that she should work for your Army and be empowered so that she is able to yield such undue influence as to who she thinks is worthy to eat.I am writing about small children that she let hear her hate directed at them influence that they leave at 5:05 p.m.
"No, No No,No...there's too many......uhhh..tell her she can take it to go..yeah put it in some "to go" containers."
She saying this as she's putting up chairs.It is 85 degrees outside.
These are small children ranging from 2- 8 in age. Well behaved,clean kids. I'd never have seen them there myself.
I had to speak out on this matter and I was as civil and restrained in what I said to her that she should not have got offended.
First, if it's not clear above, her intent was that she was not going to feed them...that is why she said no,there were too many.
That's when I said something to the effect,"What do you mean there are too many?Your not going to feed them?"
She basically said it was not any of my business and that I needed to stay out of it, as she was the one who called the shots.And that she had worked there for two years.
And then she asked me if I got paid for the work I do and I told her that I actually don't get paid for doing God's work as it is an honor to do God's work by writing about injustices such as she was displaying and that it actually "was" my business to get involved.
She then said something derogatory about me being poor and homeless and needing her help and so how could I be doing God's work. I tried to explain to her that I actually do have a job writing my blog that several people in positions read that could influence her attitude...and of course God.
I try to hand her my card and really explain to her that I do write a blog and that she needed to be aware that I will make her responsible for her hate and prejudice.She said that she was not worried.
That is why I was there, I told her, to observe and keep an eye on people like her and to bring it to light so that she does not hurt anyone again ,as she has done similar things like this before in the past .
I had to impress and reaffirm to her that "I " was the one who "would" be able to make her accountable.That I was the one empowered to make her responsible.I think I saw some recognition in her face.Recognition of the truth.
These children were now on the way out the door when she started changing her tone of voice and not sincerely ,but out of fear.",no don't have to can eat here."
They all knew that they were not wanted, as they continued to walk out the door.And I followed them.We heard insincerity and maliciousness.
All this time the children had been listening with sad faces as they had put their food in

"to go "containers.The grandmother never objected,challenged or raised a fuss with this woman.She was polite but obviously greatly affected by this humiliation.There were more than 25 people who witnessed this shame.
I told the children and the beautiful, polite woman on the way out the door to give thanks to God for the food for as they would not have to be hurt like that again,in Spanish.
According to the lady who was with the children,she might have been the grandmother,this has happened before.
This woman,I believe her name is Christa or something(it should not be to hard to figure out who she is as she is the only black woman that works there that weighs over 325 lbs.), had told this grandmother that they stop serving dinner at 5:00 p.m. and that she had refused to give them anything . They went hungry .She has made innocent children suffer needlessly.Out of hate.Hatefully! They start feeding at 5:00p.m.!!!
I instructed her to please go to the office tomorrow and speak to the commander and do her part by informing them of what this woman has done to her and the kids.I told her to do it because I was also going to make it known but that I needed her to do her part.
Are you going to do your part? Will a community make this woman responsible,for our good and the good of all the church?This letter/article is being sent to:
jennifer gooden <>

This article is being published on Can I write about a wrong righted in my next article or do I have to keep writing and forwarding this letter until something viable happens for the good.

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